Bobcat 2000 RTF Service Repair Manual Forklift 6566662 4-83


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Wiring and Hydraulic Schematics

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Repair Manual For Bobcat 2000 Rough Terrain Forklift. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, maintenance, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 249
Searchable: Yes
Number: 6566662 4-83
Wiring Diagrams: Yes
Hydraulic Diagrams: Yes


Bobcat 2000 RTF


Air Cleaner Service
Alarm, Backup
Alternator and Water Pump Belt
Alternator Belt
Alternator Output, Checking
Alternator Wiring, Checking
Axles, Disassembling and Assembling
Axle Serial Numbers
Batteries Installation, New
Blower Flossing, Engine
Blower Housing Shield
Bronze Bushing, Replacing
Bronze Filter, Replace
Camshaft and Tappets
Camshaft Gear
Carriage Chains
Carriage Rollers, Adjusting
Centering Mechanism
Charge Pressure and Replenishing Valves
Charge Pressure, Checking
Clutch Plates, Installing
Clutch Plates, Removing
Cold Weather Bypass Valve, Replacing
Combustion Chamber Inserts
Connections, flare
Cooling System
Cooling System and Water Pump Dimensions
Counterbalance Valve
Crankshaft and Main Bearings Dimensions
Crankshaft End Play
Crankshaft Gear
Crankshaft, Grinding Specifications
Cylinder Block and Liner Dimensions
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Head Dimensions
Cylinder Liners
Dash Panel
Decimal & Millimeter Equivalents
Delivery Report
Derating for Altitude
Differential Assembly End Play, Checking
Differential Assembly
Differential Oil Level
Diodes, Checking
Diode Trio, Checking
Door Latch, Adjusting
Drive Shaft
Drive Shaft
Drive System
Drop Gear and Pinion Shaft, Removing
Electrical Specifications
Electrical System
Electrical System
EndPlay, Checking
Engine and Attaching Parts
Engine, Checks and Adjustment ts
Engine Compression, Check
Engine Cooling System
Engine Lubrication System
Engine Oil and Filter, Replacement
Engine Serial Number
Engine Service
Engine Specifications
engine torque
Fitting, Straight Thread ORing
Floor panels
Flywheel Ring Gear, Replace
Foot Pedal and Centering Mechanism
Foot Pedal Angle, Adjusting
Frame Lock
Front Seal
Fuel Filters
Fuel Injection Pump
Fuel Injection Pump Gear
Fuel Injection Pump, Timing
Fuel Injector Nozzles
Fuel System
Fuel System and Timing
Fuel System, Removing Air from the
Fuel System Service
Fuel System Specifications
Fuel Tank
Gear Backlash, Checking
Glow Plugs
Hydraulic Control Valve
Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydraulic Fluid, Checking and Adding
Hydraulic Fluid Filters, Replacing
Hydraulic Fluid, Replacing
Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Filter, Replacement
Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Fluid
Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Fluid Reservoir
Hydraulic/Hydrostatic System
Hydraulic Main Relief Valve
Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Pump Pressure
Hydraulics Specifications
Hydraulic System Description
Hydraulic System Flow Chart
Hydraulic System Information
Hydraulic System Operations
Hydraulic System Service
Hydrostatic Motor
Hydrostatic Motor Installation
Hydrostatic Motor Removal
Hydrostatic Motor Start Up
Hydrostatic Pump
Hydrostatic Pump Startup Procedure
Hydrostatic Pumps
Hydrostatic System Operations Description
Hydrostatic System (Specifications)
Hydrostatic System
Idler Gear and Hub
Lift Carriage
Lift Cylinder
Lift Cylinder Seals, Checking
Lifting and Blocking the Bobcat Forklift
Lubrication of the Bobcat Rough Terrain Forklift
Lubrication System
Machine Serial Number
Main Bearing Oil Seal, Rear
Main Bearings
Manifold Block Assembly
Manifold Block Disassembly
Mounting Frame
Neutral Bypass Valve, Replacing
Neutral Start Safety Switch
Oil Cooler
Oil Filter and Adapter Housing
Oil Pan
Oil Pressure
Oil Pump
Oil Pump Dimensions
Oil Reservoir
Operator Cab
Orifice in Charge Tubeline, Checking
Oscillating Link, Removing
Pallet ForksA
Pallet Forks
Parking Brake
Parking Brake Assembly, Removing from the Hydrostatic Motor
Parking Brake Cable
Parking Brake, Description
Pinion Bearing PreLoad, Setting
Pinion Shaft Bearings, Installing
Pinion Shaft
Pinion Shaft Position, Setting
Piston Assembly, Installing in the Engine Block
Piston to Connecting Rod, Installation
Pistons and Connecting Rods
Pistons and Connecting Rod Dimensions
Radiator, Engine Coolant
Rear Door
Rear Grill
Rectifier, Checking
Regulator, Checking
Replenishing Valves
Ring Gear
Rings, Installation on the Piston
Rocker Arms, Reconditioning
Rotor, Checking
Seat and Seat Plate
Seat and Seat Plate, Installing
Seat and Seat Plate, Removing
Separating the Sections
Serial Number Locations
Service Schedule
Servo Control
Side Doors, Installing
Side Doors, Removing
Specifications, Forklift
Standard Torque Specifications for Bolts
Starter Brushes, Replacing
Stator, Checking
Steering Control Valve
Steering Cylinder
Steering Cylinder Seals, Checking
Steering Relief Pressure, Checking
Tilt Cylinder Seals, Checking
Tilt Cylinders, Installing
Tilt Cylinder, Removing
Timing Case
Timing Case and Gears
Timing Case, Camshaft and Drive Dimensions
Timing Case Cover
Tire Maintenance
Tire Rotation
Tires (Specifications)
Tow Valve
Tubelines and Hoses
US to Metric Conversion
U Joints
Valve and Valve Seats, Reconditioning
Valve Clearance
Valve Guides, Installing
Valve Springs, Checking
Vertical Mast
Vertical Mast Serial Number
Water Pump
Wheel Nuts
Wiring Diagrams

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Bobcat 2000 RTF Service Repair Manual Forklift 6566662 4-83