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Kramer 550 650 Service Manual Wheel Loader


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Wiring and Hydraulic Schematics

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Factory Repair Manual For Kramer Wheel Loader. Manual Contains Illustrations, Instructions, Diagrams For Step By Step Remove And Install, Assembly And Disassembly, Service, Inspection, Repair, Troubleshooting, Tune-Ups.

Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 292
Issued: december 2011
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Wiring Diagrams: Yes
Hydraulic Diagrams: Yes


Kramer Wheel Loader
SN From 349000001/349010001


Machine Outside View
Inside Of Cab (Overview)
Instrument Panel, Multifunctional Lever, Switch Consoles (Overview)
Legal Regulations Regarding Wheel Loader Operation
Fields Of Application And Using A Machine With An Attachment
Models And Trade Names (Overview)
Front/Rear Axles
Steering System
Work Hydraulics
Noise Levels
Coolant Compound Table
Vibrations, Oscillation And Acceleration Value
Tightening Torques
Payloads And Capacities
Dimensions With Bucket
Dimensions With Pallet Forks
Explanation Of Symbols On The Maintenance Label
Maintenance Label
Fluids And Lubricants
Maintenance Plan
Maintenance Staff
Important Information On Maintenance And Service Work
Fuel System
Engine Lubrication System
Changing Engine Oil
Washer System Tank
Changing The Engine Oil Filter Cartridge
Washer System Tank
Engine And Hydraulics Cooling System
Air Filter
Replacing The Air Filter Cartridge
Hydraulic System
Checking Hydraulic Pressure Lines
Replacing Hydraulic Oil
Replacing The Hydraulic Oil Return Filter
Replacing The Filler And Breather Filter
Lubrication Work On The Axles
Lubrication Work On The Loader Unit
Lubricating With The Central Lubrication System (Option)
Maintenance Of The Brake System
Heating And Ventilation System Maintenance
Maintenance Of The Air Conditioning System (Option)
Electrical System
General Cleaning And Maintenance Work
Maintenance Of Attachments And Of The Work Equipment
Maintenance Of The Automatic Trailer Coupling (Option)
Maintenance Work “Aggressive Media” (Option)
Diesel Engine Electrical System Diagram
Diesel Engine Electrical Diagram (Legend)
Engine Designation
Fuel Specification
Coolant Specification
Engine (Overview)
Electric Components On Engine (Overview)
Preheating System (Circuit Diagram)
Starting System (Circuit Diagram)
Cutoff Solenoid (Circuit Diagram)
Cooling (Overview)
Valve Clearance
Fuel System
Drive (Electrical Diagram)
Drive Hydraulics Diagram
Functional Description Of The Drive Hydraulics
Variable Displacement Pump Test Ports (20 Kph)
Valves Of Variable Displacement Pump 20 Kph
Test Ports Of Variable Displacement Motor (20/30 Kph)
Variable Displacement Motor – Solenoid Valves (20/30 Kph)
Inching Valve Overview
Inching Valve Circuit
Inching Valve Diagram
Drive Circuit
Low-Speed Control
Drive Diagram
Towing And Transporting The Machine
Test Report: 20/30 Kph Power Train
Adjustment Instructions
Adjusting Boost Pressure
Checking The Control Pressure
Checking The Driving Direction Identification
Adjusting Starting Engine Speed
Setting High Pressure/Drive Pressure
Checking/Adjusting The High-Pressure Valves
Pressure Cutoff (Exploded View)
Checking/Setting The High Pressure/Characterisic Curve Of The Pump
Check Engine Droop
Control Cartridge Function
Setting Control Initiation On The Variable Displacement Motor
Setting The Wheel Speed
Differential Lock (Electrical/Hydraulics Diagram)
Axle Type Label
Tightening Values (Nm)
Screw Connections
Sealing Work
Sealing: Planetary Drive
Installing The Planetary Drive
Sealing Work: Axle Carrier – Differential Housing
Sealing: Gearbox-Input Flange
Differential (Overview)
Replacing The Gear Drive
Differential Cage With Lock (Overview)
Differential Cage
Removing The Differential Lock
Mounting The Differential Lock
Axle Carrier Overview
Steering Ram Overview
Wheel Hub Overview
Brakes (Electrical/Hydraulics Diagram)
Maintenance Of The Brake System
Brake Circuit
Brake Diagram
Inching Valve Circuit
Service Brake
Adjusting The Service Brake
Removing The Brake Calliper
Replacing Brake Linings
Parking Brake
Adjusting The Parking Brake
Bleeding The Brake System
Steering System (Electrical/Hydraulics Diagram)
Steering Circuit With Final-Position Synchronisation
Steering Circuit With Font And 4 Wheel Steering
Steering System Adjustment
Hydraulic Ports On Servostat
Pressure Relief Valve: Adjustment
Sealing Steering Rams
Checking The Steering Valve
Checking A Steering Ram
Overview Of Steering Ram Setting
How To Check And Set The Steering Rams
Checking The Track Setting (1)
Correcting The Track Setting (2)
Steering Misalignment During Final-Position Synchronisation (3)
Checking Steering Synchronisation (4)
Overall Hydraulics Diagram
Hydraulics Legend
Load Stabiliser/Float Position (Electrical Diagram)
Load Stabiliser/Float Position (Hydraulics Diagram)
Quickhitch (Electrical Diagram)
Quickhitch (Hydraulics Diagram)
Additional Function (Electrical Diagram)
Additional Function (Hydraulics Diagram)
Test Report
Work Hydraulics Oil Supply
Work Hydraulics Circuit
Circuit: Auxiliary Hydraulics
Load Stabiliser Circuit
Circuit: Electrical 3Rd Control Circuit
Circuit: Tipping Trailer
Control Valve Connections (Overview)
Control Valve Secondary Valves (Overview)
Pressure Relief Valve Of Control Valve (Overview)
Checking And Setting The Work Hydraulics
Load Stabiliser
Checking And Adjusting The Load Stabiliser
Front/Rear Additional Control Circuit Function
Using The 3Rd Electrical Control Circuit Plus The Additional Control Circuit
Valve: Electrical 3Rd Control Circuit
Lift Ram: Sealing Work
Tilt Ram: Sealing Work
Control Ram (Quickhitch Frame): Sealing Work
Cab Wiring Harness
Cab Wiring Harness Legend
Frame Wiring Harness
Frame Wiring Harness (Legend)
Cab (Option) Wiring Harness
Cab (Option) Wiring Harness Legend
Working Light, Rotating Beacon (Electrical Diagram)
Lights (Electrical Diagram)
Turn Indicator/Horn (Electrical Diagram)
Heating/Air Conditioning (Electrical Diagram)
Seat Contact Switch, Front Socket, Fuel Preheater (Electrical Diagram)
Multimedia, Window Heating, Telematic Gps (Electrical Diagram)
Wiper/Washer System, Cigarette Lighter (Electrical Diagram)
Wiring Harness: Alternator With 80 A
Wiring Harness: Alternator With 50 A
Additional Valves Wiring Harness
Ohm’s Law (Current, Voltage, Resistance), Power
Measuring Equipment, Measuring Methods
Terminal Description
Color Coding Of Electric Lines
Switching Relay Function
Electric Units/Light Bulbs
Connector Description (Overview)
Switch Assignment On Board (Overview)
Overview Of Front Switch Assignment
Control Lever
Joystick Outputs (Overview)
3Rd Electrical Control Circuit (Overview)
Auxiliary Hydraulics Overview
Steering-Column Control Lever S012
Plug-And-Socket Connections Of Steering-Column Control Lever
Overview: Cab Retrofitting (Wiring)
Retrofitting A Rear 7-Pole Socket
Retrofitting A Front 4-Pole Socket

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Kramer 550 650 Service Manual Wheel Loader