New Holland TR89 TR99 Service Manual Combine


Repair Manual For New Holland TR89, TR99 Combines. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

Photo 9 - New Holland TR89 TR99 Service Manual Combine
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Repair Manual For New Holland TR89, TR99 Combines. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

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New Holland TR89, TR99


Activating the automatic head height control circuit
Activating the head run circuit
Air conditioner compressor clutch
control circuit
Air conditioning circuit
Air conditioning electrical system
Air ride seat
Alternator installation
Alternator removal
Alternator testing
Automatic head height control circuit
Automatic head height lower circuit
Automatic head height raise circuit
Automatic head tilt (lateral float) circuit
Battery charge level, park brake, and
drives engaged alarm systems
Bosch alternator
Bosch alternator repair
Circuit breakers
Cleaning fan and feeder variable speed control circuits
Cleaning fan speed decrease circuit
Cleaning fan speed increase circuit
Coil spark suppression diode test
Cold start circuit
Cold start system
Concave control circuit (TR only)
Definition of terms
Diode chart
Diode test procedure
Disengaging the automatic head height circuit
Drives engaged alarm system
Electrical connector chart
Electrical system components
Electrohydraulic circuits troubleshooting
Electrohydraulic electrical system
Electrohydraulic function
Electrohydraulic stack valve main
power circuit
Electronic stone trap detection circuit
Electronic stone trap electrical system
Engine and hydraulic system alarm lights
Engine electrical system
Engine run circuit
Engine start circuit
Engine start (cranking) circuit
Fan (pressurizer) circuit
Fan speed control circuit
Feeder reverser circuit
Feeder reverser reverse direction circuit
Feeder speed decrease circuit
Feeder speed increase circuit
Fuel solenoid run circuit
Gauge checks
Gauge circuits
General electrical
Grain loss monitor circuit
Ground speed calibration
Hazard and turn signal lights
Hazard light circuit
Head drive control circuit
Head drive lockout
Head engage circuit
Head lower circuit
Head raise circuit
Head raise/lower control circuit
Head tilt circuit (manual control)
Head tilt clockwise circuit
Head tilt clockwise lower microswitch circuit
Head tilt clockwise raise microswitch circuit
Head tilt counterclockwise circuit
Head tilt counterclockwise lower microswitch circuit
Head tilt counterclockwise raise microswitch circuit
Hour meter
Hydraulic reel speed control circuit
Instrument bar circuit
Instrument bar power
Key switch positions
Lateral tilt indicator
Left turn signal circuit
Light electrical systems
Main ground locations
Main power circuits for feeder reverser, unloading auger swing, and reel foreaft
Main power circuit for reel lift, head lift, and head tilt circuit
Main power circuit for the rotor variator
Master solenoid relay activated circuit
Momentary switches
Monitor circuit
Monitor electrical systems
Monitor power for shaft speed sensors
Monitor power for tachometers, unloading
auger position and full bin channels, and grain loss console
Monitor stone door open warning circuit activated (light and buzzer activated)
Monitor stone door open warning circuit not activated (light and buzzer off)
Power circuit to the head height microswitches
Powered rear axle
Powered turret circuit (TR only)
Powerup sequence
Preparing the head for testing
Reel aft circuit
Reel circuit
Reel fore/aft circuit
Reel forward circuit
Reel lower circuit
Reel raise circuit
Regulator replacement
Relay chart
Relay test procedure
Right turn signal circuit
Road lights
Road lights activated circuit
Rotor speed variator circuit speed decrease
Rotor speed variator circuit speed increase
Rotor variator circuit
Seat adjustment rails disassembly
Seat adjustment rails reassembly
Seat back and bottom cushion disassembly
Seat back and bottom cushion reassembly
Seat components disassembly
Seat components reassembly
Seat disassembly
Seat installation
Seat removal
Seat suspension assembly
Seat suspension disassembly
Solenoid activation chart
Solenoid coils
Solenoid coil test procedure
Solenoid operation
Thresher clutch alarm/neutral start thresher disengaging
Thresher clutch alarm/neutral start thresher engaged
Thresher disengage circuit
Thresher drive control
Thresher engage circuit
Troubleshooting electrohydraulic circuits
Unloading auger drive control circuit
Unloading auger drive run circuit
Unloading auger swing circuit
Unloading auger swingin circuit
Unloading auger swingout circuit
Variable speed control electrical system
Wiring diagrams
Work lights
Work lights activated circuit
Adjusting charge pressure relief valve motor
Adjusting the speed control linkage
Assembling the head drive cylinder
Assembling the head lift cylinder
Assembling the hydraulic pump
Assembling the power steering cylinder
Assembling the rotor variable speed cylinder
Assembling the stack valves
Assembling the steering control unit
Assembling the Terrain Tracert (lateral float) cylinders
Assembling the unloading auger drive cylinder
Assembling the unloading auger swing cylinder
Case pressure
Charge pressure
Charge pump circuit
Circuit components
Control valve
Controls, hydrostatic system
Disassembling the head drive cylinder
Disassembling the head lift cylinder
Disassembling the hydraulic pump
Disassembling the power steering cylinder
Disassembling the rotor variable speed cylinder
Disassembling the stack valves
Disassembling the steering control unit
Disassembling the Terrain Tracert (lateral float) cylinders
Disassembling the unloading auger drive cylinder
Disassembling the unloading auger swing cylinder
Electrohydraulic stack valve labor guide
Electrohydraulic stack valve operation
Electrohydraulic stack valve service
Electrohydraulic stack valve solenoid activation
Explanation of terms used in failure analysis, hydrostatic system
Feeder reverser control valve section
Feeder reverser forward direction circuit
Feeder reverser reverse direction circuit
Feeder reverser valve
Feeder reverser valve in neutral position
Feeder reverser valve troubleshooting
Gauge information
Head drive cylinders
Head drive cylinders cross section
Head lift control valve section
Head lift cylinders
Head lift cylinders cross section
Head lift valve troubleshooting
Head lower circuit
Head raise circuit
Head valve
Head valve in neutral position
High pressure
Hydraulic pump
Hydraulic pump labor guide
Hydraulic pump operation
Hydraulic pump parts layout
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic system oil flow
Hydraulic system pressure testing
Hydraulic system troubleshooting
Hydrostatic system
Hydrostatic system controls
Hydrostatic system major repairs
Hydrostatic system minor repairs
Hydrostatic system operation
Hydrostatic system troubleshooting
Inspecting the control valve
Installing the charge pressure relief valve
Installing the charge pump
Installing the control valve
Installing the head drive cylinder
Installing the head lift cylinder
Installing the hydraulic pump
Installing the hydrostatic motor
Installing the hydrostatic pump
Installing the loop flushing valve
Installing the multifunction valve
Installing the power steering cylinder
Installing the rotor variable speed cylinder
Installing the shaft (pump and motor)
Installing the shaft seal
Installing the steering control unit
Installing the Terrain Tracert (lateral float) cylinders
Installing the unloading auger drive cylinder
Installing the unloading auger swing cylinder
Introduction, cylinders
Introduction, hydraulic system
Introduction, hydrostatic system
Labor guide, cylinders
Labor guide, Electrohydraulic stack valve
Labor guide, hydraulic pump
Labor guide, hydrostatic system major repairs
Labor guide, steering control unit
Main hydraulic system oil flow
Main pump and motor circuit
Major repairs motor, hydrostatic system
Major repairs pump, hydrostatic system
Master solenoid energized
Master solenoid not energized
Master valve
Master valve section
Master valve troubleshooting
Metric conversions
Minor repairs, hydrostatic system
Motor repairs, hydrostatic system
Multifunction valve
Multifunction valve adjustment
Neutral switch
Operation, hydraulic pump
Operation, hydrostatic system
Parts layout unloading auger swing cylinder
Power steering cylinders
Power steering cylinders cross section
Pressure checks, hydrostatic system
Pressure specifications, hydrostatic system
Priority system (steering), pressure testing
Pump repairs, hydrostatic system
Rebuilding the stack valves
Reel drive hydraulic system
Reel foreaft aft circuit
Reel foreaft control valve section
Reel foreaft forward circuit
Reel foreaft valve
Reel foreaft valve in neutral position
Reel foreaft valve troubleshooting
Reel lift control valve section
Reel lower circuit
Reel raise circuit
Reel valve
Reel valve in neutral position
Reel valve troubleshooting
Relief valve
Removing the charge pressure relief valve
Removing the charge pump
Removing the control valve
Removing the head drive cylinder
Removing the head lift cylinder
Removing the hydraulic pump
Removing the hydrostatic motor
Removing the hydrostatic pump
Removing the loop flushing valve
Removing the multifunction valve cartridge
Removing the power steering cylinder
Removing the rotor variable speed cylinder
Removing the shaft (pump and motor)
Removing the shaft seal
Removing the stack valves
Removing the steering control valve
Removing the Terrain Tracert (lateral float) cylinders
Removing the unloading auger drive cylinder
Removing the unloading auger swing cylinder
Rotor speed control valve in neutral position
Rotor speed control valve section
Rotor speed decrease circuit
Rotor speed increase circuit
Rotor speed lockout valve
Rotor speed variator valve
Rotor speed variator valve troubleshooting
Rotor variable speed cylinder
Rotor variable speed cylinder cross section
Sauer/Sundstrand service centers
Schematics, hydraulic system oil flow ,
Secondary system (all hydraulic functions except steering), pressure testing
Serial number identification
Serial number plate
Servicing the unloading auger drive and head drive valve
Solenoid activation chart
Specifications, hydrostatic system
Startup procedures
Startup procedures, hydraulic system
Startup procedures, hydrostatic system
Steering control unit
Steering control unit labor guide
Steering control unit operation
Steering control unit parts layout
Steering rod adjustment
Terms used in failure analysis
Terrain Tracert (head tilt) clockwise circuit
Terrain Tracert (head tilt) control valve section
Terrain Tracert (head tilt) counterclockwise circuit
Terrain Tracert (head tilt) valve
Terrain Tracert (head tilt) valve in neutral position
Terrain Tracert (head tilt) valve troubleshooting
Terrain Tracert (lateral float) cylinder
Terrain Tracert (lateral float) cylinder cross section
Toein adjustment
Torque values, hydrostatic system
Troubleshooting, hydraulic system
Troubleshooting, hydrostatic system
Troubleshooting, unloading auger drive
and head drive control valve
Unloading auger drive and head drive control valve
Unloading auger drive and head drive control valve troubleshooting
Unloading auger drive cylinder
Unloading auger swing control valve section
Unloading auger swing cylinder
Unloading auger swing cylinder cross section
Unloading auger swing in circuit
Unloading auger swing out circuit
Unloading auger swing valve
Unloading auger swing valve in neutral position
Unloading auger swing valve troubleshooting
Air conditioning filter
Air conditioning process
Air conditioning system
Air conditioning system performance test and diagnosis chart
Adjusting the brake system
Adjusting the disk brake
Adjusting the gearshift linkage
Adjusting the master cylinder
Adjusting the parking brake
Adjusting the separator clutch
Adjustments and maintenance
Assembling the bell housing
Assembling the brakes
Assembling the carrier
Assembling the counter shaft
Assembling the cover
Assembling the differential
Assembling the differential half shafts
Assembling the disc brake
Assembling the final drive input shaft
Assembling the final drive output shaft
Assembling the hub/spindle
Assembling the input shaft
Assembling the main hub
Assembling the main shaft bearings
Assembling the master cylinder
Assembling the pinion shaft
Assembling the separator clutch
Assembling the shifter forks
Assembling the slave cylinder
Assembling the transmission
Assembly, cylinder block and pistons
Assembly, distributor and distributor seals
Assembly, shaft, seals and bearings
Assembly of the main hub
Ball joint replacement
Bell housing
Bell housing parts
Bleeding the hydraulic brake system ,
Blower fan
Blower fan switch
Blower motor and fan assembly overhaul
Brake and differential parts
Brake system
Checking refrigerant for excess air
Cleanliness A/C system
Component identification high torque RWD {TR)
Compressor clutch
Compressor protection: highpressure and lowpressure cutout switches
Compressor pump
Condenser, overhaul
Containers for storing recycled refrigerant
Containment, air conditioning refrigerants
Control valve assembly
Control valve disassembly
Control valve installation
Control valve operation
Control valve removal
Cylinder block and pistons
Description high torque RWD {TR)
Description & operation, system components A/C system
Diagnosis charts A/C system
Differential parts
Disassembling the bell housing
Disassembling the brake assembly
Disassembling the carrier
Disassembling the counter shaft
Disassembling the cover
Disassembling the differential
Disassembling the disc brake
Disassembling the final drive
Disassembling the final drive input shaft
Disassembling the final drive output shaft
Disassembling the input shaft
Disassembling the main hub
Disassembling the main shaft bearings
Disassembling the master cylinder
Disassembling the pinion shaft
Disassembling the separator clutch
Disassembling the slave cylinder
Disassembling the transmission
Disassembly, cylinder block and pistons
Disassembly, distributor and distributor seals
Disassembly, shaft, seals and bearings
Disc brake
Disc brake parts
Disposal, empty or near empty disposable containers
Distributor and distributor seals
Drive motor
Electrical diagram, air conditioner
Electrohydraulic control valve
Engine PTO shaft
EQUATRAC II valve operation
Evaporator core, overhaul
Extraction and recycling equipment, refrigerant
Expansion valve
Expansion valve, overhaul
Filling the master cylinder
Filter, air conditioning
Final drive
Final drive input shaft parts
Final drive output shaft parts
Final drive parts
Flow limiter operation
Flow limiter removal and installation
Flow limiters
Flushing, A/C system
Function of internal components high torque RWD {TR)
General description and operation air Oil requirements powered rear axle (TR)
conditioning system
Oil supply high torque RWD (TR)
Highpressure and lowpressure switches,
Onoff switch
Operating principle high torque
Highpressure cutout switch
High torque rear wheel drive system (TR)
Operational checks NC system
Hydrostatic circuit operation
Overhaul, components NC system
Inspecting the bell housing
Inspecting the master cylinder
Parts inspection
Inspecting the slave cylinder
Inspection final drive
Performance tests NC system
Installation, drive motor
Performance test and diagnosis
Installation, kingpin and bushings
Installation, steering cylinder
Powered rear axle (TR)
Installing the bell housing
Powered rear axle motor operation
Installing the differential
Powered rear axle motor repair
Installing the final drive
Powered rear axle motor shaft seal replacement
Installing the main shaft
Installing the main shaft left side
Powered rear axle motors
Installing the main shaft right side
Powered rear axle torque hubs
Installing the main shaft left bearing
Precautions, general safety and
Installing the main shaft right bearing
service NC system
Installing the main sheave
Installing the master cylinder
Installing the motor and torque hub
Installing the separator clutch
Installing the slave cylinder
Installing the transmission
Introduction NC system
Introduction brakes
Introduction engine PTO shaft
Introduction final drive
Introduction main shaft
Introduction powered rear axle (TR)
Introduction separator clutch
Introduction transmission
Labor guide NC system
Labor guide brakes
Labor guide engine PTO shaft
Labor guide final drive
Labor guide main shaft
Labor guide powered rear axle (TR)
Labor guide separator clutch
Labor guide transmission
Leak testing NC system
Adjusting the concaves
Adjusting the concaves in a wedge
Adjusting the concaves using swing gauges
Adjusting the concaves using the rotors
Adjusting the feeder slip clutch
Adjusting the rotor speed
Assembling and installing the reverser gearbox
Assembling the header drive jackshaft
Assembling the left rotor gearbox
Assembling the reverser motor
Assembling the right rotor gearbox
Assembling the rotor
Assembling the torque sensing drive
Balancing the rotor
Belt tension adjustment header drive clutch
Concave module wire removal
Concaves module types
Concaves types
Cradle and feeder face plate
Disassembling the front drum
Disassembling the header drive jackshaft
Disassembling the left rotor gearbox
Disassembling the reverser motor
Disassembling the right rotor gearbox
Disassembling the rotor
Disassembling the torque sensing drive
Discharge beater
Discharge beater and grate
Discharge beater grate
Discharge beater parts layout
Electronic stone trap
Feeder face plate and cradle
Feeder floor
Feeder maintenance
Feeder slip clutch
Front drum
Header drive belt
Header drive clutch
Header drive clutch belt tension adjustment
Header drive clutch linkage adjustment
Header drive jackshaft
Inspecting the left rotor gearbox
Inspecting the right rotor gearbox
Installing the concaves
Installing the discharge beater
Installing the discharge beater grate
Installing the front drum
Installing the feeder slip clutch
Installing the ?H? frame
Installing the header drive belt
Installing the intermediate idler sheave
Installing the lower variator sheave
Installing the rotor drive belt
Installing the rotor gearboxes
Installing the rotors
Installing the separator grates
Installing the stone roll
Installing the torque sensing drive
Installing the upper pivot shaft
Introduction concaves
Introduction discharge beater and grate
Introduction feeder
Introduction rotor drive
Introduction rotor gearboxes
Introduction rotors
Introduction separator grates
Labor guide concaves
Labor guide discharge beater and grate
Labor guide feeder
Labor guide rotor drive
Labor guide rotor gearboxes
Labor guide rotors
Labor guide separator grates
Left rotor gearbox
Left rotor gearbox parts
Linkage adjustment header drive clutch
Main concave removal
Main concave wire removal
Parts inspection rotors
Preparing to remove the separator grates
Removing and disassembling the reverser gearbox
Removing and installing the cradle
Removing and installing the feeder face plate
Removing and installing the feeder floor
Removing the feeder slip clutch
Removing and installing the cam and solenoid
Removing and installing the header jackshaft drive belt variable speed
Removing and installing the hydraulic reel drive pump belt
Removing the main drive belt
Removing and installing the main drive belt
Removing and installing the variable speed motor
Removing and installing the variable speed screw
Removing the concave extensions
Removing the concave module
Removing the discharge beater and shaft
Removing the discharge beater grate
Removing the feeder from the combine
Removing the front drum
Removing the ?H? frame
Removing the header drive belt
Removing the header drive jackshaft
Removing the intermediate idler sheave variable speed
Removing the lower variator sheave
Removing the reverser motor
Removing the rotor drive belt
Removing the rotor gearboxes
Removing the rotors
Removing the separator grates
Removing the stone roll
Removing the torque sensing drive
Removing the upper pivot shaft idler
Replacing theagitator mount
Replacing the rasp bar mount
Reverser gearbox
Reverser motor
Right rotor gearbox
Right rotor gearbox parts
Right side drives fixed speed
Rotor balance stand
Rotor configurations
Rotor drive
Rotor gearboxes
Rotors used to adjust the concaves
Separator grates
Shimming the rotors for endplay
Singlespeed right rotor gearbox
Special tools rotor gearboxes
Stone roll
Swing gauges used to adjust the concaves
Torque sensing drive removal and spring compression tool
Transducer replacement
Twospeed right rotor gearbox
Upper pivot shaft
Variable speed motor
Variable speed screw
Wedge used to adjust the concaves
Adjusting the cleaning fan RPM
Bubbleup auger
Bubbleup auger gearbox removal
Cleaning fan
Clean grain and filling system
Clean grain and filling system labor guide
Cleaning fan assembly
Cleaning fan disassembly
Cleaning fan drive assembly
Cleaning fan drive disassembly
Cleaning fan housing installation
Cleaning fan housing removal
Cleaning fan labor guide
Cleaning shoe
Cleaning shoe labor guide
Cross auger installation
Cross auger removal
Cross auger housing installation
Cross auger housing removal
Elevator installation
Elevator removal
Elevator chain
Elevator head installation
Elevator head removal
Elevator installation
Elevator removal
Elevator head assembly
Elevator head disassembly
Grain pan installation
Grain pan removal
Lower cross auger installation
Lower cross auger removal
Lower shoe installation
Lower shoe removal
Shoe bushing tightening
Shoe eccentric shaft installing
Shoe eccentric shaft removal
Slip clutch installation
Slip clutch removal
Slip clutch and elevator head assembly
Slip clutch and elevator head disassembly
Tailings return system
Tailings return system labor guide
Telescoping unloading auger installation
Telescoping unloading auger removal
Unloading auger and tube installation
Unloading auger and tube removal
Unloading system
Unloading system cross auger installation
Unloading system cross auger removal
Unloading system drive belt installation
Unloading system drive belt removal
Unloading system jackshaft installation
Unloading system jackshaft removal
Unloading system labor guide
Upper cross auger installation
Upper cross auger removal
Upper shoe installation
Upper shoe removal

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