New Holland TV140 Repair Manual Tractor


Repair Manual For New Holland TV140 Tractor. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

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Repair Manual For New Holland TV140 Tractor. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

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New Holland TV140


  • – General Information
    Precautionary Statements
    Safety Precautions
    General Considerations
    Tractor Identification
    Engine Identification
    Service Techniques
    Minimum Hardware Tightening Torques
    Standard Torque Data
    Recommended Lubricants And Coolants
    Recommended Sealants
  • – Engine Systems
    Air Induction System
    Bolt Torque Specifications
    Air Induction System Description And Operation
    Component Operation
    Turbocharger Boost Testing
    Air Induction SystemRemoval And Repair Of Components
    Turbocharger Intake Tube
    Turbocharger Outlet Tube
    Air Filter Housing, Precleaner, And Air Induction Scoop
    Repair Time Schedule
    Exhaust System
    Bolt Torque Specifications
    Exhaust System Description Of Operation
    Exhaust System Component Removal And Repair
    Exhaust Muffler And Stack
    Repair Time Schedule
    Engine Specifications
    Cylinder Head Assembly
    Camshaft Assembly
    Connecting Rods
    Cylinder Block Assembly
    Timing Gears
    Lubrication System
    Dynamometer Engine Testing
    Dynamometer Engine Break In
    Compression Test
    Engine Overhaul
    Engine Removal
    Engine Disassembly
    Engine Component Disassembly, Inspection, And Assembly
    Front Timing Gears, Oil Pan, Camshaft, And Valve Tappets (Lifters)
    Pistons And Connecting Rods
    Crankshaft And Main Bearings
    Oil Pump And Sump Tube
    Oil Cooler/Filter Support Assembly
    Engine Assembly
    Engine Installation
    Repair Time ScheduleEngine Overhaul
    Cooling System
    Bolt Torque Specifications
    Cooling System Description And Operation
    Individual Component Operation
    Cooling System Troubleshooting
    Cooling System Testing
    Cooling System Tests
    Cooling SystemRemoval And Repair Of Components
    Cooling Fan (North American Models)
    Cooling Fan And Viscous Clutch (International Models)
    Fan Belt Tensioner
    Water Pump
    Repair Time ScheduleCooling System
    Air Filter Configuration
    Bearing Type
    Maximum Boost Pressure
  • – Transmissions
    Splitter Box
    Hydrostatic Drive Description
    Power Flow
    Description Of Operation
    Splitter Box Description
    Splitter Box Gear Sets
    Hydrostatic And Hydraulic System Components
    Hydrostatic Drive Description
    Moving A Disabled Tractor
    Troubleshooting And Testing
    Pressure Testing
    Range Select Control Switch And Valve
    Splitter Box
    Auxiliary Pump
    Auxiliary Drive Housing
    Auxiliary Couplers
    Articulation Joint Drive Shafts
    Upper Drive Shaft
    Engine Power Input Shaft
    Lower Drive Shaft
    Splitter Box Power Input (Top) Shaft
    Splitter Box Power Output (Bottom) Shaft
    EngineEnd Axle Drive Shaft
    Splitter Box
    Tapered Bearing End Play Check And Adjustment
    Hydrostatic Motor
    Hydrostatic Pump
    Fnr Lever Cables
    Repair Time Schedule
  • – Engine End Axle
    Axle Shaft Preload
    Axle Shaft Spacer Selection Table
    Differential Bearing Preload
    Differential Bearing Shim Table
    Drive Pinion Preload
    Drive Pinion Spacer Table
    Tightening Torques
    Drive Path
    Drive Pinion
    Axle Shaft And Trumpet Housing
    Differential Lock
    Trumpet/Axle Disassembly
    Planetary Disassembly
    Planetary Inspection
    Planetary Reassembly
    Planetary Ring Gear Removal
    Planetary Ring Gear Installation
    Trumpet/Axle Inspection
    Trumpet/Axle Reassembly
    Pinion Gear Removal
    Pinion Gear Disassembly
    Pinion Gear Inspection
    Center Housing Inspection
    Pinion Gear Reassembly
    Pinion Bearing Preload
    Drive Pinion Spacer Table
    Pinion Gear Installation
    Differential Disassembly
    Differential Inspection
    Differential Reassembly
    Differential Bearing Preload
    Differential Bearing Shim Table
    Differential Lock Internal Operating Components Overhaul
    Differential Lock Valve And Tube Removal
    Differential Lock Valve And Tube Inspection
    Differential Lock Valve And Tube Installation
    Oscillating Components
    Rear Trunnion Inspection
    Rear Trunnion Installation
    Front Trunnion Removal
    Front Trunnion Inspection
    Front Trunnion Installation
    Diff Lock Switch Removal
    Diff Lock Switch Inspection
    Diff Lock Switch Installation
    Apply Solenoid And Valve Removal
    Apply Solenoid And Valve Inspection
    Apply Solenoid And Valve Installation
    Breather Removal
    Breather Inspection
    Breather Installation
    Repair Time Schedule
  • – Cab End Axle
    Repair Time Schedule
  • – Power TakeOff
    Cab End Pto Clutch Control Valve Operation
    Cab End Output Drive
    Electrical Operation
    Cab End Pto Electrical Circuit
    Disassembly And Repair
    Preliminary Procedures
    Cab End Pto Clutch
    Cab End Pto Shafts And Gears
    Pto Switch
  • – Brakes
    Brake Disc Components
    Foot Pedal Linkage
    Master Cylinder
    Hose Reservoir To Master Cylinder
    Tubes Pressure Supply
    Park Brake Lever
    Park Brake Cables And Links
    Brake Pedal Switch
    Park Brake Switch
  • – Hydraulic Systems
    Auxiliary Hydraulics
    Component Identification
    Hydraulic Circuits
    Description Of Operation
    Steering Control Valve
    Troubleshooting And Testing
    Disassembly And Repair
    Implement Pump
    Implement Valve
    Priority (Inlet) Valve Section
    Tan (Float) Valve Section
    Blue (Detent) Valve Section
    Green (Standard) Valve Section
    Implement Valve
    Implement Valve Control Linkage
    Control Lever Cable
    Control Pedal Assembly
    Control Pedal Cable
    Steering Control Valve
    In Cab Flow Control Cables
    Hydraulic System Hoses
    Hydraulic Oil Heater
    Engine End Remote Valves
    Hydraulic Oil Cooler
    Hydraulic Oil Cooler ByPass
  • – Wheels, Tires, And Ballasting
    Proper Jacking
    Tire Inflation
    Tire And Wheel Options
  • – Frames
    Engine Hood
    Hood Support Assembly
    Side Panels, Right Hand And Left Hand
    Front Grille
    Cab End Fenders
    Left Hand And Right Hand
    Engine End Fenders
    Left Hand And Right Hand
    Engine End Drawbar
    Cab End Drawbar
    Front Axle Support
    Frame Side Rails
    Steering Pins
    Pivot Pins
    Front Frame
    Rear Frame
  • – Climate Control
    Description And Operation
    Refrigerant Information
    The Basics Of Refrigeration
    Individual Component Operation
    Compressor And Clutch
    Thermal Expansion Valve
    Evaporator/Heater Assembly
    Blower Motor Assembly
    Thermostatic Switch
    High And Low Pressure Switches
    Heater Control Valve
    Switched Power: Fuses And Hvac Relay
    Air Filtration
    Troubleshooting And Testing
    General Safety And Service Precautions
    Recovering RA Refrigerant With Oem
    System Evacuation And Recharging With Oem
    Oil Level Check Or Adjustment
    Leak Detection
    Performance Testing
    Pressure/Temperature Relationship Chart
    Conditions For Performance Testing
    Gauge Readings And Interpretations
    Performance Test And Diagnosis Summary
    General Troubleshooting Summary
    Heating System
    Air Conditioning System
    Air Conditioning Component
    Thermal Expansion Valve
    Evaporator/Heater Assembly
    High And Low Pressure Switches
    Compressor Clutch
    Receiver Drier
    Air Conditioning Hoses
    Heater Control Valve
    Recirculation Door Control
    Blower Speed Control
    Heater Hoses
    Repair Time Schedule
  • – Electrical System
    Electrical System
    Using Schematics
    Circuit Troubleshooting
    Temporary Wiring Harness Repair
    Description Of Operation
    Starting And Charging Systems
    Batteries Troubleshooting
    Starter Troubleshooting
    Eics Error Codes
    Eics Connector Chart
    ThreePoint Hitch Controller
  • – Accessories
    Electrical Kits And Accessories
    Frame And Platform
    Hydraulic And Pto Kits
    Loader Kits And Accessories
  • – Cab
    Cab Mounts
    Cab Roof
    Taillight Panel
    Cab Fenders
    Wiper Motor Cover
    Windshield Wipers
    Cab Door Lock And Latch
    Lock Cylinder
    Window Latch
    Door Glass
    Side Windows
    Floor Mats
    Seat Console
    Fender Well Covers
    Console Assembly
    Steering Logic Valve Trip Linkage
    Rotating Grommet Assembly
    Radio And Speakers
    Calibration (Adjustments)

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