New Holland 250C 260C 345D 445D 545D Service Manual Tractor Loader


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Wiring and Hydraulic Schematics

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Repair Manual For New Holland 250C, 260C, 345D, 455D, 545D Tractor. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

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New Holland 250C, 260C, 345D, 455D, 545D


  • – Main Menu
    Production Date Codes
    Serial Number
    Loader Arm Support
    Backhoe Safety Lock
  • – Engine
    3-Cylinder Diesel Engine
    Description And Operation
    Cooling System
    Description And Operation
    Specifications And Special Tools
    General Specifications
    Special Tools
  • – Fuel System
    Fuel System – General
    Description And Operation
    Adjustments Dpa Distributor Type Fuel Injection Pump
    Fuel Tanks, Filters And Fuel Lines Overhaul
    Fuel Injection Pump
    Description And Operation
    Dpa Fuel Injection Pump
    Fuel Injection Pump – European Test Conditions
    Identification Plate Explanation
    Test And Calibration
    Injectorsair Cleaners
    Dry Type Air Cleaner – Description And Operation
    Dry Type Air Cleaner Canister – Overhaul
    Diesel Engines
    Dpa Distributor Type Fuel Injection Pumps
    Fuel Injectors
  • – Electrical System
    Wiring, Lights, Switches And Instrumentation
    Description And Operation
    Description and Operation
    Maintenance and Tests
    Starting System
    Description and Operation
    Alternator and Regulator
    Description and Operation
    Service Precautions, Preliminary Checks, Initial tests and Alternator Components Tests
    Troubleshooting, specifications, Special Tools and Wiring Diagrams
    wiring diagrams
  • – Transmission
    4 x 4 Transmission
    Description and operation
    Overhauling the transmission
    Gearshift Lever, Modulator Unit and Solenoid Control Valve -Overhaul
    Front end overhaul
    Complete Overhaul
    Component Overhaul
    8×8 Transmission
    Description and Operation
    Overhauling the Transmission
    Gearshift Lever, Modulator Unit, Lock Up valve and Solenoid Control Valve – Overhaul
    Front End Overhaul
    Complete Overhaul
    Component Overhaul
    Transmission Electrical Control Circuit
    Six by Four Manual Reversing Transmission
    Description and operation
    Gearshift Cover – Overhaul
    Transmission Overhaul
    Description and Operation
    Pressure plate and cover overhaul
    Servicing Clutch Associated Parts
    Clutch Pilot Bearing – description and overhaul
    Clutch Release Bearing – Description and Overhaul
    Clutch Release Shaft Bushings – Overhaul
    Special Tools
  • – Rear Axle and Brake
    Rear Axle – Description and Operation
    Rear Axle Shaft Assembly – Overhaul
    Planetary Reduction Gear Assembly and Axle Housing – Overhaul
    Rear Wheel Brake Assembly – Overhaul
    Differential and Differential Lock Assembly – Overhaul
    Drive Pinion assembly – Overhaul
    Differential Lock Linkage – Overhaul
    Brake Pedals and Linkage – Overhaul
    Hand Brake
    Specifications and Special Tools
  • – Power Take-Off
    Independent PTO
    Description and operation
    Pressure regulating valve and control valve – pressure tests
    Pressure regulating valve – overhaul
    Control Valve overhaul
    Clutch Assembly – overhaul
    Reduction Gear Assembly – overhaul
    Special Tools
  • – Steering and Front Axle
    Steering – description and operation
    Hydrostatic Steering Motor – overhaul
    Power Steering Pump and Reservoir – overhaul
    Power Steering System – Pressure Testing
    Reservoir Filter and Hydraulic Tubes
    Bleeding Steering System
    Troubleshooting and Specifications
    Two Wheel Drive Axle
    Front Wheel Spindle Overhaul
    Front Axle Overhaul
    Specifications – Two Wheel Drive Front Axle
    Front Wheel Drive Axle Assembly
    Description and Operation
    Planetary Reduction Assembly and Wheel Hubs – Overhaul
    Axle Shafts – Overhaul
    Steering Swivel Pin Bearings – Overhaul
    Steering Cylinder and Track Control Rod Overhaul
    Front Axle – Removal and Installation
    Front Drop Box – Overhaul
    Differential Crown Wheel and Pinion Assembly – overhaul
    Drive shaft – Overhaul
    Front Wheel Drive Transfer Box
    Description and Operation
    Transfer Box -Overhaul
    Specifications – Front Wheel Drive Axle and Transfer Gear Box Assembly
    Special Tools
  • – Hydraulic systems
    Tractor Hydraulic System
    Description and operation
    Hydraulic Power Lift
    Hydraulic Lift Cylinder Assembly – Overhaul
    Hydraulic Lift Cover Assembly – Overhaul
    Flow Control valve plate and linkage – description and operation
    Flow Control Valve Plate and Linkage – Overhaul
    Oil Filer Support Assembly – Overhaul
    Hydraulic Pump
    Engine Mounted Gear Type – description and operation
    Hydraulic Pump
    Hydraulic System Adjustments
    Remote Control Valve
    Description and Operation
    Troubleshooting, Pressure Testing, Specifications and Special Tools
    Loader Hydraulic System
    Loader Hydraulic Circuits
    Reservoir And Filter
    Hydraulic Pump
    Hydraulic Cylinders
    Loader Control Valve
    Loader Frame, Buckets, Hoses And Tubes
  • – Cab
    Cab Pressurizer/Heater
    Cab Glass Installation
    Cab Removal
  • – Separating The Tractor
    Separating The Tractor Between The Transmission And Engine And The Rear Axle
    Separating The Tractor Between The Transmission And Engine
    Separating The Tractor Between The Front Axle And The Engine
  • – Accessories
    Rear Tail/Stop Light Kit
    Backup Alarm Wiring Kit
    Hydraulic Pressure Tapping Manifold
    Reduction Gear Set
    Reduction Gearbox Installation Instructions
    Brush Guard Kit
    Canopy Kit
    Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor/Filter Kit
    Rotating Beacon
    External Rear view Mirror
    Stabilizer Kits
    Rigid Stabilizers Kit
    Telescoping Stabilizer Kit
    Brake Pedal Conversion Kit
    Interior Rearview Mirror
    Security Lock-Up
    3 Inch Wide Seat Belt Kit

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New Holland 250C 260C 345D 445D 545D Service Manual Tractor Loader