New Holland MH6.6 MH8.6 Workshop Manual Hydraulic Excavator


Repair Manual For New Holland MH6.6 MH8.6 Hydraulic Excavator. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

Photo 9 - New Holland MH6.6 MH8.6 Workshop Manual Hydraulic Excavator
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Repair Manual For New Holland MH6.6 MH8.6 Hydraulic Excavator. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

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New Holland MH6.6, MH8.6


  • — Safety Instructions
    Personal Safety Instructions
    Observe The Safety Instructions
    Protection From Noise
    Preparing For Emergencies
    Wearing Protective Clothing
    Safety Instructions Before Starting Work
    Checking The Machine
    Keeping The Working Area Clean
    Using Grab Handles And Steps
    Adjusting The Operator’S Seat
    Applying The Safety Belt
    Working From The Operator’S Seat Only
    Never Take Passengers On The Machine
    Safety Instructions For Machine Operation
    Before Setting Off
    Note The Position Of The Working Equipment
    Taking Care During Operation
    Taking Care When Trenching
    Distance From Overhead Power Lines
    Accident Prevention When Reversing And Slewing
    Rules For Driving On The Road
    Recovering And Towing The Machine
    Travelling Uphill And Downhill
    Preventing The Machine From Overturning
    Inspecting The Deployment Location
    Parking The Machine Safely
    Preventing Accidents When The Machine Is Moving
    Confirming The Direction Of Machine Travel
    Avoid Caving Out High Banks
    Protection From Rockfall And Landslides
    Caving Prevention
    Never Move The Bucket Above Persons
    Safety Instructions, Maintenance/Servicing
    Safety During Transport
    Safety During Servicing Operations
    Warning Instructions For Servicing Work
    Correct Machine Support
    Working At Greater Heights
    Keeping Clear Of Moving Parts
    Prestressed Units
    Never Remove Lead Seals
    Safety Instructions For Accumulators
    Dismantling Components
    After Repair Work
    Correct Waste Disposal
    Welding Operations
    Starting The Engine With Starter Batteries
    Prevention Of AcidInduced Burns
    Prevention Of Scalding
    Safe Handling Of Fluids
    Fire Prevention
    Evacuation In Case Of Fire
    Risks From Exhaust Gases
    Risks From Fluids In Pressure Systems
    Preventing Heat BuildUp Close To Pressure Systems
    Preventing Heat BuildUp In Lines Carrying Combustible Fluids
    Removing Paint Before Welding
    Risks From BreakingAway Components
    Use Appropriate Tools
    Warning And Instruction Signs
    Positioning Of Signs
    Organizational Measures
    Selection And Qualification Of Personnel; Basic Responsibilities
    Safety Instructions Governing Specific Operational Phases
    Warning Of Special Dangers
  • — Technical Data And Special Tools
    Service Data General
    Data Sheet
    BucketInduced Protrusion
    Si And Additional Units
    Quantities Of Space And Mass
    Time Related Quantities
    Quantities Of Force, Energy And Power
    Conversions Tables Part
    Conversion For Units Of Length
    Conversion For Units Of Area
    Conversion From Foot And Inch To Metric Mesures
    Conversion From Newton-meter (Nm) Into Foot Pounds (Ft Lb)
    Conversions Tables
    Conversion Table For Units Of Pressure In Gases, Steam And Fluids
    Conversion Table For Units Of Power, Energy And Heat Quantity
    Conversion Table For Units Of Mechanical Stress
    Practically Equivalent Units For Pressure And Mechanical Stress (Strength)
    Units Of Temperature And Conversion Formulars
    Power, Energy And Heat Flow
    Units Of Mass (Weight)
    Units Of Volume, Flow Rates
    Fuel Consumption
    Calculation Examples
    Angles Of Slope
    Travel Speed
    Hydraulic Outputs (Pumps/Motors)
    Stroking Times Of Cylinders
    Speeds Of Hydraulic Motors
    Tightening Torques
    General Information
    Units Of Measurement
    Bolts With Standard Thread
    Bolts With Metric Fine Thread
    Tightening Torques For Sae Flange – System
    Tightening Angles
    Special Tools For Cylinders
    Screwed Hex Insert For Piston Nut
    Sealing Kit – Assembly
    Scraper Ring – Assembly
    Bushes Dismantling
    Rod Guide Assembly
    Piston Nut Loosening And Tightening
    Special Tools For Axles And Gearboxes
    Axial Stress Meter
    Bearing Friction Moment Adjusting Device
    Driving Tool For Bushing
    Assembly Aid For Shaft Seals
    Master Shaft
    Extraction Device
    Driving Tool
    Assembly Aid
    Brake Centering Device
    Tool Handle
    Hydraulic Pump
    Measuring Device
    Threaded Studs
    Driving Tool For Shaft Seals
  • — Machine Structure
    Machine Construction
    Description Of The Machine (BoomAdjusting Equipment)
    Machine Layout
    Hydraulic System
    Service Brake
    Parking Brake
    Floating Axle
    Electrical System
    Working Equipment
    Description Of The Machine (MonoblockBoom Equipment)
    Machine Layout
    Hydraulic System
    Service Brake
    Parking Brake
    Floating Axle
    Electrical System
    Working Equipment
    Switches / Keys
    Control Elements / Iso
    Multifunction Display
    Superstructure Components, Overview
    Engine Assembly Components, Overview
    Hydraulic System Components, Overview
    Drive Unit Components, Overview
    Undercarriage Components, Overview
  • — Electrical System
    The Electrical System
    Fundamental Notions
    Automotive Electrical Systems
    Cable Harnesses
    Checking / Replacing The Fuses
    Table Of Fuses
    Electrical Circuit Diagrams
    Electrical Circuit Diagrams
    Power Supply / Engine Starter
    Grid Heater / Filter Heater
    Power Supply For Sensors
    Tank Sensor / Refuelling System
    PilotControl Shutoff
    Speed Adjusting Motor
    Horn / Cu Power Supply
    Driver’s Cab / Voltage Converter
    Driver’s Cab / Wiper And Washer
    Steering Column Lever Switch
    Speedometer – Creep Speed
    Valves / Air Filter Control
    Gear / FloatingAxle / Brake
    Blower And Air Conditioner
    Auxiliary Heating (Option)
    Hammer / Shears / Frequency (Option)
    Stabilization / Levelling Blade
    Esx Power Supply
    Esx: Can, Can, Diagnostics
    Esx Coding
    Esx Valve Control
    Esx Pcs Valve Control
    Esx Valve Stacking
    Esx Valve Control
    Esx Slewing Initiator
    Esx Pressure Sensors
    Power Supply / Can Bus, Overview
    Fuses, Overview
    Grounding Points, Overview
    Electrical Circuit Diagrams For Supplementary Functions
    Electrical Circuit Diagram,
    Layout Of Electrical Components
    Electrical System – Central Electronics (Behind Driver’s Seat)
    Electrical System For ElectroHydraulic Pilot Control
    Electrical System Of Pilot ControlUnit, Solenoid Valves, Sensors And Switches
    Electrical System In Engine Compartment
    Electrical System For Undercarriage Control Block
    Electrical System For Undercarriage Stabilization
    Electrical Components By Code Numbers
    Connector Pin Assignment Tables
  • — Electronics
    Electronic Control Unit
    Esx Controller
    Central Electronic System / Central Unit
    Can Bus (Digital Technique)
    Electronic Control Diagram
    Can Bus Wiring
    Power Supply
    Electrical Circuit Diagram CanBus Power Supply
    Power Supply And Can Bus In Acc
    Components At Can Bus
    Central Electronics
    MultiFunction Display
    KeyBoard Modules
    Pcs, Power Control System With LoadLimit Regulator
    Diagnosis Socket
    Esx Controller
    Esx Power Supply
    Pin Assignment Esx Controller
    Components At Can Bus
    Right Joystick A For Boom And Bucket Cylinder
    Right Joystick, Description
    Left Joystick For Stick Cylinder And Slewing Mechanism
    Left Joystick, Description
    Joystick Characteristics
    Left Joystick
    Right Joystick
    Functioning Principle Of Joysticks And Pedals
    Driving Pedal (Master)
    Double Pedal (Slave) For Adjusting Cylinder Or Hammer/Shears
    Esx Coding
    Esx Coding
    Pcs: Power Control System
    Function Chart And Component Layout Plan
    Function Listing, Description
    Fundamental Principle Of Pump Control
    Regulating Circuit
    Speed Characteristics Of The Engine Under Load
    Detection Of The Load Status
    Regulating Process
    Pcs When Driving On The Public Highway
    Pcs Performance Diagram
    Pcs Components
    LoadLimit Regulator
    Speed Actuator
    Speed Sensing
    Speed Sensor (Pickup) B
    Coolant Temperature Sensing
    Temperature Sensor
    ChargeAir Temperature Sensing
    Hydraulic Oil Temperature Sensing
    Temperature Sensor
    Proportional Valve
    AV With Measuring Point For Control Pressure
    Fan Control With Proportioanl Valve
    Hammer / Shears Control With Boom Adjusting Equipment
    Electrical Circuit Diagram, Hammer / Shears Equipment
    Speed Actuator
  • — Hydraulics
    Hydraulic System
    Working, Slewing And PilotControl Circuits
    In The Superstructure
    Schematic Diagram
    Oil Flow Through Control Block
    Working, Travel And PilotControl Circuits
    In The Undercarriage
    Schematic Diagram
    Hydraulic Circuit Diagrams
    Drive Unit
    Circuit Diagram
    MultiCircuit Pump Unit
    Variable Displacement Twin Pump
    Drive Unit, Variable Displacement Twin Pump – Output Regulator
    Output Regulation By LoadSensing Pressure
    Output Regulation By Pump High Pressure
    Output Regulation By LoadLimit Control
    PilotControl Pump
    Double Gear Pump
    Hydraulic Reservoir With Attachments
    Control Block
    Rear View
    Front View
    Bottom View
    Control Block Neutral Circuit
    Spool Control Block With Hammer / Further Option
    Neutral Circuit
    Control Block Valves
    Primary PressureLimiting Valves With Pressure Sequence Stage
    Tank Channel – Preloading Valves
    Secondary PressureLimiting Valves With Replenishing Stage (Sv)
    Proportional Valves For Control Spool Adjustment
    Pressure Sensors
    PilotControl System
    Schematic Diagram
    Pilot Control Unit
    Schematic Diagram
    Solenoid Valves And Their Functions
    Proportional Valve Y Of The LoadLimit Regulator
    Solenoids Y And Y
    Solenoid Valve
    Travel Circuit
    Schematic Diagram
    Travel Control Spool
    Hydraulic And Electric Rotor
    Hydraulic Rotor, Description
    Electric Rotor, Description
    Travel Drive
    Travel Oil Motor Type
    Technical Data
    Travel Oil Motor, Regulator
    Travel Oil Motor, Travel Brake Valve
    Undercarriage Solenoid Valves
    Steered Axle
    FloatingAxle Cylinder
  • — Calibration
    Before Undertaking Calibration Work
    Measures To Be Taken On Main Pump AV
    Adjustment Of The Setscrews And Currents
    Measures To Be Taken On Slewing Pump AV
    Setting Of Mechanical Zero Position
    Display, Service, Calibration
    General Information
    Display, Service, Calibration (Engine On)
    Setting Of Calibration Parameters
    Calibration (Engine On), Aux Press
    Display, Service, Calibration (Engine Off)
    Setting Of Calibration Parameters
  • — Troubleshooting
    Fault Codes
    General Information On Fault Codes
    Fault Codes
    Fault Codes Pcs Unit
  • — Repair Instructions
    Welding Operations
    General Welding Instructions
    Protecting Electronic Modules During Welding Operations
    Effect Of Electromagnetic Fields And Electrostatic Discharges
    Handling Of Oils And Greases
    Securing The Machine
    Depressurizing The Hydraulic System / Brake System
    Depressurizing The Hydraulic System
    Bearings And Bushings
    Removal Of Bearings And Bushings
    Fitting Of Bearings And Bushings
    Superstructure Components
    Replacing The Buffers Under The Cab Baseplate
    Front Buffers
    Rear Buffers
    Removing And Refitting The Cab
    Separation Of Water Pump
    Unplugging The Electrical Connectors
    Dismantling The Cab
    Refitting The Cab
    Driver’s Seat
    Removing The Driver’s Seat
    Installing The Driver’s Seat
    Steering Column, Steering Valve
    Removing The Steering Column With The Steering Valve
    Refitting The Steering Column And The Steering Valve
    Removing The Steering Column
    Refitting The Steering Column
    Control Levers
    Replacing The Control Lever
    Removing The Display Unit
    Refitting The Display Unit
    Esx Box
    Removing The Esx Box
    Refitting The Esx Box
    LoadLimit Regulator
    Removing The LoadLimit Regulator
    Refitting The LoadLimit Regulator
    Fan Door
    Removing The Fan Door
    Refitting The Fan Door
    Combined Radiator
    Removing The Combined Radiator
    Refitting The Combined Radiator
    Battery Box
    Battery Box, Removing The Hood
    Battery Box, Refitting The Hood
    Removing And Installing The Battery
    Battery Box Panelling
    Removing The Metal Panel
    Refitting The Metal Panel
    Link Between Superstructure And Undercarriage
    Removing The Rotor
    Refitting The Rotor
    Slewing Gearbox
    Removing The Slewing Gearbox
    Slewing Gearbox, Fitting
    Dismantling And Assembling The Slewing Gearbox
    BallBearing Slewing Ring
    Removing The BallBearing Slewing Ring
    Fitting The BallBearing Slewing Ring
    Undercarriage Components
    Axles And Gearboxes
    Instructions For The Repair Of Gearboxes And Axles
    Testing Procedures
    Service Brake
    Brake Disks, Checking The Lining Thickness
    Bleeding The MultipleDisk Brake
    Cardan Shaft
    Removing The Cardan Shaft
    Refitting The Cardan Shaft
    Rigid Axle
    Removing The Rigid Axle
    Asp Tightening Torques
    Refitting The Rigid Axle
    Rigid Axle, Hydraulic Motor And Flanges
    Removal And Fitting Of Hydraulic Motor And Flanges
    Rigid Axle, Gearbox Housing
    Removing And Fitting The Gearbox Housing
    Ridid Axle, Differential Unit
    Removing And Fitting The Differential Unit
    Rigid Axle, Pinion Unit
    Removing And Fitting The Pinion Group
    Steered Axle
    Removing The Steered Axle
    Tightening Torques Alpp
    Refitting The Steered Axle
    Steered Axle, Steering Cylinder
    Removal And Fitting Of The Steering Cylinder
    Steered Axle, Reducer Gear
    Removal And Fitting Of The Reducer Gear
    Steered Axle, Articulated Joint Housing
    Removal And Fitting Of The Articulated Joint Housing
    Steered Axle, Differential Unit
    Removal And Fitting Of The Differential Unit
    Steered Axle, Pinion Group
    Removal And Fitting Of The Pinion Group
    FloatingAxle Cylinder
    Removing The Cylinders
    Replacing The Rod Seal
    Repairing The Check Valve
    Recommissioning And Bleeding
    Speed Sensor
    Tyres And Wheels
    Tyres And Wheels, Safety Instructions
    Tyre Pressure, Checking And Topping Up
    Tyre Inflation Pressure – Table
    Fastening Of Wheels
    Changing A Wheel
    Steps, Left Side
    Removing The Steps On The Left Side
    Installing The Steps On The Left Side
    Steps, Right Side, ToolBox
    Removing The Steps On The Right Side
    Fitting The Steps On The Right Side
    Dismantling The ToolBox
    Safety Instructions
    Levelling Blade
    Removing The Outriggers
    Refitting The Outriggers
    Levelling Blade
    Removing The Levelling Blade
    Refitting The Levelling Blade
    Outrigger Cylinders
    Outrigger Cylinder Components
    Removing The Outrigger Cylinders
    Refitting The Outrigger Cylinders
    Outrigger Cylinders, Tightening Torques
    Levelling Blade Cylinders
    Levelling Blade Cylinder Components
    Removing The Levelling Blade Cylinders
    Refitting The Levelling Blade Cylinders
    Levelling Blade Cylinders, Tightening Torques
    Equipment, Components
    Boom Cylinders For Monoblock Boom Equipment
    Boom Cylinders For Boom Adjusting Equipment
    Boom Cylinders
    Removing The Boom Cylinders
    Refitting The Boom Cylinders
    Boom Cylinder, Components
    Dismantling The Boom Cylinder
    Tightening Torques
    Assembling The Boom Cylinder
    Stick Cylinder
    Removing The Stick Cylinder
    Refitting The Stick Cylinder
    Stick Cylinder, Components
    Dismantling The Stick Cylinder
    Tightening Torques
    Assembling The Stick Cylinder
    Bucket Cylinder
    Removing The Bucket Cylinder
    Refitting The Bucket Cylinder
    Bucket Cylinder, Components
    Dismantling The Bucket Cylinder
    Tightening Torques
    Assembling The Bucket Cylinder
    Adjusting Cylinder
    Removing The Adjusting Cylinder
    Refitting The Adjusting Cylinder
    Boom Adjusting Cylinder, Components
    Dismantling The Boom Adjusting Cylinder
    Tightening Torques
    Assembling The Boom Adjusting Cylinder
    Wear Parts
    SlipOn Tooth
    Safety Instructions
    Replacing The SlipOn Teeth
    Trenching Grab, Wear Limits
    Reworking The Stops
    Checking And Replacing The Fuses
    Location Of Fuses And Modules In The Cab And In The Engine Compartment
    Fuses, Table
    Lamp Bulbs
    Replacing The Lamp Bulbs, Instructions
    Bulb Table
    Replacing The Headlamp Bulb
    Replacing The Lamp Bulb In The Front Direction Indicator Lamp
    Replacing The Lamp Bulb Of The Cab Interior Lamp
    Replacing The Lamp Bulb Of The TailLight
    Replacing The Lamp Bulb Of The Cab Floodlamp
    Replacing The Lamp Bulb Of The Boom Floodlamp

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