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New Holland 70 70A Repair Manual Tractor


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Pages: 2105
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Wiring and Hydraulic Schematics

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Repair Manual For New Holland 70, 70A Tractor. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 2105
Bookmarks: Yes
Searchable: Yes
Wiring Diagrams: Yes
Hydraulic Diagrams: Yes


New Holland 70, 70A


  • – General Information
    Precautionary Statements
    Safety Precautions
    Health And Safety Precautions
    Tractor Identification
    Service Techniques
    Sealer Specifications
    Hardware Torque Values
    Recommended Lubricants And Coolants
  • – Engine
    Torque Values
    Grease And Sealants
    Special Tools
    Description Of Operation
    Cylinder Head Assembly
    Camshaft Assembly
    Crankshaft Assembly
    Connecting Rods
    Cylinder Block Assembly
    Timing Gears
    Engine Lubrication
    Disassembly And Repair
    Cylinder Head
    Cylinder Head Reassembly
    Additional Information
    Crankcase Front Cassette Seal
    Parts Affected
    Additional Information
    Removal Of Old Style Seal And Installation Of The New Cassette Seal
    Front Cassette Seal Removal
    Engine Front Cover And Timing Gear
    Oil Pan
    Oil Filter Support Assembly
    Engine Timing Gears
    Engine Compression Test
    Test Procedure
    Test Reading
    Test Conclusion
    Description Of Operation
    Cooling System
    Disassembly And Repair
    Temperature Warning Sender
    Fan Blade
    Viscous Clutch Assembly
    Fan Belt Tensioner
    Idler Pulley
    Air Cleaner
    Intercooler Leak Test
    Disassembly And Repair
    Air Cleaner
    Testing And Diagnosis
    Low-Pressure Fuel System
    Fuel Tank Valve(S)
    Filter Inlet And Outlet Pressure Tests
    High-Pressure Fuel System
    Injection Timing Check
    Fuel Injector Nozzle Check, Engine Running
    Injector Assembly Bench Testing
    Preliminary Setup Procedure
    Perform Opening Pressure Test
    Perform Nozzle Seat Leakage Test
    Perform Chatter And Spray Pattern Test
    Fuel Shutoff Diagnosis
    Shutoff Solenoid Specifications
    Preliminary Checks
    Checking Electrical Feed
    Bleeding The Fuel System
    Adjustment Of Foot And Hand Throttle Cables
    Adjustment Of High Idle Speed
    Adjustment Of Low Idle And Antisurge
    Removal And Installation
    Fuel Lift Pump
    Fuel Shutoff Solenoid
    Fuel Injection Pump
    Fuel Injection Lines
    Low-Pressure Fuel Injection Lines
    High-Pressure Fuel Lines
    Injector Leak-Off Line
    Fuel Filter
    Fuel Filter Manifold
    Injection Nozzles
    Disassembly And Repair
    Engine Removal
    Engine Installation
    Lower Tank Removal
    Lower Tank Installation
    Top Tank Removal
    Top Tank Installation
  • – Transmission
    Powershift Transmission
    Gear ratios
    Ground Speed
    Electrical System
    Description Of Operation
    Transmission Housing
    Powershift Transmission Controls
    Digital Display
    Inching Pedal
    Starting The Engine And Moving Forward
    Starting The Engine And Moving In Reverse
    Shuttle Operations
    Speed Matching
    Creeper Gears (Optional)
    Programmable Upshift – Downshift
    Transmission Components
    Speed Clutches
    Directional Clutches
    Clutch Engagement
    Troubleshooting And Diagnosis
    Engine And Side Rail Separation From The Transmission
    Four-Wheel Drive Shaft Removal (If Equipped)
    Engine And Side Rail Reassembly
    Rear Axle To Transmission Separation
    Minimum Hardware Tightening Torques
    Rear Housing And Directional Clutches – Removal
    Front Housing And Speed Clutches – Removal
    Main Input Gear Assembly – Removal
    Speed Clutches – Disassembly
    Speed Clutches – Inspection
    Directional Clutches – Disassembly
    Directional Clutches – Inspection And Overhaul
    Speed Clutches And Directional Clutches – Reassembly
    Main Input Gear And Oil Seal – Disassembly Inspection, Overhaul And Reassemble
    Two Gear Clusters In Front And Rear Housing -Disassembly, Inspection And Reassembly
    Front And Rear Housings And Center Section -Inspection And Overhaul
    Torque Limiting Clutch And Sprung Damper Hub Drive Assembly – Removal, Inspection And Replacement
    Speed Clutches And Front Housing
    Directional Clutches And Rear Housing
    Transmission Shimming
    Front Housing Shimming
    Rear Housing Shimming
    Shimming The Output Shaft
    Creeper Gear
    Creeper Gear Repair
    Clutch Valve Operation
    Modulator Valve Operation
    Electro-Hydraulic Pilot Line
    Troubleshooting And Diagnosis
    70/70A Series Transmission Test Sheet
    Electrical7Electronic System Checks
    70/70A Series Transmission Test Sheet Hydraulic System Checks
    Clutch Apply Pressure Chart
    Pressure Testing And Adjustments
    Clutch Apply Circuit Pressure Testing
    Transmission Pressure Checklist
    Transmission Programming
    Programming The Programmable Upshift, Downshift
    Programming Reverse Gear Ratios
    Transmission Calibration
    Check Powershift Transmission Clutch Calibration
    Calibration Review
    Calibrate Fl Directional Clutch
    Calibrate F2 Directional Clutch
    Calibrate Reverse Directional Clutch
    Calibration Mode
    Calibration Of Shift Constant
    Solenoid And Valve Assembly
    Speed And Directional Clutch Circuit Valves
    Modulator Valves
    Regulator Valve
    Lubrication And Cooling Circuit Relief Valve
  • – Drive Lines
    70 Series Fwd Electric Control Operation
    70A Series Fwd Electric Control Operation
    Engaging And Disengaging Four Wheel Drive
    Fwd Operating Precautions
  • – Front mechanical Drive
    Wheel Toe-In (Fwd)
    Fwd Steering Stops
    Hub Bearing Preload Adjustment
    Checking For Correct Pinion To Ring Gear Tooth Contact
    Wrong Tooth Contact Pattern
    Swivel Pin Bearing Adjustment
    Fwd Ratios
    Four Wheel Drive Tire Vs Gear Ratios
    Four-Wheel Drive Lead Factor
    Front Axle
    Steering Cylinders
    Planetary Reduction
    Swivel Housing
    Center Housing Swivel Bearing
    Outer Yoke
    Crown Wheel To Pinion Backlash Adjustment
    Description Of Operation
    Supersteer Linkage Removal
    Removal Of Rear Support Assembly And Spherical Ball Bushing
    Supersteer Linkage Adjustment
    Steering Cylinders Group Disassembly
    Steering Cylinders Group Assembly
    Final Drive Removal
    Wheel Hub Disassembly
    Wheel Hub Assembly
    Swivel Housing Removal
    Swivel Housing Assembly
    Axle Housing Swivel Bearing
    Differential Support Group Disassembly
    Differential Support Group Assembly
    Input Flange End Play Adjustment
    Limited Slip Differential Removal
    Limited Slip Pinion Disassembly
    Limited Slip Differential Disassembly
    Limited Slip Differential Assembly
    Lockable Differential Removal
    Lockable Pinion Disassembly
    Lockable Differential Disassembly
    Lockable Differential Assembly
    Adjustment – Pinion Shaft
    Differential – Adjustments
    Pinion To Ring Gear Tooth Contact Adjustment
    Wrong Tooth Contact Pattern
    Swivel Housing Bearing Adjustment
    Standard Steer/Toe-In Adjustment
    Supersteer Linkage Adjustment
    Potentiometer Removal
    Potentiometer Installation
    Potentiometer Calibration
    Tractor Features Configuration
    Steering Angle Sensor Operation/Calibration
  • – Rear Drive Axle
    Differential Carrier
    Final Reduction Drive
    Differential Lock Mechanical Operation
    70 Series Differential Lock Control System Operation
    70A Series Differential Lock Control System Operation
    Differential Lock Electrical Circurt Operation
    Differential Lock Hydraulic Circurt Operation
    Front Axle Differential Line
  • – Powe Take-Off
    Power Flow – All Models
    Engaging And Disengaging The Pto
    Troubleshooting And Diagnosis
    Disassembly And Repair
    Pto Assembly – Removal And Installation
    Upper Pto Input Shaft – Removal And Installation
    Pto Output Shaft And Driven Gear – Overhaul
    Pto Clutch Assembly – Overhaul
    Engaging And Disengaging The Pto
    Pto Hydraulic System Operation
    Pto Control Valve Operation
    Lubrication Oil
    Pto Electrical System Operation
    Pto Will Not Engage
    Pto Will Not Disengage
    Pto Clutch Slips Under Load
    Pto Shaft Continually Turns Slowly With Engine Running When Pto Is Turned Off
    Pto Retaining Ring Is Difficult To Replace
    Pto Clutch Brake Band
    Disassembly And Repair
    Pto Solenoid
    Pto Control Valve Assembly
    Pto System Pressure Testing
    Pre-Test Preparation
    Pilot Oil Circuit Pressure Test
    Clutch Apply Circuit Pressure Test
    Pto Lubrication Circuit Pressure Test
  • – Brakes And Controls
    Master Cylinders
    Rear Axle Brake Assemblies
    Four Wheel Braking
    Bleeding The Brakes
    Brake Pedal Adjustment
    Brake Switch Adjustment
    Disassembly And Repair
    Power Brake Valve – Overhaul
    Installation Of The Brake Lube ???
    Rear Axle Brakes – Overhaul
    General Air Brake Safety
    General Maintenance Instructions
    Description Of Operation
    System Operation
    Air Compressor
    Unloader Valve
    Reservoir Tank
    Right Hand Brake Lamp Switch
    Solenoid Valve
    Dual Control Valve
    Single Control Valve
    Air Pressure Switch
    Trailer Brake Solenoid Power
    Disassembly And Repair
    Air Compressor
    Air Compressor Lubrication Supply Line
    Air Compressor Lubrication Return Line
    Air Pressure Supply Line
    Unloader Valve/Silencer
    Pressure Switch
    Single Control Valve
    Dual Control Valve
    Solenoid Control Valve
    Coupler Connectors
    Trailer Brake Light
    Low-Pressure Alarm
    Air Pressure Switch Power
    Harness Removal And Installation
    Cab Trailer Wiring Harness
    Rear Trailer Harness
  • – Hydraulic System
    Closed Center Load Sensing (Ccls) Pump And Remote Valve System
    Standard Flow Hydraulic System
    Megaflow Hydraulic System
    Variable Displacement Pump
    Priority Flow Divider
    Remote Control Valves
    Standard Flow Tractors
    Megaflow Tractor
    Low-Pressure Return Circuit
    Hydraulic Pump Drive Assembly
    Tandem Gear Pump Assembly
    Tandem Gear Pump Fluid Supply
    Oil Filters
    Oil Reservoir
    Oil Cooler And Bypass Valve
    Low-Pressure Control Hydraulic Schematic
    Priority Flow Divider
    Remote Valve Assembly
    Remote Valve Section (Series Logic)
    Remote Valve Section (Parallel Logic)
    Control Cables
    Return Tube
    Primary And Secondary Shuttles
    Order Of Priority Operation
    Electro-Hydraulic Remote Valves
    Control Switches
    Flow Control Adjustment
    Description Of Operation
    Flow Control Operation
    Order Of Priority Operation
    Coupler Mounting Block And Coupler Repair
    Three-Point External Linkage Components
    Disassembly And Repair
    Rockshaft Removal
    Seal And Bushing Replacement
    Rockshaft Installation
    Lift Cylinder Removal
    Closed Center Load Sensing (Ccls) Hydraulic Brake System
    Operation Of The European Trailer Brake System
    Operation Of The 10 Bar (147 Psi) Trailer Brake System (Italian Market Only)
    Trailer Brake Valve Pilot Head Operation
    Trailer Brake Valve Operation
    Trailer Brake Valve
    Special Tools
    Trailer Brake Valve Removal
    Trailer Brake Valve Disassembly
    Inspection And Repair
    Re-Assembly And Installation
    Bleeding The Brakes
    Bleeding Rear Axle Brakes
    Trailer Brake Valve Bleed Screws
    Trailer Brake Pressure Test
    Low-Pressure System Testing
    Testing Low-Pressure System
    High-Pressure System Testing
    Axial Piston Pump
    Steering Flow Divider Relief Pressure
    Steering Flow Divider Flow Test
    Remote Valve
    Detent Release Operation
    Timed Detent Release Operation
    Three-Point Hitch
    Three-Point Hitch And Remote Valve Troubleshooting Aid Tool
    Calibration Of The Elect Ro Hydraulic Control System (Ehr)
    Functions Of The Pdt
    Start Calibration
    Set Defaults
    Calibration Of The Pod Levers
    Set Currents
    Setting The Flow Control Potentiometer
    Changing The Lever Deadband
    Diagnostics Of The Elect Ro Hydraulic Remote Valve Control System
    Solenoid Errors
    Lever Errors
    System Errors
    Other Screens
    Troubleshooting Elect Ro Hydraulic Self Test
    Troubleshooting Hydraulic System
    Hydraulic System Quick Checks
  • – Steering
    Minimum Hardware Tightening Torques
    Description Of Operation
    Steering System Control Valve
    Steering Control Valve Types
    Steering Cylinders
    Removal And Disassembly
    Steering Control Valve
    Parts Inspection
    Assembling The Steering Control Untt
    Installing The Steering Control Valve
  • – Two Wheel Drive Axle And Wheels
    Front Wheel Track Spacing
    2Wd Axle Adjustment
    Front Wheel Position
    Front Wheel Toe-In
    Disassembly And Repair
    Axle Removal
    Axle Installation
    Axle Center Beam Bushing Replacement
    Axle Extension Installation
    Spindle Removal And Disassembly
    Axle Extension / Spindle Bushing Replacement
    Spindle Reassembly
    Front Wheel Bearing
    Steering Cylinder
    Center Steering Arm
    Steering Rod
    Four Wheel Drive (Fwd) Front Axle Track Spacing
    Four Wheel Drive Track Adjustment
    Front Wheel Positions
  • – Climate Control
  • – Electrical Systems
    Main Distribution Panel
    Service Diagnostics
    Electronic Instrument Cluster (Eic)
    Central Lcds
    Tractor Performance Monitor
    Automatic Engine Shutdown
    70 Series Indicator, Warning Lamps, And Audible Alarm
    70A Series Indicator, Warning Lamps And Audible Alarm
    Air Filter Restriction
    Differential Lock
    Cold Start Assist (Ether) Bsn D414635
    Cold Start Assist (Air Inlet) Asn D414634
    Coolant Level Low
    Alternator Charge Indicator
    Intercooler Overheated
    Transmission Pressure Low
    Transmission, Rear Axle/ Hydraulic Oil Temperature
    Hydraulic/Transmission Filters Restricted
    Pto Engaged
    Programmable Up Shift
    Programmable Down Shift
    70 Series Fwd On
    Fwd Auto
    70A Series Fwd On
    Fwd Auto
    Four Wheel Drive (Fwd) Switch (If Equipped)
    Headlight High Beam
    System Status
    Parking Brake
    Bar Graph Displays (Lcd)
    Stop And Audible Alarm Conditions
    Central Display (Lcd)
    Lower Selectable Display
    Electronic Instrument Cluster – Tractor
    Performance Monitor (Tpm)
    Automatic Display Information
    Selectable Display Information
    Eic Lighting Display
    Troubleshooting And Diagnostics
    Eic Harness Tool
    70/70? Series Diagnostics Procedure Overview And Checklist
    System Grounds
    70 Series Electrical System Grounds
    Troubleshooting Checklist
    Special Tool For Testing Electrical Systems
    Electrical Test Procedures
    Cold Start System – Ether Operation (Bsn D414644)
    Ether Cold-Start Circuit Troubleshooting
    Cold Start System – Air Inlet Heater (Asn D414643)
    Air Inlet Heater Troubleshooting
    Fuel Stop Solenoid And Override System
    Shutdown Override
    Troubleshooting The Cranking Circuit
    Disassembly And Repair
    Armature Servicing
    Field Coil Checks
    Field Coil Removal
    Solenoid Checks
    Three-Terminal Solenoid
    Pinion Clearance
    Multi-Function Switch
    Hazard Warning Lights
    Light Operation
    Work Lights
    Auxiliary Power
    Auxiliary Control Mounting Locations
    Auxiliary Control Cable Routing
    Radio Installation
    Fuse And Relay Identification
    Circuit Diagrams
    Brake lights
    Head Lights
    Hazard Warning Lights
    70 Series Turn Signals
    70A Series Turn Signals
    Work Lights
    Interior Lights
    Auxiliary Power Sockets
    70 Series Seven-Pin Trailer Connector
    70A Series Seven-Pin Trailer Connector
    Disassembly And Repair
    Replace Headlight Assembly Bulbs
    Replace Work Sealed Beam Units
    Replace Roof Mounted Turn Signal Bulbs
    Replace The Fender Mounted Turn Signal And Stop Light/Parking Light Bulbs
    Electronic Instrument Cluster (Eic) Bulb Replacement
    Harness Repair
    Connector Repair And Replacement
    Main Harness Routing
    Electrical Operation
    Electro-Hydraulic Remote Valve Switch Control Pod Locations
    The Switch Control Pod Components
    Remote Valve Solenoid Connections
    Programmable Controller Location
    Switch Valve Color-Coding
    Electro-Hydraulic Control Switch Function Positions
    Electro-Hydraulic Flow Control Knob
    Manual Programmable Operation Switch
    Electro-Hydraulic Remote Valve Engagement Switch
    Fuse Panel Location
    Fuse Panel Access
    Fuse Location
    Control Relays
    Main Fuse Panel Location
    Main Fuse Panel Access
    Main Fuses
    Manual Operation
    Programmable Mode
    Flow Control
    Ehr Electrical Test Procedures
    Continuity Test – Short To Ground
    Continuity Test – Check For Open Circuits
    Continuity Test – Check For Open Circuits
    Voltage Measurement Or Short To Positive Supply Volts
    Removal Of The Elect Ro-Hydraulic Remote Control Valve Switch Pod Assembly
    Reassemble Of The Elect Ro-Hydraulic Remote Control Valve Switch Pod Assembly
    Removal Of The Elect Ro-Hydraulic Remote Control Valve Programmable Controller
    Installation Of The Elect Ro-Hydraulic Remote Control Valve Programmable Controller
  • – Platform, Cab And Bodywork
    Cab Trim
    Door Removal
    Rear Window
    Instrument Cluster
    Steering Column
    Right-Hand Console
    Procedures For Right-Hand Console Upgrade

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