Ford 4 Cylinder 1953-1964 Parts Catalog


Parts Catalog For Ford 4 Cylinder 1953-1964 Tractors. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

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Parts Catalog For Ford 4 Cylinder 1953-1964. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

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Ford 4 Cylinders Tractors 1953-1964 year


– Wheels
*Standard Front Wheels
All Purpose
Rowcrop (Except Single Wheel)
*Heavy Duty Front Wheels
Purpose W/H. D. Front End
Industrial & Grove
H. D. Industrial
*Single Front Wheel
*Standard Rear Wheels
All Models
*Power Adjusted Rear Wheels
All Purpose & Rowcrop
– Brakes
Brakes and Related Parts
Brake and Clutch Controls
Brake Controls
Clutch Controls (
Brake & Clutch Controls
– Front Axle & Steering
* Front Axle, Steering & Related Parts
Standard Steering
Power Steering
Wide Adjustable Front Axle
Rowcrop Front Pedestal 55/56
Rowcrop Front Pedestal 571
Industrial & Grove
H.D. Industrial
* Steering Gear Assemblies
* Power Steering Pumps. Reservoirs & Pulleys
* Power Steering Cylinder Assemblies
– Rear Axle
* Rear Ax4.F Shaft, Housing 6. Related Parts
*Center Housing & Related Parts
*Differential Assembly
– Hydraulic Controls
* Basic Tractor Hydraulic Controls
Hydraulic Lift Cover
Related Parts
Hydraulic Lift Cover. (Offset)
Hydraulic Valve, Manifold & Hose Parts
Grove Tractor
Remote Control Valve
Hydraulic Lift Cylinder Shaft & Related Parts
Hydraulic Lift Links & Related Parts (Except Offset)
Hydraulic Lift Links & Related Parts (Offset)
Adjustable Upper Link Assy
Swinging Drawbar & Related Parts
Leveling Box & Related Parts
* Auxiliary Hydraulic Systems
H.D. Industrial Hydraulic Package
Reservoir, Pump, Valve & Lines
Hydraulic Gear Pump
Control Valve Assy
– Engine
Basic Gasoline
Engine Assembly
Basic Diesel Engine Assembly
Oil Pumps & Related Parts
Oil Filter & Related Parts
Exhaust System (Horizontal)
Exhaust System (Vertical)
Governor Assembly
– Transmission, Clutch, PTO
* 4 & 5 Speed
Speed Transmission
Speed Transmission Case & Related Parts
Speed Transmission
Speed Transmission Case & Related Parts
Single Clutch Assembly
Double Clutch Assembly
Use Chart -Single & Double Clutch Assemblies
P.T.O. Support. Shifter Lever & Related Parts
P T 0.Assembly & Related Parts
* Select-O-Speed
Pump. Input Shaft. A Carrier .& Direct Drive Clutch
Related Parts
Distributor Carrier
Related Parts 59162
Distributor. C Carrier.
Direct Drive Clutch Valve
Mainshaft. No . 2&3 Clutch. D Carrier & Related
Parts 591
Single Speed P.T.0 591
Two Speed P.T.O 591
Transmission Case & Iielated Parts 59
Control Feathering Rocker. Ground Speed
P.T.O. & Related Parts 591
Transmission Control Valve & Related Parts 591
Control Selector Assy .& Related Parts 591
P.T 0 . Extension Assembly – Grove tractor 631
* Combination & Forward & Reverse Transmission
Combination Transmission (Step Up/Step Down)
Forward & Reverse Transmission
Reversing Transmission Control Levers
– Cooling System
Radiator & Related Parts
Water Pump & Related Parts
– Fuel System
Fuel Tank. Lines & Related Parts (Gasoline & Kerosene)
L P.G. Fuel Tank. Lines & Related
Diesel Fuel System
Carburetor Assy
L.P.G. Carburetory Assy
Air Cleaner & Related Parts. 195311957
Diesel Air Cleaner & Related Parts. 1958/196
Gasoline Air Cleaner & Related Parts. 19581
Diesel Air Cleaner & Related Parts. 1962/
Air Cleaner & Related Parts 19631 Fgrovet
Throttle Controls & Related Parts. 19531
Throttle & Accelerator Controls
(H.D. Industrial) 1958162
Throttle & Accelerator Controls (Gasoline)
Industrial. 611- Lcg. 621- H.D. Industrial
Throttle & Accelerator Controls (Diesel)
Industrial. 61/ – Lcg. 621 – H.S Industrial 02
L.P.G. Vaporizer & Related Parts. 1957160
L.P.G. Vaporizer & Related Parts. 19611
L.P.G. Regulator & Related Pans. 1957160
Diesel Fuel Iniection Pump
– Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Pump
IAII Purpose & Rowcrop
Hydraulic Pump – Piston Type (53/1)
– Electrical System
Generator Assy & Related Parts
Starter Motor & Related Parts
Distributor & Related Parts
– Instrument Panel
Perometter Assy. & Related Parts
Oil Pressure lndicator Gauge
Charge Indicator & Related Parts
Temperature Indicator & Related Parts
Fuel Tank Gaup
Transmission Warning Indicator & Related
Parts (Selecto.O.Speed Tractors)
– Tractor Seat
Standard Seat & Related Parts
Rest-0-Ride Seat
Deluxe Seat
– Metal & Tool Box
* Running Boards, Tool Box & Related Parts
* Sheet Metal& Related Parts
– Frame Parts
Frame & Related Parts 1H.D. Industrial
– Decals
Tractor Service Decals

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