Bobcat M970 Service Repair Manual Skid Steer Loader 6545690 5-85


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Wiring and Hydraulic Schematics

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Repair Manual For Bobcat M970 Skid Steer Loader. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, maintenance, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 188
Bookmarks: Yes
Searchable: Yes
Number: 6545690 5-85
Wiring Diagrams: Yes
Hydraulic Diagrams: Yes


Bobcat M970


  • -Maintenance Safety
  • -Foreword
  • -Contents
  • -Bobcat Operation
    Engine Controls
    Drive Controls
    Loader Controls
    Pre-Start Check
    Starting Procedure
    Cold Weather Starting
    Operating The M-970 Bobcat
  • -Loader Service And Maintenance
    Bob-Tach System
    Hoisting The M-970
    Maintenance Schedule
    Service Schedule
    Tire Maintenance
    Belly Pan
    Operator Enclosure Tilt Control
    Enclosure Tilt Control Service
    Enclosure Removal And Re-Installation
    Enclosure Latches
    Control Lever Lock
    Lift Arm Pivot Replacement
    Reworking The Lift Arm Assembly
    Side Panel (Fender) Removal
    Grill Removal
    Fuel Tank
    Fuel Pickup Tube
    Engine Hood
    Introduction To Engine Service
    Initial 50 Hour Service
    Air Cleaner Service
    Heavy Duty, Two Stage, Multiple-Element Air Cleaner With Aspirator
    Field Servicing The Air Cleaner (Donaldson Only)
    Engine Lubrication Service
    Recommended Oil Specifications
    Changing Engine Oil
    Oil Filter Replacement
    Fuel System Service
    Fuel Specifications
    Venting Fuel System (Diesel)
    Injector Service (Diesel Only)
    Cylinder Head Retorquing (Diesel Only)
    Valve Clearance Adjustment (Diesel Only)
    Cooling System Service
    Radiator Cooling Fans
    Fan Belt Adjustment
  • -Electrical Service
    Instrument Panels
    Wiring Harness
    Alternator Check
    Regulator Checks
    Tachometer Testing And Calibration
    Battery Installation
    Battery Problems
    Replacing Headlamps
    Hydraulic And Hydrostatic Service
    Basic Operating Principle Of Hydraulic System
    Filter Service
    100 Mesh Filter Screen
    Hydraulic Testing Kit
    Lift And Tilt Cylinder Checks
    Hydraulic Cylinder Inspection
    Lift Cylinder Service
    Tilt Cylinder Service
    Hydraulic Control Valve Bank Removal
    Control Valve Service
    Disassembly Instructions
    Self Leveling Control Valve
    Hydraulic Pump (Implement Circuit)
    Hydraulic Pump Removal
    Hydraulic Pump Disassembly
    Hydraulic Pump Reassembly
    Hydraulic Operating Principle
    Hydrostatic Circuitry
    Directional Control Adjustment
    Control Assembly Removal
    Pump And Motor Control Adjustment
    Hydrostatic Charge Pump
    Checking Charge Pressure
    Hydraulic Fluid And 10 Micron Filter
    Transmission Start-Up Procedure
    Charge Pump Removal
    Charge Pump Reinstallation
    Check Valve Removal
    Check Valve Reinstallation
    Testing Check Valves
    Hydrostatic Pump Removal
    Pump Reinstallation
    Motor Removal
    Motor Reinstallation
    Pump Or Motor Displacement Control Valve
    Displacement Control Valve Removal
    Displacement Control Valve Reinstallation
    Motor Manifold Block
    Manifold Block Removal
    Manifold Block Reinstallation
    Removal Of The Seal From The Pump Or Motor
    Seal Reinstallation
    Hydraulic Fluid Cooler
    Cooler Removal
    Cooler Reinstallation
    Cooler Bypass Valve
    Hydraulic Leaks
    Cost Of Oil Leaks
    37° Flare Sae Connection
    Sae Straight Thread O-Ring Seal
    Sae 4 Bolt Split Flange Connection
    Overhaul Of Hydrostatic Pump Or Motor
    Removal Of Pump Or Motor From Vehicle
    Disassembly Procedure
    Removing Charge Pump
    Removing Check Valves
    Removing End Cap
    Removing Valve Plate
    Removing Brass Bearing Plate
    Removing Rear Bearing
    Removing Spring Guide
    Removing Cylinder Block
    Removing Slipper Retainer
    Removing Pistons And Slipper Retainer
    Removing Thrust Plate
    Removing Front Cover
    Removing Control Valve Assembly
    Removing Trunnion
    Servo Sleeves
    Reassembly Procedure
    Set Shaft End Play
    Assembling Servo Pistons
    Attaching Servo Piston Assemblies To Swash Plate
    Attaching Control Link To Swah Plate
    Installing Swash Plate
    Installing Trunnions
    Installing Servo Sleeves
    Setting Neutral Position Of Swash Plate
    Install The Control Assembly
    Installing The Thrust Plate
    Installing The Drive Shaft
    Installing Front Cover And Gasket
    Assembling The Cylinder Block
    Assemble The Cylinder Block Assembly Into The Housing
    Install The Spring Guide
    Pressing Cone Of Rear Bearing Into Shaft
    Installing Bearing Plate
    Placing Valve Plate On End Cap
    Installing End Cap
    Installing Charge Pump
    Installing Shaft Seal
    Troubleshooting The Hydraulic System
    Troubleshooting The Hydrostatic System
  • -Mechanical Drive
    Clutch Adjustment (Diesel Only)
    Clutch Removal
    Power Transfer Chain
    Transfer Chaincase Removal
    Chaincase Service
    Reduction Gearcases
    Gearcase Mounting
    Gearcase Removal
    Disassembling A Clark Reduction Gearcase
    Reassembling A Clark Reduction Gearcase
    Disassembling A Funk Gearcase
    Reassembling A Funk Gearcase
    Final Drive Chain Adjustment
    Final Drive Chain Removal
    Axle Carrier Removal
    Disassembling The Axle Carrier
    Reassembling The Axle Carrier
    Axle Carrier Reinstallation
    Final Drive Chain Reinstallation
    Final Drive Idler Repair
  • -Perkins Engine Service
    Engine Removal
    Introduction To Engine Repair
    Unified Threads
    Engine Number
    Engine Description
    Lubricating Oil Sump
    Crankcase Ventilation
    Breather Assembly
    To Remove Cylinder Head
    Valve Removal
    Valve Guides
    Valves And Valve Seats
    Hand Grinding
    Valve Seat Inserts (Exhaust Valve)
    Milling Of Cylinder Head
    Valve Springs
    Rocker Shaft Assembly
    Push Rods
    Valve Stem Oil Seals
    Reassembling Engine
    Troubleshooting The Engine
  • -Technical Data, Limits And Clearances
    Technical Data
    Loader Torques Specifications E
    Time Required For Service
    Diesel Loader Specifications
    Gasoline Loader Specifications
  • -Service Bulletins
  • -Service Manual Revisions

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Bobcat M970 Service Repair Manual Skid Steer Loader 6545690 5-85