Same Silver 80 90 100.4 100.6 Workshop Manual


Factory Service Repair Manual For Same Silver 80 90 100.4 100.6 Tractors. Tons of illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-ups.

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Photo 9 - Same Silver 80 90 100.4 100.6 Workshop Manual
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Factory Service Repair Manual For Same Silver 80 90 100.4 100.6 Tractors. Tons of illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-ups.

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Language: English
Pages: 470
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Same Silver 80, 90, 100.4, 100.6


  • SILVER 80-90-1004-1006 Tractor Configurations
    Dimensions And Weights
  • – ENGINE
    Engine Section Views
    General Characteristics
    Lubrication System(Specifications)
    Fuel Supply System (Specifications)
    Turbocharger For Silver 90-1006 (Specifications)
    Cooling System (Specifications)
    Cylinder Block
    Timing Cover
    Connecting Rods
    Counterbalance Weights
    Cylinder Heads
    Lubrication System
    Fuel System
    Engine Governor (Mechanical)
    Adjustment Of Mechanical Governor External Controls
    Adjustment Of Anti-Hunting Device
    Electronic Rpm Control
    Putting The Electronic Rpm Control Into Service
    Injection Pump
    Engine Timing
    Injection Pump Timing
    Injection Pump Calibration
    Fuel Prefilter
    Fuel Filter
    Checking The Fuel Supply Pump
    Cooling System
    Fan Unit
    Pulley Alignment
    Belt Tension Adjustment
    Intake And Exhaust
    Turbocharging System
    Engine Air Filter
    Tightening Torques
    Engine Assembly
    Refitting The Engine
    Fault Diagnosis
  • – CLUTCH
    Engine-Gearbox Clutch
    Clutch Pedal Adjustment
    Bleeding Air From The Hydraulic System
    Fault Diagnosis
    Operating Diagrams
    Assembling The Clutch
    Adjustment Of End-Float
    Fitting The Clutch Assembly To The Gearbox (Main Operations)
    Testing The Clutch Control Unit Supply Pressure
    Fault Diagnosis
    Gearbox, General Characteristics And Configurations
    Views Of The Gearbox
    Removal Of Gearbox From Tractor
    Dismantling The Gearbox
    Examining The Gearbox Components
    Adjusting The Bevel Drive
    External Mechanical Controls
    Tightening Torques
    Attaching The Gearbox To The Rear Axle, Lift And Engine
    Power Take-Off
    Views Of Pto Controls
    Operating Diagrams
    Assembly Of The Rear Output Shaft
    Pto Clutch
    Pto Clutch Specifications
    Views Of The Pto Clutch
    Checking The Clutch
    Testing The Clutch Operating Pressures
    Checking End-Float Of The Pto Clutch Front Shaft
    Refitting The Pto Assembly (Main Operations)
    Fault Diagnosis
  • – AXLES
    Views Of The Rear Axle
    Fitting The Rear Axle Half-Shafts
    Removal And Dismantling Of The Rear Axle Epicyclic Reductions
    2Wd Front Axle, General Description And Specifications
    Removal And Refitting Of Axle On The Front Support
    Wheel Hub
    Inspection And Checks
    4Wd Front Axle, Specifications
    Adjusting Wheel Alignment And Steering Angle
    Section Views Of 4Wd Axle
    Checks And Adjustments
    Section View Of 4Wd Hub
    Epicyclic Reduction
    Special Refitting Operations And Adjusting The Preloading Of The Hub Carrier Bearings
    4Wd Axle Tightening Torques
    4Wd Bevel Drive Adjustment
    Internal Adjustment Of Differential Lock
    4Wd Axle Fault Diagnosis
    Sba System
    Fitting The Steering Angle Sensor
    Removal Of Differential Unit From Front Axle
    Removal Of Front Wheel Drive And Differential Lock Clutch
    Adjustment Of Front Bevel Drive With Sba System
    Fitting The Differential Unit On The Front Axle
    Front Wheel Drive Clutch On Models With Sba System, Specifications
    Front And Rear Differential Lock Clutches On Models With Sba System
    Fault Diagnosis
    Brakes, General Description And Specifications
    Brake Pumps, Disassembly And Examination
    Examining And Adjusting The Brake Assembly
    Checking The Parking Brake Linings
    Bleeding Air From The Hydraulic Braking System
    “Separate Brakes” Valve
    Operating Diagram For “Separate Brakes” Valve
    Fault Diagnosis
    Electronic Power-Lift Controls
    Electronic Power-Lift Specifications
    Operation Of The Electronic Power-Lift
    “All Round Tester”
    Electronic Power-Lift Self-Diagnosis
    Putting The Electronic Lift Into Service
    Auto-Man Procedure For Entering The Constant Wheel Value For An Undefined Tyre Size
    Calibrating The Draft Sensor
    Calibrating The Steering Sensor
    Functional Testing Of System Components
    Electronic Power-Lift Hydraulic Control Valve
    Testing The Hydraulic Lift Operating Pressure
    Electronic Power-Lift Operating Diagrams
    Views Of The Lift
    Section Views Of The Draft Sensor
    Installing The Draft Sensor
    On-Board Radar
    Precautions Regarding Electronic Apparatus
    Checking The Mechanical Components Of The Electronic Power-Lift
    Mechanically Controlled Power-Lift, Specifications
    Section Views Of The Mechanically Controlled Power-Lift
    Fitting The Control Lever Lock Screw And Lever Shaft Cam
    Fitting The Ring Seal On The Lift Piston
    Hydraulic Control Valve For Mechanically Controlled Power-Lift, Views And Hydraulic Circuit Diagrams
    Adjusting The Controls Of The Mechanically Controlled Power-Lift
    Checking The Lift Mechanism
    Testing The Operating Pressure
    Removal Of The Lift Control Valve
    Disassembly Of The Lift Control Valve
    Sensing Arm
    Auxiliary Lifting Cylinders
    Specifications For Control Valve Springs
    Fault Diagnosis
    Front Hydraulic Power-Lift, General Description And Specifications
    Hydraulic Accumulator And Anti-Shock Valve For Front Power-Lift
    Front Power Take-Off, General Description And Specifications
    Hydraulic Operating Diagrams For Front Pto
    Front Pto Views
    Installing The “Ring-Feeders”
    Checking The Front Pto Clutch
    Checking Clutch Plate Clearances
    Checking The Front Pto Operating Pressure
    Front Pto Fault Diagnosis
    Specifications For Front Pto Springs
    Hydrostatic Power Steering, General Description And Specifications
    Examining And Testing The Hydrostatic Power Steering System
    Assembly Instructions For The Hydrostatic Power Steering Control Valve
    Hydrostatic Power Steering Operating Diagram
    Mechanical Controls
    Electrohydraulic Controls
    System Configuration
    Electrohydraulic Valves
    Hydraulic Operating Diagrams
    Rear Differential Lock Control Cylinder For Models With Sba System
    Front Wheel Drive Disengagement Cylinder For Models Without Sba System
    Adjusting Front And Rear Differential Lock Controls For Models Without Sba System
    Adjusting Front Wheel-Drive Controls For Models Without Sba System
    Multifunction Control
    Performance Monitor
    Putting The Performance Monitor Into Service
    Performance Monitor Retrofit Procedure
    Instructions For Fitting The Front Windscreen And Lower Side Glass
    Fitting The Seal
    Cab Air Filter
    Removal And Refitting Of The Cab And Platform
    “Normal” Electric Heating System
    “High-Power” Electric Heating System
    Cab Air Conditioning System
    Hydraulic System
    Auxiliary Hydraulic Systems
    Hydraulic Trailer Braking
    Electrical System
    Specifications And Components
    Wiring Diagrams
    Conversion Tables

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