Takeuchi TB175 TB180 Parts Manual Excavator


Factory Parts Manual For Takeuchi TB175, TB180 Excavator; Engine 4TNV98-VTBZ. Detailed Illustrations and Parts Lists.

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Factory Parts Manual For Takeuchi TB175, TB180 Excavator; Engine 4TNV98-VTBZ. Detailed Illustrations and Parts Lists.

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Engine for TB175 4TNV98-VTBZ;
Excavator TB175, TB180 Serial No.17510003-


* Contents may slightly differ

1.Engine 4TNV-VTBZ
2.Excavator TB175, TB180

1.Engine 4TNV-VTBZ

Cylinder Block
Gear Housing
Flywheel Housing & Oil Sump
Cylinder Head & Bonnet
Suction Manifold & Air Cleaner
Exhaust Manifold & Silencer
Camshaft & Driving Gear
Crankshaft & Piston
Lub.Oil System
Cooling Water System
Fuel Injection Pump
Fuel Injection Pump(Inner Parts) Governordnner Parts)
Fuel Injection Valve
Fuel Line
Starting Motor
Tool & Gasket Set

2.Excavator TB175, TB180

Lower Frame
Crawler Belt
Carrier Roller
Track Roller
Front Idler
Track Adjuster
Travel Device
Slew Bearing
Swivel Joint & Accessories
Dozer Blade
Piping; Lower
Slewing Device
Boom Swing
Swing Stopper
Travel Lever & Swing Pedal
Dozer Blade Lever
Operation Lever & Stand (R.H.)
Operation Lever & Stand (L.H.)
Arm Rest
Piping; Operation Lever
Engine & Accessories
Drain Plug
Control Box (R.H.)
Control Box (L.H.)
Engine Control )
Decel Unit
Travel Aram
Side Light
Maintenance Light Socket
Window Washer
Boom Light
Grease Piping
Auto Greasing System
Valve & Accessories
Emergency Shut-Off Valve
Piping; Upper
Hydraulic Tank
Fuel Tank & Fuel Piping
Fuel Supply Pump
Floor Plate
Floor Mat
Cab Mount
Roof Guard
Console Box
Front Guard
Out Side Rearview Mirror
Air Conditioner
Terescopic Arm
Hanging Hook
3-Hole Bucket (For U.S.A.)
Auxiliary Line
2Nd Auxiliary Line
3Rd Auxiliary Line
4Th Auxiliary Line
Tool & Accessories
Painted Color
Swivel Joint
Control Valve 1
Control Valve 2
Inlet Housing Assy
Midole Housing Assy
Slock Assy; No. 1
Block Assy; No. 2
Block Assy; No. 3
Outlet Housing Assy
Solenoid Valve; 3 Blocks
Solenoid Valve; 2 Blocks
Solenoid Valve; 1 Blocks
Pilot Valve (R.H.)
Pilot Valve (L.H.)
Remote Control Valve
Selector Valve
Rotary Valve
Load Holding Valve
Pilot Change Valve
Over Load Valve
Electrical Proportion Valve
Boom Cylinder
Arm Cylinder
Telescopic Cylinder
Adjust Cylinder
Bucket Cylinder
Dozer Blade Cylinder
Swing Cylinder
Tensioning Cylinder (R.H.)
Tensioning Cylinder (L.H.)
Travel Motor
Slew Motor
Hydraulic Pump
Gear Pump

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