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Factory Parts Catalog For Landini Tractor. Detailed Illustrations and Parts Lists.

Format: PDF
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Number: 3310477M3
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Landini Tractor
Large 13000


Rocker Shaft
Crankshaft, Pistons And Connecting Rods
“Front” PTO Drive Shaft
Alternator And Generator
Front Axle 2 Wheel Drive
Front Axle 4 Wheel Drive
Rear Axle
Lift Hitch
Battery Battery Case
Tractor Cab
Sheet Metal
Centre Axle Housing And Transmission Housing
Electronic Harness
Brake Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder
Steering Cylinder
Exhaust Manifold
Throttle Controls
Rear Controls
P.T.O. Control
Reducer Control
Transmission Control
Lubricating Oil Sump
Lift Distributor
Steering Control Valve
Auxiliary Distributor
Electrical Wiring
Lighting Equipment
Air Filter
Lubricating Oil Filter And Integral Cooler
Brakes And Controls
Dual Clutch
Front And Rear Hitch
Rear Hook
Joints And Gaskets
Electrical Equipment
Fuel Injection Equipment (Diesel)
Timing Gear And Camshaft
Tool Kit
Rotating Light
Shift Levers
Pick-Up Mechanism
Cylinder Block
Starter Motor
Instrument Panel And Instruments
Front Fenders
Fenders And Platform
Clutch Pedal And Linkage
Water Pump, Thermostat And Heat Exchanger
Steering Oil Pump
Hydraulic Pump
Power Take Off
Front Wheels
Rear Wheels
Transfer Gear Box
Air Induction And Exhaust System
Low Pressure Fuel System
Hydraulic Lift
Steering Hydraulic Lines
Fenders And Platform Brackets
Front Frame
Weight Frame And Weights
Safety Frame And Passenger Seat
Cylinder Head
Piping’s Auxiliary Valve
Trailer Brake Lines
Fuel System
Hydraulic Lift Piping’s
Clamping Valve
Hydraulic Valve

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Landini Large 13000 Parts Catalog Tractor 3310477M3