Kawasaki MULE 3000 3010 3020 Service Manual ATV


Factory Service Repair Manual For Kawasaki MULE3 000 3010 3020 ATV. Tons of illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-ups.

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Photo 9 - Kawasaki MULE 3000 3010 3020 Service Manual ATV
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Factory Service Repair Manual For Kawasaki MULE3 000 3010 3020 ATV. Tons of illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-ups.

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Kawasaki ATV MULE 3000, MULE 3010, MULE 3020


  • – General Information
    Before Servicing
    Model Identification
    General Specifications
    Periodic Maintenance Chart
    Torque And Locking Agent
    Special Tools Sealant
    Cable, Wire, And Hose Routing
  • – Fuel System
    Throttle Pedal And Cable
    Throttle Pedal Free Play Inspection
    Throttle Pedal Free Play Adjustment
    Full Throttle Pedal Position Adjustment
    Throttle Cable Installation
    Throttle Cable Lubrication
    Throttle Cable Inspection
    Governor Link Mechanism
    Control Panel Assembly Removal
    Control Panel Assembly Installation
    Governor Arm And Throttle Link Removal
    Governor Arm Installation
    Governor Assembly Removal
    Governor Assembly Installation
    Governor Assembly Inspection
    Throttle Link Lever Installation
    Choke Cable
    Choke Cable Free Play Inspection
    Choke Cable Free Play Adjustment
    Choke Cable Installation
    Choke Cable Lubrication
    Choke Cable Inspection
    Idle Speed Inspection
    Idle Speed Adjustment
    Fuel System Cleanliness Inspection
    Carburetor Removal
    Carburetor Installation
    Carburetor Disassembly
    Carburetor Assembly
    Carburetor Cleaning
    Carburetor Inspection
    Coolant Filter Cleaning
    Coolant Valve Inspection
    Air Cleaner
    Air Cleaner Element Cleaning
    Air Cleaner Housing Removal
    Air Cleaner Housing Installation
    Air Cleaner Housing Dust And/Or Water Inspection
    Fuel Pump And Fuel Filter
    Fuel Pump And Fuel Filter Removal
    Fuel Pump Installation
    Fuel Filter Installation
    Fuel Filter Inspection
    Fuel Tank
    Fuel Tank Removal
    Fuel Tank Installation
    Fuel Tank Cleaning/Inspection
  • – Cooling System
    Coolant Level Inspection
    Coolant Draining
    Coolant Filling
    Pressure Testing
    Water Pump
    Water Pump Removal
    Water Pump Installation
    Water Pump Inspection
    Radiator And Radiator Fan
    Radiator Removal
    Radiator Inspection
    Radiator Cleaning
    Radiator Cap
    Radiator Cap Inspection
    Thermostat Removal
    Thermostat Installation
    Thermostat Inspection
    Hoses And Pipes
    Hose And Pipe Installation
    Hose Inspection
    Radiator Fan Switch, Coolant Temperature Warning Light Switch
    Radiator Fan Switch, Coolant Temperature Warning Light Switch Removal
    Radiator Fan Switch, Coolant Temperature Warning Light Switch Installation
    Radiator Fan Switch, Coolant Temperature Warning Light Switch Inspection
  • – Engine Top End
    Cylinder Head
    Cylinder Compression Measurement
    Cylinder Head Removal
    Cylinder Head Installation
    Cylinder Head Disassembly And Assembly (Valve Mechanism Removal And Installation)
    Cylinder Head Warp
    Valve Clearance Inspection
    Valve Clearance Adjustment
    Valve Seat Inspection
    Valve Seat Repair
    Valve Spring Free Length
    Valve Head Thickness
    Valve Stem Bend
    Valve Stem Diameter
    Valve Guide Inside Diameter
    Measuring Valve/Guide Clearance (Wobble Method)
    Rocker Arm/Shaft Wear
    Rocker Arm Push Rod Inspection
    Exhaust Pipe And Muffler
    Exhaust Pipe Removal
    Muffler Removal
    Exhaust Pipe And Muffler Installation
    Exhaust Pipe And Muffler Inspection
    Spark Arrester Cleaning
  • – Converter System
    Air Cleaner
    Air Cleaner Housing Removal
    Air Cleaner Element Removal
    Air Cleaner Element Cleaning/Lnspection
    Torque Converter
    Torque Converter Removal
    Torque Converter Installation
    Torque Converter Case Removal
    Drive Belt
    Drive Belt Removal
    Drive Belt Installation
    Drive Belt Deflection Inspection
    Drive Belt Deflection Adjustment
    Drive Belt Inspection
    Drive Pulley
    Drive Pulley Disassembly
    Drive Pulley Assembly
    Spider/Wear Guide Clearance Adjustment
    Drive Pulley Inspection
    Bushing Installation
    Driven Pulley
    Driven Pulley Disassembly
    Driven Pulley Assembly
    Driven Pulley Inspection
    Bushing Installation
  • – Engine Lubrication System
    Engine Oil Flow Chart
    Engine Oil And Oil Filter
    Oil Level Inspection
    Oil And/Or Filter Change
    Oil Filter Removal
    Oil Filter Installation
    Oil Pump And Relief Valve
    Oil Pump And Relief Valve Removal
    Oil Pump And Relief Valve Installation
    Oil Pump And Relief Valve Inspection
    Oil Screen
    Oil Screen Removal
    Oil Screen Installation
    Oil Screen Cleaning/Inspection
    Oil Pressure Switch
    Oil Pressure Switch Removal
    Oil Pressure Switch Installation
  • – Engine Removal/Installation
  • – Engine Bottom End
    Crankcase Cover
    Crankcase Cover Removal
    Crankcase Cover Installation
    Camshaft And Tappets
    Camshaft Removal
    Camshaft Installation
    Camshaft Inspection
    Cam Wear
    Camshaft Bearing/Journal Wear
    Cylinders And Pistons
    Piston Removal
    Piston Installation
    Piston Ring, Piston Ring Groove Wear
    Piston Ring End Gap
    Cylinder Inside Diameter
    Piston Diameter
    Boring, Honing
    Crankshaft and Connecting Rods
    Connecting Rod Removal
    Connecting Rod Installation
    Crankshaft Removal
    Crankshaft Installation
    Crankshaft Cleaning
    Connecting Rod Bend/Twist
    Connecting Rod Big End Side Clearance
    Connecting Rod Big End Bearing/Crankpin Wear
    Crankshaft Runout
    Crankshaft Main Bearing/Journal Wear
    Breather Valve
    Breather Valve Removal
    Breather Valve Installation
    Breather Valve Inspection
  • – Transmission
    Exploded View
    Transmission Oil
    Transmission Oil Level Inspection
    Transmission Oil Change
    Transmission Case
    Transmission Case Removal
    Transmission Case Installation
    Transmission Case Splitting
    Transmission Case Assembly
    Transmission And Shift Mechanism
    Transmission And Hi/Low Shift Cables Installation
    Shift Lever Position Inspection
    Shift Lever Position Adjustment
    Transmission Shift Cable Inspection
    Transmission Removal
    Transmission Installation
    Transmission And Shift Mechanism Inspection
    Hi/Low Gears And Shift Mechanism
    Hi/Low Shift Cable Installation
    Hi/Low Shift Cable Inspection
    Hi/Low Gear And Shift Mechanism Removal
    Hi/Low Gear And Shift Mechanism Installation
    Hi/Low Gear And Shift Mechanism Inspection
    Shift Mechanism
    Shift Cable Adjustment
    Shift Cable Lubrication
    Shift Cable Inspection
    Shift Mechanism Removal
    Shift Mechanism Installation
    Shift Mechanism Inspection
    Differential Gears And Shift Mechanism
    Differential Shift Cable Adjustment
    Differential Shift Cable Lubrication
    Differential Shift Cable Inspection
    Differential Shift Mechanism Removal
    Differential Shift Mechanism Installation
    Differential Shift Mechanism Inspection
    Differential Gear Removal
    Differential Gear Installation
    Differential Gear Inspection
    Bearings And Oil Seal
    Bearing Replacement
    Ball Bearing Inspection
    Needle Bearing Inspection
    Oil Seal Inspection
    Transmission Sectional Figure
  • – Wheels / Tires
    Wheel Alignment
    Toe In Adjustment
    Wheels (Rims)
    Wheel Removal
    Wheel Installation
    Wheel (Rim) Inspection
    Wheel (Rim) Replacement
    Tire Removal
    Tire Installation
    Tire Inspection
  • – Final Drive
    Front Final Gear Case
    Front Final Gear Case Oil Level Inspection
    Front Final Gear Case Oil Change
    Front Final Gear Case Removal
    Front Final Gear Case Installation
    Front Final Gear Case Disassembly
    Front Final Gear Case Assembly
    Differential Unit And Ring Gear Disassembly
    Differential Unit And Ring Gear Assembly
    Lsd Clutch Torque Inspection
    Lsd Clutch Plate Inspection
    Pinion Gear Unit Disassembly
    Pinion Gear Unit Assembly
    Front Final Bevel Gear Adjustment
    Bevel Gear Inspection
    Differential Gear Inspection
    Tapered Roller Bearing Inspection
    Ball Bearing Inspection
    Oil Seal Inspection
    Bevel Gear Case
    Bevel Gear Case Removal
    Bevel Gear Case Installation
    Bevel Gear Case Disassembly
    Bevel Gear Case Assembly
    Drive Bevel Gear Removal
    Drive Bevel Gear Installation
    Bevel Gear Adjustment
    Bevel Gear Inspection
    Ball Bearing Inspection
    Oil Seal Inspection
    Damper Inspection
    Propeller Shafts
    Propeller Shaft Removal
    Propeller Shaft Installation
    Propeller Shaft Inspection
    Drive Shaft And Axles
    Front Axle Removal
    Front Axle Installation
    Rear Drive Shaft And Axle Removal
    Rear Drive Shaft And Axle Installation
    Drive Shaft And Axle Inspection
    Dust Boot Inspection
    Front Axle Joint Boot Replacement
    Ball Bearing Inspection
    Grease Seal Inspection¦
  • – Brakes
    Brake Fluid
    Brake Fluid Recommendation
    Brake Fluid Level Inspection
    Brake Fluid Changing
    Brake Line Air Bleeding
    Brake Pedal And Master Cylinder
    Brake Pedal Free Play Adjustment
    Master Cylinder Removal
    Master Cylinder Installation
    Master Cylinder Disassembly
    Master Cylinder Assembly
    Master Cylinder Inspection
    Brake Hoses And Pipes
    Brake Hose And Pipe Inspection
    Brake Hose And Pipe Replacement
    Brake Drums
    Brake Drum Removal
    Brake Drum Installation
    Brake Drum Wear
    Brake Panel Assemblies
    Brake Panel Removal
    Brake Panel Installation
    Wheel Cylinder Assembly
    Wheel Cylinder Inspection
    Brake Shoe Lining Wear
    Brake Shoe Spring Inspection
    Parking Brake Lever And Cables
    Parking Brake Lever Travel Adjustment
    Parking Brake Cable Lubrication
    Parking Brake Cable Inspection
  • – Suspension
    Struts And Rear Shock Absorbers
    Strut (Front Shock Absorber) Removal
    Strut (Front Shock Absorber) Installation
    Strut Spring Replacement
    Rear Shock Absorber Removal
    Rear Shock Absorber Installation
    Shock Absorber Inspection
    Front Suspension Arms
    Front Suspension Arm Removal
    Front Suspension Arm Installation
    Front Suspension Arm Inspection
    Leaf Springs And Dampers
    Leaf Spring Removal
    Leaf Spring Installation
    Leaf Spring Inspection
  • – Steering
    Steering Wheel And Main Shaft Assembly
    Steering Wheel Position Adjustment
    Steering Wheel Free Play Inspection
    Steering Wheel Centering
    Steering Wheel And Steering Shaft Removal
    Steering Wheel And Main Shaft Installation
    Steering Gear Assembly
    Steering Gear Assembly Removal
    Steering Gear Assembly Installation
    Steering Gear Preload Adjustment
    Tie Rod Length Adjustment
    Dust Boot Inspection
    Steering Knuckles
    Steering Knuckle Removal
    Steering Knuckle Installation
  • – Frame
    Seat And Seat Belts
    Seat Removal
    Seat Installation
    Seat Belt Removal
    Seat Belt Installation
    Control Panel
    Control Panel Removal
    Glove Compartment Removal
    Front Cargo Compartment
    Front Cargo Hood Removal
    Front Cargo Compartment Removal
    Cargo Bed
    Cargo Bed Removal
    Cargo Bed Installation
    Front And Rear Bars
    Front Bar Removal
    Front Bar Installation
    Rear Bar Removal
    Rear Bar Installation
    Cargo Bed Latch Position Inspection
    Cargo Bed Latch Position Adjustment
    Front Fender Assembly
    Front Cover Removal
    Front Fender Removal
    Radiator Side Cover Removal
    Radiator Side Cover Installation
    Radiator Side Cover Flap Removal
    Floor Center Panel Removal
    Rear End Sub Frame
    Rear End Sub Frame Removal
    Rear End Sub Frame Installation
  • – Electrical System
    Battery Removal
    Battery Installation
    Electrolyte Filling
    Initial Charge
    Charging Condition Inspection
    Refreshing Charge
    Charging System
    Alternator Rotor And Stator Removal
    Alternator Rotor And Stator Installation
    Charging System Operational Inspection
    Stator Coil Resistance
    Regulator/Rectifier Inspection
    Ignition System
    Spark Plug Removal/Lnstallation
    Spark Plug Gap Inspection
    Spark Plug Cleaning/Lnspection
    Ignition Coil Removal
    Ignition Coil Installation
    Ignition Coil Inspection
    Ignition Coil Primary Peak Voltage Inspection
    Pickup Coil Removal
    Pickup Coil Inspection
    Pickup Coil Peak Voltage Inspection
    Ignition System Inspection
    Electric Starter System
    Starter Motor Removal
    Starter Motor Installation
    Starter Motor Disassembly
    Starter Motor Assembly
    Carbon Brush Inspection
    Yoke Inspection
    Brush Plate Inspection
    Commutator Cleaning/Lnspection
    Armature Inspection
    Pinion Gear Inspection
    Starter Switch Inspection
    Starter Circuit Relay Inspection
    Fuel Pump And Relay
    Fuel Pump Operational Inspection
    Fuel Pump Relay Internal Resistance
    Radiator Fan
    Radiator Fan Circuit Inspection
    Radiator Fan Motor Inspection
    Lighting System
    Headlight Beam Adjustment
    Headlight Bulb Replacement
    Tail/Brake Light Replacement
    Reverse Light Switch Installation (European Model)
    Brake Light Switch Adjustment
    Switch Inspection
    Radiator Fan Switch Inspection
    Coolant Temperature Warning Light Switch Inspection
    Fuse Removal
    Fuse Installation
    Fuse Inspection
    Electrical Wiring
    Wiring Inspection
    Wiring Diagram (Us And Canada Models)
    Wiring Diagram (Europe Model)
  • – Appendix
    Troubleshooting Guide
    General Lubrication
    Bolt And Nut Tightening
    Tightness Inspection Unit Conversion Table

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