New Holland LM415A LM425A LM435A LM445A Repair Manual


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Repair Manual For New Holland LM415A, LM425A, LM435A, LM445A Telehandlers.

Manual includes step by step instructions, illustrations, diagrams. Remove, Install, disassemble, assemble, repair procedures, troubleshooting, and other servicing procedures. This repair manual provides the technical information needed to properly service the New Holland Telehandlers.

Format: PDF
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New Holland LM415A, LM425A, LM435A, LM445A


  • – General
    General Instructions
    Important Notice
    Rotating Shaft Seals
    ‘O’ Rings
    Spring Pins
    Notes For Spare Parts
    Notes For Equipment
    How to Move the Vehicle with the Battery Removed
    Safety Rules
    To Prevent Accidents
    Safety Rules
    Start Up
    Electrical Systems
    Hydraulic Systems
    Wheels and Tires
    Removal and Installation
    Product Identification
    Vehicle Product Identification Number
    Vehicle Identification Plate
    Engine Identification
    Front Axle Identification
    Transmission Identification x Power Shuttle
    Transmission Identification x Power Shift
    Rear Axle Identification
    Identification Plates in the Cab
    Important Ecological Considerations
    Service Techniques
    Hoses and Tubes
    ‘O’ Ring Flat Face Seal Fittings
    Sealer Specifications
  • – Engine
    Of Bosch Injection Pump
    Calibration Test Conditions
    Calibration Test Conditions
    Tightening Torques
    Coding Of Source EnginesFGeCFGeG
    Checks, Measurements And Repairs
    Connecting Rods
    Cylinder Head
    Oil Filter
  • – Transmission
    Description And Operation
    Transmission Control
    Transmission Disconnect Switches
    Torque Converter
    Gear Train
    Gear Shift Mechanism
    Co Axial Drive Vehicle Hydraulic Pump
    Transmission Hydraulic Pump Oil Supply
    Oil Flow
    Transmission Oil Supply Ports
    Transmission Oil Flow Through Solenoid Valve
    Oil Flow Solenoid Control Valve Operation (Forward Drive Only Shown)
    Transmission Hydraulic Valves And Pressure Test Points
    Transmission Power Flows
    Fault Finding
    Stall Procedure
    Stall Speed
    Forward / Reverse Control Solenoid Valve
    Solenoid Valve
    Resistance Checking Of Coils
    Oil Pump
    Transmission Overview
    Transmission Overhaul
  • – Drive Lines
    Tightening Torque
    Description of Operation
    Drive Line Power Flow
    Drive Shaft Removal
    Rear Lower Driveshaft
    Upper Driveshaft
    Front Lower Driveshaft
    Driveshaft Installation
    Center Bearing
    Driveshaft Components
  • – Front Axle
    Torque Specification
    Description Of Operation
    Front Axle
    Transfer Gear Box
    Component Overhaul
    Axle In Place
    Axle Removed
    Axle Removal Procedure
    Planetary Reduction Assembly And Wheel Hubs
    Steering Rod End Ball Joint Removal
    Swivel Pin Removal
    Swivel Housing Removal
    Handbrake Lock
    Shaft Retaining Lock Nuts
    Axle Shaft Removal
    Swivel Hub Seal Removal
    Swivel Pin Bearing Removal
    Removal Of Lower Swivel Pin Bearing Cone
    Removal Of Shaft Bearing And Seal Housing
    Reduction Hub, Swivel Housing And Axle Shaft Reassemble
    Hub Oil Seal Installation
    Swivel Housing Seal Installation
    Swivel Pin Bearing Cone Installation
    Lower Swivel Pin Bearing Cone Installation
    Steering Cylinder Removal
    Steering Cylinder Disassembly
    Transfer Gearbox Disassembly
    Axle Trumpet Housing Removal
    Differential Assembly Removal
    Differential Disassembly
    Bearing Preload
    Differential Preload
    Crown Wheel To Pinion Backlash
  • – Rear Axle
    Torque Specification
    Description of Operation
    Load Sensor
    Component Overhaul
    Axle In Place
    Axle Removed
    Axle Removal Procedure
    Pivot Bushes
    Load Sensor Installation
  • – Brakes
    Brake Master Cylinder
    Brakes Released
    Brakes Applying
    Brakes Applied
    Fault Finding and Pressure Testing
    Brake Bleeding Procedure
    Machine Preparation
    Servo Circuit Pressure Testing
    Brake Master Cylinder
    Master Cylinder Overhaul
    Push Rod Components
    Servo Housing
    Brake Piston
    Return Spring & Feed Valve Assembly
    Fluid Feed Valve Replacement
    Front Axle Brake Disassembly
    Brake Piston Assembly
    Rear Axle Brake Disassembly
    Brake Piston Assembly
    Parking Brake Operation
    Handbrake Adjustment
    Handbrake Lever
    Front Axle
    Adjustment Procedure
  • – Hydraulic Systems
    Gear Type Hydraulic Pump
    Brake Circuit Accumulator And Pressure Reducing Valve
    Hydraulic Control Valves
    Telescopic Loader Controls
    Hydraulic Cylinders
    Counterbalance Valves
    Hydraulic Circuit
    Basic Circuit Operation
    Monoramp Hydraulic Circuit Schematic
    Component Operation
    Hydraulic Pump
    Flow Divider Valve
    Pressure Reducing Valve And Accumulator
    Pressure Reducing Valve Operation
    Hydraulic Control Valves
    Control Valve Oil Flow
    Circuit Relief Valves
    Direct Acting System Relief Valve
    Circuit Relief Valves
    Monoramp Control System
    Control Buttons Released
    Control Button Depressed
    Fault Finding And Pressure Testing
    Fault Finding
    Flow And Pressure Testing
    Flow Testing (Using Auxiliary Test Hydraulic Ports)
    Pump Cavitation Test
    Performance Test
    Alternative Method
    Pressure Testing (Using Auxiliary Test Hydraulic Ports)
    Using Auxiliary Test Hydraulic Ports
    System Pressure Test
    Telescopic Circuit Relief Valve Pressure Test
    Tilt Cylinder Pressure TeSt
    Piston End Circuit Relief Valve
    Lift Cylinder Circuit Relief Valves Pressure Test
    Pressure Testing (Using Control Valve Test Port)
    System Pressure Test
    Telescopic Circuit Relief Valve Pressure Test
    Tilt Cylinder Pressure Test
    Piston End Circuit Relief Valve
    Boom Lift Cylinder Circuit Relief Valve Pressure Test
    Adjustment Of Circuit Relief Valves
    Servo Hydraulic Circuit Pressure Test
    Component Overhaul
    Hydraulic Control Valve
    Accumulator And Pressure Reducing Valve
    Solenoid Control Valves
  • – Chassis
    Vehicle Chassis Type
    Engine, Torque Convertor and Transmission
    Front Axle and Rear Axle
    Hydraulic Brake
    Hydraulic Loader Valve PackMechanical & Monoramp Controls
    Hydraulic Telescopic Boom Controls
    Frame Attachments
    Hydraulic Steering Control
    Chassis / Cab
  • – Steering
    Component Operation
    Hydraulic Pump
    Flow Divider
    Pressure Testing
    Pressure Test
    Steering Motor Shock Relief Valves
    Steering Control Valve Removal
    Steering Motor Inspection
    Component Inspection
    Replace the End Cover
    Pressure Testing
  • – Cab Environment
    Description And Operation
    Cab Climate Controls
    Heater Blower Control
    Heater Temperature Control
    Air Flow Vents
    Windshield Demisting
    Heater Radiator
    Cab Air Filter
    Draining The System
    Heater Radiator
    Blower Motor
    Heater Control Valve
  • – Electrical System
    Electrical System And Fuses
    Fuses And Relays
    Powershuttle Fuses & Relays
    Powersoft Fuses & Relays
    Controls And Instruments
    Mono Ramp
    Flow Sharing
    Cab Instruments And Controls
    Lamps And Operating Lever For Alignment Of The Wheels
    Lamp Indicator Panel
    Alignment Of The Wheels
    Instrument Console
    Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Gauge (With Warning Buzzer)
    Tachometer And Hour Meter
    Fuel Level Gauge
    Warning Lights
    Load Status Indicator Panel
    Led’S (Visual Alarm)
    Sound Alarm Switch
    Test Switch
    Hydraulic Load Automatic Cut Off (Where Fitted)
    Lifting From Ground Level
    Lowering From A High Position
    Hydraulic Load Cut Off (In A Worsening Situation)
    MultiFunction Lever
    Interior Light
    Bulb Replacement
    Work Lamp Bulb Replacement
    Headlight And Indicator Bulb Replacement
    Loader Mounted Work Lights
    Interior Lamp Bulb Replacement
    Rear Work Lamps
    Rear, Stop And Indicator
    Reversing Lamps
    Rocker Switch Bulb Replacement
    Protecting The Electrical Systems
    Charging Or Welding
    Starting The Machine With Jump Leads
    Temporary Wiring Harness Repair
  • – Loader
    Description Of Operation
    Telescopic Loader Controls
    Mechanical Controls
    Mono Ramp System Controls
    Flow Sharing System Controls
    Loader Boom Wear Pads
    Removing The Wear Pads At The Base Of The Loader Boom
    Tilt Cylinder And Auxiliary Hoses
    Section Boom
    Tilt Cylinder
    Telescopic Boom Cylinder
    Telescopic Boom
    Loader Boom Assembly
  • – Cab
    Hand And Foot Operating Controls
    Mono Ramp
    Flow Sharing
    Description And Operation
    Cab Disassembly
    Inside The Cab
    Underside Of The Cab
    Cab Heater Hoses
    Air Conditioning (Where Fitted)
    Electrical/Harness Connections
    Lifting The Cab
    Cab Internal Parts
    Steering Column
    Instrument Panel
    Inner Roof Panel
    Windshield Wipers
    Roof Panel
    Cab Glass Replacement (Bonded)
    Glass Intact
    Glass Broken
    New Glass
    Existing Glass

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