New Holland D350 Workshop Manual Crawler Dozer


Factory Service Repair Manual For New Holland D350 Crawler Dozer. Tons of illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-ups.

Photo 9 - New Holland D350 Workshop Manual Crawler Dozer
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Factory Service Repair Manual For New Holland D350 Crawler Dozer. Tons of illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-ups.

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New Holland D350


  • Generalities
    Subject Page
    Safety Rules
    Table Of Technical Data
    Identification Data
    Table Of Capacities
    Main Dimensions
    Control Data On The Machine
    List Of Weights For Main Service Components
    General Instructions
    Units Of Measure
    Table Of Tightening Torques
  • Engine
    General Specifications
    Series “Q” Engine Data
    Diagrams Of Series “Q” Engine
    Mounting Of Engine On Frame
    Diagnostics For Cummins Engines
    Fan Aftercooler Control System
    Throttle Linkage
  • Transmission
    Operation Of ConverterTransmission Hydraulic System
    Supply And Scavenging
    Torque Converter
    Cooling, Lubrication And Flushing
    Speed Engagement
    Quick Discharge Valve
    Hydraulic Torque Converter
    Removal Of Torque Converter From The Machine
    Disassembly Of Torque Converter
    Inspection Of Parts And Reassembly
    ConverterTransmission Oil Filters
    Removal Of The Transmission From The Machine
    Disassembly Of Clutches
    Inspection Of Parts Disassembled
    Reassembly Of Transmission
    Transmission Lubrication Oil Pressure Relief Valve
    Reinstallation Of Transmission
    ConverterTransmission Oil Filters
    Converter, TransmissionConverter, Transmission
    Oil Scavenger Hydraulic pump
    Transmission Control Valve
    Inspection Of Parts Disassembled
    Reassembly Of Control Valve
    Hydraulic Tests Of Control Valve On Bench
    Gearshift Control
    Transmission Gearshift Buttons And Safety Lever
    Disassembly Of Gearshift Components
    Transmission Oil Radiator
    Cleaning And Inspection Of Tightness Of Heat Exchanger
    Troubles, Causes, Remediesi
    Test Of ConverterTransmission Group On Machine
    Gearshifting Test And Converter Stallingo
    Check Of TransmissionConverter Pressures
    Pump Delivery Test
    Torque Converter Safety Valve Setting Test
  • Final Drives
    General Description
    Final Drive (Section View And List Of Parts)
    Repair Procedures
    Description Of Installation Of Front Seals (Long Life)
  • Brakes And Steering Differential
    Hydraulic Braking System
    Main Components Of Brake System
    Brake/FanDrive Pump
    Brake Feed Valve Block
    Brake Pedal Valve
    Brake Oil Filters
    Hydraulic Steering System
    Main Components Of Steering System
    Hydraulic Motor
    Steering Pilot Valve Block
    Ports On Pilot Valve Block
    Failure Diagnosis
    Diagnosis Display
    Check Of Hydraulic Pressures
    Brake Pedal Adjustment
    Check And Adjustment Of Brake Feed Valve Block
    Steering Levers Setting
    Repair Procedures
    Brake Pedal Valve (Removal/Disassembly)
    Brake Hydraulic Pump (Removal/Disassembly/Reassembly)
    Brakes And Steering Differential
    Removal (Preliminary Operations)
    Removal Of Ring Gear
    Disassembly Of Planetary Carrier Assy
    Disassembly Of Planetary Carrier Differential Assy
    Disassembly Of Twin Sun Gear
    Disassembly Of Brakes Assy
    Reassembly Of Brakes Drum Assy
    Reassembly Of Twin Sun Gear
    Reassembly Of Planetary Assy
    Reassembly And Installation Of Ring Gear Assy
    Reassembly Of Brakes/Steering Differential Unit In Rear Housing
    Check And Inspection Of Brake Discs Pack
    Support Assemblies (Removal/Disassembly)
    Disassembly Of Steering Differential Supports
    Support Assemblies (Reassembly/Installation)
    Adjustment Of Steering Pinion Bearing Preload
    Adjustment Of Steering Bevel Gear
    Bevel Gear (Removal/Disassembly Of Bevel Pinion And Gear)
    Procedure For Bevel Gear Adjustment
    Procedure For Adjusting Bevel Pinion Bearing Preload
    Reassembly Of Rear Housing Guards
  • Undercarriage
    Track Chain (Removal/Installation)
    Replacement Of A Damaged Link And Reinstallation
    Idler (Removal/Installation/Overhaul)
    Track Chain Support Roller (Removal/Installation)
    Track Chain Bottom Roller (Removal/Installation)
    Track Chains
    Bottom Rollers
    Support Rollers
    Track Tensioner Device
    Front CrossMember Pivots
    Wear Limits
  • Dozing Equipment Hydraulic System
    Operation of the hydraulic system
    Diagram Equipment Hydraulic System Diagram
    Flow Test In Single Circuits
    Repair Procedures
    Hydraulic Oil Reservoir (Removal / Installation)
    Equipment Hydraulic Pump (Removal )
    Hydraulic Control Valve (Overhaul)
    Installation Of Blade
    Hydraulic Control Valve
    Hydraulic Power Pump
    Blade Cylinder Support Fork
    Blade Lifting Control Cylinder
    Blade Tilt Control Cylinder
    Ripper Lift Cylinder
    Ripper Pitch Cylinder
    Push Arms And Blade Rods
    CFrame And Rods
    Single Shank Ripper
    Tightening Torque
  • Electrical System
    Link Fuses And Cold Starting
    Main Switch
    Engine Starter Switch
    BackUp Alarm
    Starter Motor
    Instrument Panel/Monitor Operation
    Wiring Diagram Of Instrument Panel/Monitor
    Monitor Senders

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