New Holland E50 Shop Manual Hydraulic Excavator


Repair Manual For New Holland E50. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

Photo 9 - New Holland E50 Shop Manual Hydraulic Excavator
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Repair Manual For New Holland E50. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

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New Holland E50


  • – Table Of Contents
  • – Standard Specifications And Maintenance
    General Information And Safety
    Preparation Before Disassembling
    Safety In Disassembling And Assembling
    Disassembling And Assembling Hydraulic Equipment
    Electrical Equipment
    Hydraulic Parts
    Welding Repair
    Environmental Protection
    Specifications And Performance
    Speed And Gradeability
    Hydraulic Components
    Side Digging & Dozer
    Loading Machine On A Trailer
    Transportation Dimension And Weight Of Attachment
    Boom With Arm Cylinder
    Arm And Bucket (Standard Bucket)
    Bucket (Standard Bucket)
    Dozer (Without Cylinder Weight)
    Boom Dimensional Drawings
    Boom Maintenance Standards
    Clearance Of Pin And Bushing On Boom Section
    Clearance In Thrust Direction On Boom And Cylinder Installation Section
    Torque Specifications For Capscrews And Nuts
    Metric Coarse Thread Standard Tightening Torque Values
    Metric Fine Thread Standard Tightening Torque Values
    Screw And Tool Sizes
    Torque Specifications For Joints And Hoses
    Joints For Piping (ORing Sealing Type)
    Hydraulic Hose ( Degree Flare Type)
    Torque Specifications For Sleeve Type Tube Fittings
    Sleeve Type Tube Fittings
    Part Number
    Plug For Hydraulic Pipe Joint
    Cap Nut (Joint Plug)
    Plug (Tube Plug)
    Plug For Hydraulic Equipment
    Pf Screw
    Pt Screw
    Plug For Flare Hose
    Working Conditions
    Applicable Range Of Standard Maintenance Time
    Excluded Time
    Applicable Machine For Estimation Of Standard Maintenance Time
    Standard Maintenance Time Table
    Classification Of Work Code
    Time Tables
    Canopy And Guard
    Upper Structure
    Under Carriage
    How To Use Maintenance Standards And Precautions
    Precautions For Judgment
    Other Precautions
    Performance Inspection Standard Tables
    Measuring Engine Speed
    Engine Speed Measurement
    Measuring Hydraulic Oil Pressure
    Standard For Hydraulic Oil Pressure Measurement
    Pressure Measurement And Adjustment
    Main Circuit Pressure
    Pilot Circuit Pressure
    Measuring Travel Performances
    Test Procedure
    Travel Deviation
    Movement Drift Due To Gravity
    Drain Rate On Travel Motor
    Measuring Slew Performances
    Test Procedure
    Slew Time
    Overrun When Slewing Stops
    Slew Drift Due To Gravity
    Drain Rate Of Slew Motor
    Measuring Attachment Operating Performances
    Test Procedure
    Cylinder Speed
    Gravity Drift Of Cylinders
    Measuring Slew Bearing Performances
    Test Procedure
    Slew BearingBucket Tip Play
    Slew Bearing Play
    Measuring Track Tension
    Track Tension
    Attachment Dimensions
    Standard Maintenance Time Table
    Maintenance Standards And Test Procedures
  • – Hydraulic, Electrical, And Component Systems
    Hydraulic Circuits And Component Models
    Hydraulic Circuit Operation
    Electrical System
    How To Read Circuit Diagram And Harness Connection
    Electrical Equipment And Harness
    Components System
    Hydraulic Components
    Electrical Equipment
    Function And Features Of Hydraulic Circuit
    Hydraulic Circuits And Component Models
    Standard Specifications
    Hydraulic Circuit Operation
    Color Coding Standard For Hydraulic
    Neutral Circuit
    Travel Operating Circuit
    Nd Speed Operating Circuit (IndependentForward Travel)
    Slew Operating Circuit
    Slew (Left) Operating Circuit
    Bucket Operating Circuit
    Bucket Digging Operation Circuit
    Bucket Dumping Operating Circuit
    Boom Operating Circuit
    Boom Raise Operating Circuit
    Boom Lower Operating Circuit
    Arm Operating Circuit
    Arm In Operating Circuit
    Operating Circuit For Arm Out
    Swing Operating Circuit
    Swing (Left) Operating Circuit
    Dozer Operating Circuit
    Dozer Down Operating Circuit
    Nibbler & Breaker Operating Circuit
    Nibbler Close Operating Circuit
    Nibbler Open Operating Circuit
    Breaker Blow Operating Circuit
    Electric Circuit Diagram
    Harness Connection
    Electrical Equipment And Harness
    Electrical Equipment List
    Harness & Cable List
    Arrangement Drawing For Components & Harness
    Upper Frame Portion
    Engine Portion
    Relay Unit Portion
    Fuel Tank Portion
    Work Light Portion
    Cab Portion (Opt)
    Air Filter Portion (Restriction Switch)
    Detail Of Harness & Cable
    Inst Main Harness
    Engine Harness
    Starter Cable
    Battery Ground Cable
    Engine Ground Cable
    Boom Harness
    Key Switch Harness
    Canopy Working Light Harness
    Boom Work Light Extension Harness
    Connection Harness With Cab
    Air Filter Harness
    Hand Control And Slew/Swing Harness
    Horn Switch Harness
    Instrument Panel Harness (Left)
    Hydraulic Components
    Electrical Equipment
    Hydraulic System
    Electrical System
    Components System
  • – General Disassembly And Assembly
    General Disassembly And Assembly
    Upper Slewing Structure
    Travel System
    Removing And Installing
    Attachment Assembly And Name
    Removal Of Bucket
    Installation Of Bucket
    Removal Of Arm
    Installation Of Arm
    Removal Of Boom
    Installation Of Boom
    Preparation For Removal
    Removal Of Swing Bracket And Cylinder
    Installation Of Swing Bracket And Cylinder
    Disassembling And Assembling
    Necessary Tools
    General Precautions
    Cylinder Construction (Example Of Boom Cylinder)
    Maintenance Standards
    Jig List
    Possible Causes For Trouble And Remedy
  • – Troubleshooting
    Attachment Operational Failure (Excluding Swing Operations)
    Attachment Speed Is Slow
    Attachment Operating Power Is Low
    Malfunction Of Attachment
    Travel Operation
    Travel Operational Failure
    Travel Speed Is Slow
    Travel Power Is Low
    It Deviates In Travel Independent Operation
    Slewing Operation
    Slewing Operational Failure
    Slewing Speed Is Slow
    Slewing Power Is Low
    Malfunction Of Slewing Operation
    Engine Speed Is Reduced Due To Pump Load
    Malfunction Of Pump
    Engine Does Not Start
    Horn Does Not Work
    Working Lights Do Not Work
    Hourmeter Does Not Work
    Fuel Gauge Does Not Work
    Water Temperature Gauge Does Not Work
    Attachment Operation
    All Controls Do Not Function
    Travel Operation
    Travel&Speed Change Does Not Work
    Optional Decel Motor Does Not Work
    Starting Trouble
    Starter Does Not Rotate
    Starter Rotates But Hard To Start
    Engine Runs Rough
    Output Power Low
    Engine Low Power
    Knocking At High Temperature
    Other Trouble
    Exhaust Trouble
    Excessive Oil Consumption
    Excessive Fuel Consumption
    Engine Does Not Stop When Ignition Switch Is Turned Off
  • – Engine

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