Komatsu PW110R-1 Shop Manual Hydraulic Excavator WEBM000800 SN 2260000001-


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Wiring and Hydraulic Schematics

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Factory Shop Manual For Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator. Manual Contains Illustrations, Instructions, Diagrams For Step By Step Remove And Install, Assembly And Disassembly, Service, Inspection, Repair, Troubleshooting, Tune-Ups.

Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 486
Number: WEBM000800
Searchable: Yes
Wiring Diagrams: Yes
Hydraulic Diagrams: Yes


Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator
SN 2260000001 And Up


Power Train
Front Axle
Rear Axle
Steering System
Steering Unit
Swing Circle
Swing Machinery
Hydraulic Circuit
Hydraulic Circuit (Work Equipment)
Hydraulic Pump
Main Pump
LS Valve
PC Valve
Priority Valve
Control Valve
Swing Motor
Swing Motor Relief Valve
Swivel Joint
Travel Motor
Displacement Automatic Control High Pressure Related
Travel Motor Brake Valves
Axle Locking Cylinder
Servocontrol Feed Unit
PPC Valve
PPC Valve (Blade, Boom Swing, 2-Piece Boom)
Travel PPC Valve
Brake Pump
Boom And Arm Safety Valve
2-Piece Boom Safety Valve
Blade Or Outrigger Safety Valve
Over Load Sensor Switch
Solenoid Valve
Electrical Diagram
Normal Or Standard Technical Data
Special Tools
Measuring The Engine Speed
Adjusting Valve Clearance
Measuring Compression Pressure
Testing And Adjusting Fuel Injection Timing
Testing And Adjusting Fan Belt Tension
Adjusting The Stroke Of The Accelerator Lever
Adjusting PPC Valves Clearance
Adjusting The Safety Microswitch
Measuring The Swing Circle Axial Clearance
Air Bleeding From Hydraulic Circuits
Releasing Residual Pressure
Checking And Regulating Pressure In The Hydraulic Circuits
Testing And Setting Of Main Valves
Adjusting PC Valve
Measuring Is Differential Pressure And Adjusting LS Valve
Checking And Adjusting Pressures In The Servocontrol Feed Unit
Measuring Pumps Delivery And Flow Control Starting Point Pump P1
Checking That The Priority Valve Is Functioning Correctly
Checking And Regulating The Pressure Of The Steering System
Checking Leakages In The Steering Cylinders
Checking The Braking System
Checking Wear In The Brake Disks
Bleeding Air From The Brake Lines
Adjusting The Parking Brake
Travel Hydraulic Equipment Checking Procedure
Checking And Adjusting The Automatic Displacement Control System Of The Travel Motor
Checking For Leakages In The Travel Motor
Checking And Adjusting The Speed Of The Travel Propeller Shaft
Adjustment Of The Speed Surveyor
Adjusting Boom And Arm Safety Valves
Adjusting 2Nd Boom Safety Valves
Measuring And Setting Of Pressure Switch Signal Overload Operation
Measurement Of Internal Oil Leakages In The Swing Motor
Checking For Leakages Inside The Swivel Joint
Analysis Of The Causes Of Hydraulic Drifts
How To Read The Manual
Precautions To Be Taken When Working
Special Tools
Starter Motor
Injection Pump
Nozzle Holder
Exhaust Pipe-Muffler
Cylinder Head
Engine Hood
Front Hood
Heating Fan
Fuel Tank
Hydraulic Oil Tank
Engine-Pump Group
Pump Group
Engine-Pump Coupling Joint
Swivel Joint
Swing Motor
Swing Machinery
Control Valve
Revolving Frame
Swing Circle
Transmission – Reverser, Direction Indicator And Headlight Dipper Beam Control Group
RH PPC Valve (Boom – Bucket)
LH PPC Valve (Arm-Swing)
Outrigger And Blade PPC Valve
Boom Swing PPC Valve
Travel And 2nd Boom PPC Valve
Brake Pump
Steering Unit
Priority Valve
Travel Motor
Axle Locking Cylinders
Front Axle
Rear Axle
Boom Cylinder (For 1-Piece Boom)
Boom Cylinder (For 2-Piece Boom)
2nd Boom Cylinders
Arm Cylinder
Bucket Cylinder
Boom Swing Cylinder
Cylinders For Outriggers Or Blade
Work Equipment Cylinders
Work Equipment (For 1-Piece Boom)
Work Equipment (For 2-Piece Boom)
2nd Boom
Boom (1-Piece Boom)
Boom (2-Piece Boom)
Swing Bracket
Blade And Outriggers
Blade And Outrigger Arms
Front Axle
Rear Axle
Swing Circle
Swing Machinery
Hydraulic Pump
Control Valve
Swing Motor
Swivel Joint
Travel Motor
Travel Motor Brake Valves
Servocontrol Feed Unit
Travel PPC Valve
PPC Valve
Blade Safety Valve
Work Equipment (1-Piece Boom)
Work Equipment (2-Piece Boom)

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Komatsu PW110R-1 Shop Manual Hydraulic Excavator WEBM000800 SN 2260000001-