Terex Atlas 1305 1505 1605 1705 Workshop Manual Excavator


Factory Service Repair Manual For Terex Atlas 1305 1505 1605 1705 Excavator. Tons of illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-ups.

Photo 8 - Terex Atlas 1305 1505 1605 1705 Workshop Manual Excavator
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Factory Service Repair Manual For Terex Atlas 1305 1505 1605 1705 Excavator. Tons of illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-ups.

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Terex Atlas 1305, Atlas 1505, Atlas 1605, Atlas 1705


  • Contents
    Technical data
  • – Display and controls
    General view of cab
    Seat with consoles
    Left switch panel
    Right switch panel
    Control and display
    Control panel heating and air conditioning
  • – Engine
    Application of the EMR
    System description
    Basic equipment
    System functions
    Pressure maintenance valves
    Technical data
  • – Vehicle engine
    Instructions for repairs to the vehicle engine
    Cross section vehicle engine
    Cross section travel motion control valve
  • – Pump
    Instructions for the repair of a variable pump
    Study view of the variable pump
  • – Pilot control equipment
    Dozer blade/support pads
    Principle of hydraulic function
    Folding jib, slewing, lifting/lowering, bucket/grab
    Sectional view pilot control equipment
    Diagram regulating piston
  • – Control block
    Function of the control block
    Control block construction
    Control Block Picture
  • – Main rotation connection
    Rotation connection and rotary transmission lead-through
    Maintenance of the rotary connection
  • – Slewing gear gears and motor
    Disassembly Gearbox
    Assembly Gearbox
    AF 10 FD slewing gear motor
  • – Pressure setting tables/setting regulations
    Pressure setting table
    7Setting regulations
    Test ports
    Bleeding the equipment
    Fuel admission pressure
    Pilot control
    LS regulator, Dp setting
    Pressure cut-off
    Secondary valves
    Raising the pressure P
    Setting the secondary valve
    Setting the pressure P
    “Slew” secondary valve
    Setting the “slew left/right” secondary valve
    Setting the brake pressure
    Setting the TC valve
    Reverse current throttles
    reverse current throttle device
    Lifting cylinder open-circuit guard
    Setting the switch-on of the locking piston
    Adjusting the “lower” reverse-current throttle device
    Secondary valves
    Open-circuit guard for the articulated cylinder
    Checking/adjusting the cardan shaft speed
    Checking/adjusting the “drive” pilot control pressure
    Centring actuator shut-off device with no oil overflow
    Checking/adjusting the secondary valve
  • – Cylinders
    Construction of the cylinders
    Jointed cross shaft axle lock cylinder
    Blade cylinder
    Shovel tilting cylinder 1305
    Articulated cylinder
    Adjusting cylinder
    Lifting cylinder
  • – Hydraulic accessories
    Claw support – 4 supports
    Operable at the same time
    Check valve, pilot-operated
    Integral check
    Pilot control block
    Power shift gear
    Power brake system
    Shut-off valve
    Foot brake
    Axle blocking
    Functional description
    Putting into operation and de-aeration
    Repair Guide (see picture 3)
    Pendulum axle lock cylinder
    Multi-function valve
    Pipe break safety device
    Function description RBS
    Pipe-break safety device 1305
    Pipe-break safety device 1505 / 1605
  • – Air conditioner system
    Technical Data
    Functions on the control elements
    Detailed description of the functions
    Air distribution
    Temperature plate
    Switch for the air conditioner
    Radio button for fresh air and ambient air
    Description of the functions in the background
    Auxiliary heating
    Pressure switch in the refrigeration cycle
    Temperature sensor
    Combustion engine
    Ignition key (terminal 15) and switching on the control unit
    Switching off the ignition
    Air conditioning of the cabin
    Pane defrosting
    Operation of the air conditioner
    Heating air conditioner
    Place of installation
    Description of the cooling cycle components
    Capacitor for the excavator models
    Dryer with push button collector
    Error diagnosis
  • – Power shift transmission
    Valve block for Gearbox control
    Driving and switching gears
    Parking brake
    Towing away
    Type of oil
    Checking the oil level
    Oil change and oil fill-up quantity
    General instructions
    Important information on working safety
    Designation of statutory units
    Tightening Torques
    Gear structure
    Instructions for commencement of operation, operating and maintenance
    Installation overview and instructions on filling up with oil
    Instructions on moving or towing away the vehicle in an emergency
    Examples of tooth contact for Gleason-type gear teeth
    RList of tools for assembling and disassembling
    2 HL 100 switch protection
    Shift protection device
    Powershift transmission
    Removing the clutch
    Removing and dismantling the planetary drive
    Switching off and removing and dismantling the spur wheel
    Dismantling the shift protection device
    Dismantling the drive output, axle drive housing and differential
    Axle drive housing, drive output and differential
    Installing the helical gear and the shut-off device
    Completing and installing the pinion cage
    Pre-assembling and installing the coupling (on-the-road gear)
    Checking the imperviousness and functioning of the coupling (Illustration 188…190)
    Installing the brakes (off-the-road gear)
    Mounting the drive housing
    Checking that the brakes do not leak and that they function (off-road gear),
    Pre-assembling and installing the shift protection
    Installing the lubrication oil pump
    Installing the screw plugs and the oil lines
    Dismantling the drive output
    Mounting the drive output
    Gear switch protection
    Dismantling, see also picture chart on pages 38 and 120!
    Assembly, see also picture chart on pages 38 and 120
  • – Electrical System
  • -Axles
    planetary steering axle
    planetary rigid axle
  • – Hydraulic circuit diagrams
    Control block, detailed view
    hydraulic circuit diagram
  • – Maintenance
    Safety instructions for maintenance
    Renewing hydraulic fluid filter element
    Renewing fuel filter
    Changing engine oil, renewing engine oil filter
    Maintenance schedule
  • – Miscellaneous
    Repair Instruction for Welded Assemblies
    Service consultation
    Area of application
    General problems
    Damage evaluation
    Course of crack
    Consulting the Service organization
    Doubler of metal sheet
    Drawings / Examples
    Preparing the repair
    Preheating the welding area
    Qualification of the welding personnel
    Selecting the filler metal
    Welding wire selection
    Repair sequence
    Followup work

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