New Holland EW160 Technical Handbook


Repair Manual For New Holland EW160. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

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Technical Handbook Repair Manual For New Holland EW160. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up. This Technical Handbook (THB) has been written with the servicing mechanic in mind and contains important information required to carry out repair and servicing procedures.

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New Holland EW160


  • – Foreword / Safety Instructions
    Using The Technical Handbook
    Servicing And Repair
    Warnings And Symbols
    Danger In The Event Of NonObserVance Of The Safety Instructions
    Organizational Measures
    Selection And Qualification Of PersonnelBasic Responsibilities
    Safety Instructions Governing Specific Operational Phases
    Standard Operation
    Special Work In Conjunction With Utilization Of The MachineMaintenance And Repairs During Operation Disposal Of Parts And Consumables
    Warning Of Special Dangers
    Electric Energy
    Gas, Dust, Steam And Smoke
    Hydraulic And Pneumatic Equipment
    Oil, Grease And Other Chemical Substances
    Transporting And TowingRecommissioning
    Repair Work, Safety Instructions
    Accumulators, Safety Instructions
    Engine, Repair Instructions
    Assisted Starting (With JumpLeads)Safety Instructions
    Welding Operations
    Welding OperationsSafety Instructions
  • – Service Data
    RaumUnd MassegroЁЯen
    Quantities Of Space And Mass
    TimeRelated Quantities
    Kraft, Energie Und LeistungsgroЁЯen
    Quantities Of Force, Energy And Power
    Conversions Tables
    Umrechnung Von LaЁngenMaЯen
    Conversion For Units Of Length
    Umrechnung Von FlaЁchenmaЯen
    Conversion For Units Of Area
    Umrechnung Von Foot (Fuss) Und Inch (Zoll) In Meter
    Conversion From Foot (Fuss) And Inch (Zoll) To Metric Measures
    Umrechnung Von Newtonmeter “Nm” In Foot Pounds “FtLb”
    Conversion From Newtonmeter “Nm” Into Foot Pounds “FtLb”
    Umrechnungstabelle FuЁ R Druckeinheiten Von Gasen, DaЁmpfen Und FluЁssigkeiten
    Conversion Table For Units Of Pressure In Gases, Steam And Fluids
    Umrechnungstabelle FuЁ R Einheiten Von Energie, Arbeit Und WaЁ Rmemenge
    Conversion Table For Units Of Power, Energy And Heat Quantity
    Umrechnungstabelle FuЁ R Einheiten Der Mechanischen Spannung (Festigkeit)
    Conversion Table For Units Of Mechanical Stress (Strength)
    Praktisch Gleichwertige Einheiten FuЁ R Druck Und Mechanische Spannung (Festigkeit)
    Practically Equivalent Units For Pressure And Mechanical Stress (Strength)
    TemperaturEinheiten Und Umrechungsformeln
    Units Of Temperature And Conversion Formulas
    Leistung, Energiestrom, WaЁ Rmestrom
    Power, Energy And Heat Flow
    Masseeinheiten (Gewichte)
    Units Of Mass (Weight)
    Volumeneinheiten, DurchfluЯmenge
    Units Of Volume, Flow Rates
    Fuel Consumption
    Calculation Examples
    Angles Of Slope
    Travel Speeds
    Hydraulische Leistungen (Pumpen/Motoren)
    Hydraulic Outputs (Pumps/Motors)
    Stroking Times Of Cylinders
    Drehzahlen Von Hydraulikmotoren
    Speeds Of Hydraulic Motors
    Allgemeine Hinweise
    Tightening Torques
    General Information
    Schrauben Mit Regelgewinde Nach Din
    Bolts With Standard Thread Din
    Schrauben Mit Metrischem Feingewinde Din
    Bolts With Metric Fine Thread Din
    Anziehdrehmomente FuЁ R Sae Flanschsystem
    Tightening Torques For Sae flange system
    Tightening Angles
  • – Tools
    Big Leather Test Case With Contents
    Solenoid Valve Tester
    Measuring Adapter
    Vacuum Pump
    environment protection Plugs
    Pressure Gauge
    StrokeMeasuring Device
    Cylinder Tools
    Fitting Suspension
    Protective Sleeve
    Protective Sleeve
    Fitting Device
    Axle And Gearbox Tools
    Hydraulic Pump
    Fitting Punch
    Fitting Punch
    Fitting Device
    Thickness Gauge
    Swing Gearbox
    Vacuum Pump
    Connecting The Vacuum Pump
  • – Undercarriage
    Safety Instructions
    Danger In The Event Of NonObservance Of The Safety Instructions
    Rules For Safety At Work
    Undercarriage Components
    Steering Swing Axle
    Rigid Axle
    Cardan Shaft
    Removal And Fitting Of Cardan Shaft
    Wheels And Tyres
    Tyre Inflation Pressure Safety Instructions
    Checking The Tyre Inflation Pressure Refilling The Tyre
    Table Of Tyre Inflation Pressures
    Tyres And Wheels Safety Instructions
    Wheel Components
    Changing A Wheel
    Wheels Tread Pattern Arrangement
    Outrigger Stabilizers
    Levelling Blade
    RightHand Steps / Toolbox Components
    LeftHand Steps
  • – Superstructure
    Safety Instructions
    Danger In The Event Of NonObserVance Of The Safety Instructions
    Rules For Safety At Work
    BallBearing Swing Bearing
    General Information
    Dismantling / Installing The BallBearing Swing Ring
    Tools And Aids
    Dismantling The Swing Bearing
    Installing The Swing Bearing
    Swing Gearbox Pinion / Checking The Tooth Flank Clearance On The Swing Ring
    Engine, Installation
    Removing And Installing The Diesel Engine
    Removing The Diesel Engine
    Installing The Diesel Engine
    Engine, Coupling
    General Information
    Removing The Coupling
    Installing The Coupling
  • – Gearboxes And Axles
    Dismantling And Reassembling The Swing Gearbox
    Dismantling The Swing Gearbox
    Reassembling The Swing Gearbox
    Technical Handbook “Swing Gearbox”
    Technical Handbook “Axles”
  • – Hydraulic System
    Venting The Hydraulic System
    Reason For Venting
    Hydraulic Tank
    Top Servo Control Caps
    Hydraulic Pumps And Hydraulic Motors
    Hydraulic Cylinder
    Brake System
    After Venting
    Flushing The Hydraulic System
    Description Of The Hydraulic System
    Technical Data
    Hydraulic Circuit Diagram
    Survey Of Components In The Hydraulic Circuit Diagram
    Hydraulic Components
    Drive Engine (Item )
    Twin Variable Displacement Pump
    Demand Control
    Power Control
    Load Limit Regulator
    Swing Pump
    Twin Gear Pump
    Oil Cooler With Fan Drive
    Swing Mode Valve
    Load Limit Regulator
    Swing Gearbox
    Swing Motor
    Speed Sensor
    Hydraulic Reservoir, Complete
    ReturnFlow Filter
    Bypass Valve
    Filter Contamination Switch
    Temperature Sensor
    Servo Control Valve Right
    Servo Control Valve Left
    Travel Pedal
    Solenoid Valve
    Solenoid Valve
    Solenoid Valve Stick / Stabilizers
    Steering Valve
    PedalOperated Brake Valve
    Accumulator Charging Valve
    Pressure Switch
    Pressure Switch
    Service Brake Solenoid Valve And PressureRegulating Valve
    The DiaphragmType Accumulator
    Way Control Block
    Arrangement Of Valves In The Control Block
    Primary Valve With Pressure CutIn Stage
    MiniRate Regulator Or ShockReducing Valve
    Shuttle Valve Cascade
    Valve Assembly
    Solenoid Valve
    Sealing Plug
    DiaphragmType Accumulator
    Rotor For Hydraulic Oil
    Rotor For Electric Current
    Boom Cylinder
    Stick Cylinder
    Restrictor Check Valve, Adjustable
    SwitchOver Valve Grab/Backhoe
    Bucket Cylinder
    Auxiliary Control Block
    Auxiliary Equipment Servo Control Valve
    Grab Cylinder
    Grab Rotation Motor
    Grab Rotation Solenoid Valve
    Rigid Axle (), SpeedChange Gear And Hydraulic Travel Motor
    Hydraulic Travel Motor With Travel Braking Valve (
    Automatic Regulation
    CreepSpeed Function
    Secondary Pressure Protection
    Travel Braking Valve
    Control Block
    Steering And Floating Axle
    Floating Axle Cylinder
    Levelling Blade Cylinders
    Stabilizer Cylinders
    Levelling Blade/Stabilizer SwitchOver Valve
    SwitchOver Valve Right/Left Stabilizer
    Description Of System Sections
    Load Limit Control System
    Unpressurized Oil Circuit Of Pumps
    Oil Circuit Pump
    Servo Control System
    Servo Control Valve Boom/Bucket
    Servo Control Valve Stick/Swinging
    Servo Control Valve Travel
    MiniRate Regulators Or Shock Reducer Valves
    Servo Control Valve Hammer/Shears
    Working Hydraulic System
    Bucket Parallel Connection
    Optional Boom Adjusting Cylinder
    Travel Hydraulic System
    Auxiliary Hydraulic System Hammer / Shears
    Swinging System
    Swinging Mode Activated (Led On):
    Swinging Mode DeActivated (Led Off):
    Neutral Position
    Counter Clockwise Swinging
    Clockwise Swinging
    Braking The Superstructure
    Steering And Braking System
    Steering System
    Dual Circuit Braking System
    Grab Rotation Sytem
    Checking And Setting Pressures
    Safety Instructions
    Pressure Settings
    Pcs Tester
    Big Leather Test Case With
    Pressure Gauge
    Stroke Measuring Device
    Servo Control Pressure
    Working Hydraulics With Power Boost Function
    Setting Up Primary Valve
    Secondary Valves For Cylinders
    Measurement Of Stroking Length And Pressure At Control Spool
    Secondary Valves Of Travel Motor
    Setting/Adjusting Secondary Valves
    Travel Motor Regulating Start
    Pressure Relief Valves On Auxiliary Control Block
    Setting/Adjusting Primary Valves
    Pump Control Through Proportional Demand Signals
    Output Control Through Proportional Demand Pressure
    Swinging System
    Feed Pressure And Zero Point
    Swinging Power (Swinging Mode)
    High Swinging Pressure And Safety Valves
    Safety Valve
    Swing Pump Legend:
    Changing The Braking Torque
    Installing The Hydraulic Pumps
    Installing And Dismantling The Hydraulic Pumps
    Dismantling A Pump
    Installing A Pump
    Hydraulic Cylinders
    Components For Boom, Stick And Bucket Cylinders
    Components For Stick Cylinders
    BossType, OnePiece
    Pivot Bearings
    Piston Rod Guide Boom And Bucket Cylinder
    Rod Guide Of Stick Cylinder
    Piston Rod And Piston
    Floating Axle Supporting Cylinder
    Floating Axle Cylinder With Integrated Blocking Valve
    Commissioning And Venting
    Malfunctions And Rectification Of Faults
    Repair Instructions
    Steering Cylinder
    Dismantling The Steering Cylinder
    Assembling The Steering Cylinder
    Assembling The Steering CylinderCalculation Examples
  • – Electrical System
    The Atom
    Structure Of Atoms
    Free Electron
    Electromagnetic Field
    Alternating Current Diagram
    Power Generation
    Power Generation In Motor Vehicles
    Battery Charging
    Claw Pole Alternator
    Circuit With Fault Indication On Interruption In The Exciter Circuit
    Testing The Charging System
    Main Components Of Automotive Electrical System
    Types Of Batteries
    MaintenanceFree Starter Battery
    low maintenance Batteries
    Checking The Battery
    Density Values Of Diluted Sulphuric Acid
    Mixing Fresh Battery Acid
    Mixing Instructions
    Function Of The Alternator
    Type Designation
    ClawPole Alternator
    Electric Motors
    Principle Of The Electric Motor
    Starting Motor (Starter)
    Function Of The Starter
    Checking The Vehicle Starter System
    Fundamentals Of Automotive Electrical Systems
    Current, Voltage, Resistance And Power
    Measurements With The Multimeter
    Adjustment Of The Multimeter
    Measuring Voltage
    Measuring Current
    Measuring Resistance
    Series And Parallel Connection Of Electrical Components
    Series Connection
    Parallel Connection
    Series Connection
    Parallel Connection
    Electrolytic Capacitors
    Voltage Losses And Cables
    Calculation Of Lines
    Lines And Wires In Automotive Electrical Systems
    Design Example
    Headlamps Adjustment Hints
    Malfunctions Of The Lighting System And Their Causes
    Transition Resistance In Electrical Circuits
    Special Circuits In Automotive Electrical Systems
    The Diode
    The “FreeWheeling” Diode
    Voltage Rectification In ThreePhase Bridge Circuits
    Alternator Regulator
    Fuses In Motor Vehicles
    Designation Of Individual Components
    Standardized Designations Of Terminals
    Terminal Designation
    Generator And Generator Regulator
    TurnSignal Indicator (Flasher Relay)
    Symbols Used In Electrical Engineering
    Symbols For Directions Of Motion
  • – Equipment
    Assembling Working EquipmentSafety Instructions
    Securing The Machine
    Corrosion Protection For Pins And Bearings (Bushings And Hubs)
    Part Nos For Voler AC
    Application Of Voler AC
    Detaching / Attaching The Backhoe Bucket
    Attaching And Detaching The Grab Equipment
    Attaching The Grab
    Detaching The Grab
  • – Fittings, Pipes And Hoses / Welding For Maintenance And Repair / Sealing, Protective, Checking And Cleaning Agents
    Warning Of Special Dangers
    Electric Energy
    Gas, Dust, Steam And Smoke
    Hydraulic And Pneumatic Equipment
    Oil, Grease And Other Chemical Substances
    Transporting And Towing
    Working Equipment
    Assembling Working Equipment
    Repair Work
    Lines For Various Media
    Materials For Pipes And Hoses
    Conditions And Deviations In The Line System
    Steel Pipes
    Plastic Pipes
    Pipe Couplings
    Sealing Pipe Couplings
    Bulkhead Couplings
    Stud Couplings And Male Nipples
    Stircomatic Seal Rings
    Swivel Couplings
    Swivel Coupling With Straight Male Thread Acc To Din
    Swivel Coupling With Long Male Adaptor
    Fixed Angle Couplings
    Banjo Coupling
    Banjo Coupling With Long Male Adaptor
    Flange Couplings With Sae Bolt Pattern
    Flanged Pipe Couplings
    Flanged Hose Couplings
    Sealing And Connecting Components
    Wedge Rings
    Seal Rings
    Double Hex Bolts
    Assembly Aids For Wedge Rings
    PreAssembly Device For FRings
    Inserter For Z Rings
    Inserting The Z Ring
    Assembling Flange Couplings
    Flange Coupling Pipe / Connection Surface, F System
    Zako System
    Flange Coupling Hose / Connection Surface
    Flange Coupling
    Seal Rings For Flange Couplings
    Double Hex Bolts
    PreAssembly Aids For Pipe Flange Couplings
    Gauge Connections

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