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Wiring and Hydraulic Schematics

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Factory Shop Manual For Gehl Skid Steer Loader. Manual Contains Illustrations, Instructions, Diagrams For Step By Step Remove And Install, Assembly And Disassembly, Service, Inspection, Repair, Troubleshooting, Tune-Ups.

Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 306
Number: 907212
Wiring Diagrams: Yes
Hydraulic Diagrams: Yes


Gehl Skid Loader
SN 17248 and Later


General Information
Standard Features
Tire Options
Buckets & Capacities
General Information
Signal Words
Additional Safety Reminders
Mandatory Safety Shutdown Procedure
Lift Cylinder Mechanical Lock
Cylinder Lock Engagement
Cylinder Lock Disengagement
Overhead Guard – Raising
Overhead Guard – Lowering
Relieving Hydraulic Pressure
Loader Raising Procedure
Loader Lowering Procedure
Safety Decals
New Decal Application
Paint Finish
Decal List
General Information
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir
Crankcase Oil
Planetary Gcarcase Oil
Grease Fitting Locations
Overhead Guard Removal
Overhead Guard Installation
Seat Removal
Seat Installation
Restraint Bar Removal
Restraint Bar Installation
Lift Arm Removal / Disassembly
Lift Arm Installation / Assembly
Lift Arm Bushing Replacement
Quick-Tach Removal
Quick-Tach Installation
Lift Arm Stop Installation I Adjustment
T-Bar / Pump Cover Removal & Installation – Before S/N 19720
T-Bar / Pump Cover Removal & Installation – S/N 19720 & later
Floor Cover Removal
Floor Cover Installation
Bottom Cover Removal
Bottom Cover Installation
Fuel Tank Removal
Fuel Tank Installation
Fuel Level Sender Removal
Fuel Level Sender Installation
Rear Grill Removal
Rear Grill Installation
Drive Chain Adjustment
Drive Chain Removal
Drive Chain Installation
Axle & Sprocket Removal
Axle & Sprocket Installation
Axle & Wheel Bearing Disassembly
Axle & Wheel Bearing Assembly
Idler Sprocket & Bearing Removal
Idler Reassembly and Installation
Planetary Gearcase Removal
Planetary Gearcase Installation
Planetary Gearcase Disassembly
Planetary Gearcase Assembly
T-Bar Removal
T-Bar Installation
T-Bar Position Adjustment
T-Bar Tracking Adjustment, Traction Controls
Left T-Bar Assembly, T-Bar Controls
Left T-Bar Assembly, Hand I Foot Controls
Right T-Bar Assembly
Crosstube Removal, T-Bar Controls
Crosstube Installation, T-Bar Controls
Crosstube Removal, Hand / Foot Controls
Crosstube Installation, Hand / Foot Controls
Neutral Centering Mechanism Removal
Neutral Centering Mechanism Installation
Neutral Centering Adjustment
Pump Arm Removal
Pump Arm Installation
Lift / Tilt Control Removal, T-Bar Controls
Lift I Tilt Control Installation, T-Bar Controls
Lift I Tilt Control Adjustment, T-Bar Controls
Lift / Tilt Control Removal, Hand/Foot Controls
Lift / Tilt Control Installation, Hand / Foot Controls
Lift / Tilt Control Adjustment, Hand / Foot Controls
Auxiliary Hydraulics Cable Removal, T-Bar Controls
Aux Hydraulics Cable Installation, T-Bar Controls
Auxiliary Hydraulics Cable Removal, Hand/Foot Controls
Aux Hydraulics Cable Installation, Hand/Foot Controls
Aux Hydraulics Cable Adjustment, T-Bar Controls
Aux Hydraulics Cable Adjustment, Hand / Foot Controls
Hand Throttle Installation
Foot Throttle Installation, T-Bar Controls
Throttle Link Assembly Installation, T-Bar Controls
Throttle Link Adjustment, T-Bar Controls
Hand Throttle Limit Adjustment
Hand Throttle Tension Adjustment
Parking Brake Adjustment – Before S/N 19720
Parking Brake Pad Replacement – Before S/N 19720
Hydraulic Brake Solenoid Valve Removal & Installation
Hydraulic Brake Solenoid Valve Disassembly & Reassembly
Troubleshooting Guide
Case Drain Test
Charge Pressure Test & Adjustment – Before S/N 19720
Charge Pressure Test – S/N 19720 & later
Hydrostatic Lockout Valves
Tandem Pump Relief Valves
Upper Pump Support Removal
Upper Pump Support Installation
Tandem Pump Removal
Tandem Pump Installation
Pump Drive Coupling Removal
Pump Drive Coupling Installation
Drive Motor Removal
Drive Motor Installation
Troubleshooting Guide
Lift / Tilt Control Valve Relief Pressure Test
Tilt Cylinder Test
Self-Leveling Valve Test
Lift Cylinder Test
Solenoid Valve Test
Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Replacement
Case Drain Oil Filter Element Replacement
Hydraulic Oil Strainer Removal and Cleaning
Tilt Cylinder Removal
Tilt Cylinder Installation
Lift Cylinder Removal
Lift Cylinder Installation
Lift / Tilt Cylinder Disassembly
Lift / Tilt Cylinder Assembly
Gear Pump Removal
Gear Pump Installation
Self-Leveling Valve Removal
Self-Leveling Valve Installation
Self-Leveling Valve Adjustment
Lift / Tilt Solenoid Valve Removal & Installation
Lift / Tilt Solenoid Valve Disassembly & Reassembly
Lift / Tilt Control Valve Removal
Lift / Tilt Control Valve Installation
Auxiliary Hydraulics Valve Removal
Auxiliary Hydraulics Valve Installation
Hydraulic Oil Cooler Removal
Hydraulic Oil Cooler Installation
Hydraulic Oil Cooler Removal SL4625DX Only
Hydraulic Oil Cooler Installation SL4625DX Only
Hydraulic System Schematic
Description of Operation
Pin Measurement Procedure
Pin Voltage Table
Scat Switch Removal / Installation
Restraint Bar Switch Removal / Installation
Instrument Panel Wiring Schematic
Electrical System Schematic
Troubleshooting Guide
Oil Filter Removal
Oil Filter Installation
Air Filter Assembly Removal / Installation
Air Filter Element Removal / Installation
Air Filter Element Cleaning
Battery Removal / Installation
Starter Removal / Installation
Exhaust Assembly Removal
Exhaust Assembly Installation
Fan Belt Adjustment
Radiator Removal
Radiator Installation
Fan Shroud Adjustment
Fuel Shut-Off Timer Module Removal / Installation
Fuel Shutdown Solenoid Replacement & Adjustment
Engine Removal
Engine Installation
Remote Oil Filter Removal & Installation
Brake Switch & Solenoid Wiring, Removal & Installation

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