New Holland L465 LX465 LX485 Service Manual


Repair Manual For New Holland L465 LX465 LX485. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

Photo 9 - New Holland L465 LX465 LX485 Service Manual
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Repair Manual For New Holland L465 LX465 LX485 Skid Steer Loader. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

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Pages: 808
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New Holland L465, LX465, LX485


About Improvements
Accessory Relay And Engine Fuse Block
Adapting Attachments Requiring Electrical Power
Cab And Boom Tilt Procedure
Craning The SkidSteer Loader
Drilling Holes In Overhead Dash
General Safety Information
Hydraulic System Compatibility
Installation Of Adjustable Fittings In Straight Thread O Ring Bosses
Major Unit Overhaul
Minimum Hardware Tightening Torques
Precautionary Statements
Properly Support A Raised Machine
Properly Support Boom On Boom Lock Pins
Safety Decals
Safety Precaution Information
Standard Torque Data For Hydraulic Tubes And Fittings
Air Cleaner
Alternator Component Tests
Alternator Service Specifications
Alternator, System Testing And
Camshaft Assembly
Charging Circuit
Charging System
Cold Start Aid Button
Component Assembly Description
Connecting Rod
Cooling System,
Crankshaft And Bearing Holder Assembly
Crankshaft Bearing Holder
Cylinder Block
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Head Assembly
Diesel Fuel
Disassembly, Inspection, Fits, And Clearances Of
Component Assemblies
Electric Fuel Pump
Engine Dismantling Sequence
Engine Electrical SystemsAlternator
Starter, And Miscellaneous
Engine Model And Serial Number Location
Filling The Fuel Tank
Flywheel And Ring Gear
Flywheel Housing
Front Crankshaft Bearing (Bushing)
Fuel Filter System
Fuel Gauge
Fuel Injection Pump
Fuel Injection Timing
Fuel Level Sender
Fuel Shut Off Solenoid
Fuel Specifications
Fuel System
Fuel System Components
Fuel System Electrical Diagram
Fuel System Testing
Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank Pickup Tube
Gear Train
General Engine Data
General Engine Information
Glow Plug
Governor Operation
How To Operate The Engine After Overhaul
Idler Gear And Oil Pump Assembly
Injection Pump Installation
Labor Guide
Lubricating System
Miscellaneous Engine Electrical
Nozzle And Holder
Oil Filter
Oil Pressure Relief Valve Assembly
Oil Pressure Switch
Oil Pump
Piston And Connecting Rod
Piston And Piston Rings
Pistons And Connecting Rods
Priming The Fuel System
Port Block
Rear Oil Seal
Reinstallation Of Engine Into Loader Frame
Rocker Arm Assembly
Rocker Cover And Inlet Manifold
Safety Precautions
Special Tools
Spill Timing Procedure
Starter Construction
Starter Motor Description
Starter Motor Removal And Installation
Starter Motor Service Specifications
Starter Motor Troubleshooting
Starter Operation
Starting A Cold Engine
Starting System Electrical Diagram
Timing Gear
Timing Gear Case Installation
Water Pump Assembly And
Thermostat Housing,
Advanced Warning System
Electrical Circuits
Eic Board
Fuel System Components
General Electrical Information
Labor Guide
Miscellaneous Engine Components
Starter Motor Troubleshooting
Wire Harness
Wiring Diagram
Final Drive
Final Drive
Parking Brake
Drain Plugs
Charge Check Valve
General Information
General Information
Hydraulic System Cleaning Procedure
Hydrostatic Drive System Testing
Hydrostatic Motor Efficiency Test
Hydrostatic Pump And Motor Case Drain Flow
Hydrostatic Drive System Testing
Hydrostatic System Oil Flow
Hydrostatic Drive System Troubleshooting
Hydrostatic Motor
Hydrostatic Pump
Start-Up Procedure After Rebuild
Steering System
Boom And Bucket Spool Lock Solenoid Test
Boom Circuit Relief Valve Test
Boom Cylinder
Control Valve
Cylinders, Boom And Bucket
Gear Pump Flow Efficiency Test
General Information
Pivot Pin Location And Machine Usage
Hydraulic Cooling, Filter, Reservoir System
Air Ingress Test
Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic System Testing
Main System Pressure Tests
Main System Pressure At Auxiliary Boom Hydraulic Quick Couplers
Main System Pressure Tests
Checking Main System Pressure At
Bucket Cylinders
Attachment Mounting Plate
Additional Information
Attachment Mounting Plate
Repair/Rebuild Mounting Plate
Boom Lock Pin/Linkage
Boom, Upper And Lower Link
Cab And Rops
Attachment Mounting Plate
Pin Location And Machine Usage
Boom And Cylinder Pivot Pins
Boom Lock Pins And Linkage
Boom/Cylinder Pivot Pins Size
Seat And Seat Pan Support

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