Komatsu Galeo PC600-8 PC600LC-8 Shop Manual Excavator SEN00128-04


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Wiring and Hydraulic Schematics

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Factory Shop Manual For Komatsu Excavator. Manual Contains Illustrations, Instructions, Diagrams For Step By Step Remove And Install, Assembly And Disassembly, Service, Inspection, Repair, Troubleshooting, Tune-Ups.

Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 928
Number: SEN00128-04 (september 2005)
Bookmarks: Yes
Searchable: Yes
Wiring Diagrams: Yes
Hydraulic Diagrams: Yes


Komatsu Galeo Excavator
PC600-8 Serial No. 30001 and Up.
PC600LC-8 Serial No. 30001 and Up.


Safety Notice
How To Read The Shop Manual
Explanation Of Terms For Maintenance Standard
Handling Electric Equipment And Hydraulic Component
How To Read Electric Wire Code
Method Of Disassembling And Connecting Push-Pull Type Coupler
Standard Tightening Torque Table
Conversion Table
Specification Drawings
Working Range Drawings
Weight Table
Table Of Fuel, Coolant And Lubricants
Engine And Cooling System
Power Train
Undercarriage And Frame
Hydraulic System
Work Equipment
Cab And Its Attachments
Electrical System
Standard Value Table For Engine
Standard Value Table For Chassis
Tools For Testing, Adjusting And Troubleshooting
Measuring Engine Speed
Measuring Intake Air Pressure (Boost Pressure)
Measuring Exhaust Gas Temperature
Measuring Exhaust Gas Color
Adjusting Valve Clearance
Measuring Compression Pressure
Measuring Blow-By Pressure
Measuring Engine Oil Pressure
Handling Equipment In Fuel Circuit
Releasing Remaining Pressure In Fuel System
Measuring Fuel Pressure
Reduces Cylinder Mode Operation
No-Injection Cranking
Testing Leakage From Pressure Limiter And Return Rate From Injector
Bleeding Air From Fuel Circuit
Testing Fuel System For Leakage
Adjusting Speed Sensor
Testing And Adjusting Alternator Belt Tension
Testing And Adjusting Air Conditioner Compressor Belt Tension
Testing Clearance Of Swing Circle Bearing
Testing And Adjusting Track Shoe Tension
Testing And Adjusting Work Equipment, Swing, And Travel Circuit Oil Pressures
Testing And Adjusting Control Circuit Oil Pressure
Testing And Adjusting Piston Pump Control Oil Pressure
Testing Servo Piston Stroke
Measuring PPC Valve Output Pressure
Measuring Outlet Pressures Of Solenoid Valve And PPC Shuttle Valve
Adjusting Work Equipment, Swing PPC Valve
Testing And Adjusting Travel Deviation
Measuring Fan Speed
Measuring Fan Circuit Oil Pressure
Inspection Of Locations Of Hydraulic Drift Of Work Equipment
Measuring Oil Leakage
Releasing Remaining Pressure In Hydraulic Circuit
Bleeding Air From Each Part
Inspection Procedures For Diode
Special Functions Of Machine Monitor
General Information On Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting By Failure Code (Display Of Code)
Troubleshooting Of Electrical System (E-Mode)
Troubleshooting Of Hydraulic And Mechanical System (H-Mode)
Troubleshooting Of Engine (S-Mode)
General Information On Disassembly And Assembly
Engine And Cooling System
Power Train
Undercarriage And Frame
Hydraulic System
Work Equipment
Cab And Its Attachments
Electrical System
Hydraulic Diagrams And Drawings
Electrical Diagrams And Drawings

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Komatsu Galeo PC600-8 PC600LC-8 Shop Manual Excavator SEN00128-04