New Holland TC29D TC33D Repair Manual


Repair Manual For New Holland TC29D TC33D. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

Photo 9 - New Holland TC29D TC33D Repair Manual
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Repair Manual For New Holland TC29D TC33D. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

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Language: English
Pages: 712
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Number: 87036756
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New Holland TC29D, TC33D

S/N G037305 – G100001


  • – General Information
    Personal Safety
    Machine Safety
    Precautionary Statements
    Servicing The Tractor
    Operating The Tractor
    Driving The Tractor
    Operating The Pto
    Diesel Fuel
    Safety Frame (Rops)
    Safety Decals
    Instruction Decals
    Ecology And The Environment
    Lubrication And Maintenance
    Recommended Lubricants And Coolants
    Liquid Ballast (Optional)
    Tire Pressure
  • – Engine
    Description And Operation
    Cylinder Head And Valve Train Components
    Cylinder Block Assembly
    Engine Overhaul
    Engine Disassembly
    Fuel Injector And Glow Plug Removal
    Oil Pressure Switch
    Temperature Sending Switch And Alternator Removal
    Fan, Water Pump, And External Oil Tube Removal
    Air Inlet Manifold Removal
    Valve Cover Removal
    Rocker Arm Shaft And Support Bracket Removal
    Cylinder Head Removal
    Valve Tappet Removal
    Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Removal
    Engine Timing Gear Cover, Timing Gears, And Cam Shaft
    Disassembly, Inspection, Fits, Clearances, And Assembly Of Component Assemblies
    Cylinder Head Disassembly
    Cylinder Head Inspection And Repair
    Valve Seats
    Valve Guides
    Valve Springs
    Rocker Arms
    Push Rods
    Cylinder Head Assembly
    Cylinder Block
    Pistons, Piston Rings, And Connecting Rods Disassembly And Inspection
    Pistons, Rings, And Connecting Rod Assembly
    Crankshaft Bearing (Bushing) Inspection
    Crankshaft Bearing (Bushing) Replacement
    Crankshaft Main Bearing Assembly
    Port Block Removal
    Port Block Installation
    Timing Gear
    Camshaft Disassembly
    Camshaft Inspection
    Camshaft Assembly
    Timing Gear Housing
    Engine Reassembly
    Crankshaft And Bearing Holder Reassembly
    Rear Oil Seal And Backplate Assembly
    Pistons And Connecting Rods
    Suction Pipe And Suction Strainer
    Timing Gear Cover, Timing Gears, And Camshaft Assembly
    Idler Gear, Oil Pump, And Injection Timing
    Timing Gear Cover
    Crankshaft Pulley
    Fuel Injection Pump Assembly
    Power Steering Pump
    Head Gasket Selection
    Head Gasket Selection Chart
    Cylinder Head Assembly
    Valve Clearance Adjustment
    Valve Cover
    Water Pump And Cooling Fan Assembly
    Air Intake Manifold Assembly
    External Oil Tube
    Glow Plug And Connector
    Fuel Injector
    Fuel Piping
    Alternator And Temperature Sender Switch
    Exhaust Manifold
    Engine Lubrication System
    Oil Filter
    Engine Oil Pressure Check
    Oil Pressure Relief Valve
    Oil Consumption
    Cooling System
    Description And Operation
    Radiator Cap
    Water Pump
    Cooling Fan
    Cooling System Overhaul
    Water Pump
    Metric Bolt Torque Specifications
  • – Clutches
    Single Clutch Operation
    Free Play Adjustment
    Release Lever Height Adjustment
    Double Clutch Description
    FreePlay Adjustment
    Pto Clutch Adjustment
    Double Clutch Adjustments
    Servicing ClutchRelated Components
    Clutch Pilot Bearing
    Clutch Dimensions
    Clutch Release Bearing
    Clutch Linkage Components
    Clutch Cross Shaft Bushings Assembly
    Clutch Pedal Bushings Removal
    Clutch Pedal Bushings Assembly
  • – Gear Transmission
    Separating The Tractor At Clutch Housing/Engine
    Main Transmission Disassembly
    Main Transmission Assembly
    Attaching The Tractor At Clutch Housing/Engine
    General Bolt Torque Specifications
  • – Fwd Axle
    Front To Rear Axle Ratio
    Supersteer, Front Axle, And Sensitrack
    Automatic Position
    Full Time Front Wheel DriveLocked Down
    Supersteer Front Axle
    Sensitrack Removal
    Sensitrack Disassembly
    Sensitrack Assembly
    Sensitrack Installation
    Supersteer Axle
    Reduction GearDrop Box Removal
    Reduction Gear Box Assembly
    Idler Case Vertical Shimming Procedure
    Bevel GearToPinion Backlash Check
    Front Axle And Differential Disassembly
    Drive Pinion Disassembly
    Inspection And Repair
    Front Axle And Differential Assembly
    Differential Gear Assembly
    Axle And Differential Assembly
    Differential Case Bearing Preload Check And Adjustment
    Ring GearToPinion Backlash Check And Adjustment
    Supersteer Axle Installation
    Crankshaft Pulley
    Oscillation Stops Adjustment
    Steering Stops
  • – Differential, Rear Axle
    Description Of Operation
    Differential Lock
    Differential Overhaul
    Rear Axle Overhaul
  • – Hydrostatic Transmission
    Minimum Hardware Tightening Torques
    Hydrostatic Transmission Model TCD and TCD
    Variable Displacement Pump Operation
    Fixed Displacement Motor Operation
    Fluid Flow Neutral Position
    Fluid Flow Forward Position
    Fluid Flow Reverse Position
    Fluid Flow HST Charge Circuit
    Separating the Tractor Between the Engine and Clutch Housing
    Separating the Tractor Between the Clutch Housing, Hydrostatic Transmission, and the Rear Axle Center Housing
    Hydrostatic Unit Removal
    Hydrostatic Gearbox Removal
    Hydrostatic Unit and Gearbox Installation
    Precautions Before HST Disassembly
    Hydrostatic Pump Disassembly
    Port Block
    Neutral Valve Servicing
    Charge Pump Relief Valve
    High Pressure Relief Valve
    Hydrostatic Pump and Port Block Assembly
    HST Cooler Check Valve
    Pressure Tests
    High Pressure Relief Valve Test
    Charge Pump Relief Valve Test
    Hydrostatic Transmission Gearbox, Description and Operation
    Hydrostatic Transmission Gearbox
    Gearbox Power Flow
    Transmission Case Removal
    PTO Input Shaft Removal
    Transmission Input Shaft Removal
    FWD Shift Rod Removal
    FWD Drive Shaft Removal
    Rear Main Shaft Removal
    Range Gear Shifter Rod Removal
    Drive Pinion Shaft Removal
    PTO Countershaft Removal
    Drive Pinion Assembly
    PTO Countershaft Assembly
    Range Gear Shifter Rod Assembly
    Rear Main Shaft Assembly
    FWD Main Shaft
    FWD Shift Rod Assembly
    Transmission Input Shaft Assembly
    PTO Input Shaft Assembly
    Transmission Case Assembly
    HST Neutral Adjustment
    Treadle Forward Stop Adjustment
    Treadle Rear Stop Adjustment
    Cruise Control Adjustment
    HST Neutralizer
  • – Power Takeoff Systems
    Live Power TakeOff
    Power Take Off Drive Hydrostatic Transmission
    Power Take Off OverhaulRemoval
    Power Take Off Output Shaft Removal
    Power Take Off Rear Countershaft Removal
    Power Take Off Shifter Removal
    Power Take Off Shifter Assembly
    Power Take Off Rear Countershaft Assembly
    Power Take Off Center Countershaft Assembly
    Power Take Off Output Shaft Assembly
    Mid Mount Power TakeOff Description and Operation
    Mid Mount Power TakeOff Overhaul
    Mid Mount PTO Countershaft Removal
    Mid Mount PTO Shifter Arm Removal
    Mid Mount PTO Gearbox Disassembly
    Mid Mount PTO Gearbox Assembly
    Mid Mount PTO Shifter Arm Assembly
    Mid Mount PTO Countershaft Assembly
    Rear PTO Components Assembly
  • – Brakes
    Brake Operation
    Parking Brake
    Brake Adjustment
  • – Hydraulic System
    Hydraulic Fluid Filter
    Combination System ReliefDiverter Valve Manifold Assembly
    Control Valve Assembly (HPL)
    Neutral PositionFluid Flow
    Raising PositionFluid Flow
    Lowering PositionFluid Flow
    Bypass SpoolFluid FlowClosed Position
    Bypass SpoolFluid FlowOpen Position
    Flow Control Valve
    Linkage OperationSingle LeverPosition Control
    Position Control operation neutral Position To Raise
    Raise Position To Neutral Position
    Neutral Position To Lowering Position
    Lift Cylinder
    Flow Control Valve
    Hydraulic Control Valve
    Combination System Relief Valve and Diverter Valve Assembly
    HPL Linkage Adjustments
    Control Lever Adjustment
    Hydraulic Pump and Filter
    Remote Valves
    Fluid FlowNeutral PositionRear (Singlespool) Remote System
    Fluid FlowRemote Cylinder ExtendingRear (Singlespool) Remote System
    Fluid FlowRemote Cylinder RetractingRear (Singlespool) Remote System
    Front (Doublespool) Remote Control System
    Fluid FlowBucket ControlNeutral And Lift ControlNeutral
    Fluid FlowBucket ControlDumping And Lift ControlNeutral
    Fluid FlowBucket ControlDumping Regen And Lift ControlNeutral
    Fluid FlowBucket ControlRoll Back And Lift ControlNeutral
    Fluid FlowBucket ControlNeutral And Lift ControlRaising
    Fluid FlowBucket ControlNeutral And Lift ControlLowering
    Fluid FlowBucket ControlNeutral And Lift ControlFloat
    Rear (Singlespool) Remote Valve Removal
    Rear (Singlespool) Remote Valve Disassembly
    Rear (Singlespool) Remote Valve Assembly
    Front (Doublespool) Remote Control Valve Removal
    Front (Doublespool) Remote Control Valve Disassembly
    Front (Doublespool) Remote Valve Assembly
    Relief Valve
  • – Steering Systems
    Description And Operation
    Power Steering Control Motor
    Power Steering Pump
    Power Steering Cylinder
    Power Steering Operation
    Manual Operation
    Steering Control Motor
    Steering Cylinder
    Power Steering Pump And Reservoir Tank
    Power Steering Tubes
    Steering Column Removal And Disassembly
    Steering Column Assembly And Installation
    Adjustable Steering Column Operation
    Pressure Testing
    Pump, Steering Motor, And Relief Valve
    Steering Cylinder Test
    Steering Stops
    Special Tools
    Bolt Torque Specifications
  • – Wheels And Tires
    Fwd Tread Setting
    Wheel Tread Settings
    Rear Axle Tread Setting
    Tractor Weighting
    Weighting For Stability
    Weighting Limitations
    Rear Wheel Weight Installation
    Liquid Ballast (Optional)
    Tire Pressure
    Wheel Nut Torque Specification
  • – Electrical System
    Component Location And Function
    Battery And Fuses
    Fuse Block
    Main Fuse
    Electrical System ComponentsDescription And Testing
    Key Switch
    Light Switch
    Hazard Light Switch
    Turn Signal Switch
    Transmission Range Safety Switch
    Rear Pto Safety Switch
    Mid Pto Safety Switch
    Cruise Control Brake Release Switch
    Seat Safety Switch
    Hazard Flasher/Turn Signal Control Module
    Glow Plug Indicator Light Controller
    Cruise Control Magnet
    HST Speed Control (Cruise Control)
    Glow Plugs
    Engine Sensors
    Engine Oil Pressure Sender
    Engine Coolant Temperature Sender
    Fuel Level Sender
    Fuel Shutoff Solenoid
    Head Lamp
    Flasher Warning Light
    Rear Work Light
    Wiring Diagrams
    Instrument Panel Component Operation And Servicing
    Instrument Panel Removal And Disassembly
    Fuel Gauge Removal
    Fuel Gauge Testing
    Temperature Gauge Removal
    Temperature Gauge Testing
    Tachometer Removal
    Tachometer Testing
    Pto Speed Indicator Adjustment
    Instrument Lights
    Charging System
    Preliminary Checks And Electrical Tests
    Alternator Removal
    Rotor Inspection
    Stator Inspection
    Rectifier AssemblyInspection
    Housing Inspection
    Bearing Inspection
    Brush, Springs, And HolderInspection
    Bench Check
    Alternator Installation
    Alternator Specifications
    Alternator Troubleshooting
    Starting System
    Alternator Troubleshooting
    Electrical Testing
    No Load Test
    Starter Motor Specifications
  • – Platform
    Rear Hood Panels
    Dash Console
    Pto And Range Controls

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