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Factory Operators Manual For New Holland Tractor. Manual For Owners And Operators. It Contains Important Information And Instructions For Maintenance Description Of The Functions And Capabilities Of The System. Description Of Possible Faults / Problems And Their Solution.

Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 107
Number: 84244199 (june 2009)
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New Holland Tractor


Adjustment Procedure
Air Cleaner
Biodiesel Fuel
Brake Adjustment
Brake Controls
Break-In Procedures
Cast Iron Weights (Optional)
Clutch Pedal (12×12)
Clutch Pedal Adjustment (12×12)
Controls and Instruments
Cooling System
Delivery Report
Diesel Fuel
Differential Control
Double-Lever Position and Draft Adjustment
Draft Control (Optional)
Draft Control Operation
Driving the Tractor
Ecology and the Environment
Flasher Warning/Taillight Rear Lights
Front Axle Differential Case and Final Reduction Gear Cases
Front Axle Pivot/FWD Axle
Front-Wheel Drive
Front-Wheel Toe-In
Fuel and Lubricant Service Procedures
Fuel Filter
Fuel Shutoff Valve
Fuse Block
General Information
General Maintenance
H.S.T. Foot Pedals
H.S.T. Speed Control Switch (Optional)
H.S.T. System Oil Filter
Head Lamp
Helpful Hints
Hood Latch
HPL Drop Rate Control Valve
Hydraulic Lift Rocker
Hydraulic Lift Rocker (Draft Control Option)
Hydraulic Manifold Block/Diverter Valve
Hydraulic Power Lift (H.P.L.)
Hydraulic System Oil Filter
Hydrostatic Transmission (H.S.T.) Model
Instructional Decals
Instrument Lights
Instrument Panel
Key Switch
Linkage Adjustments
Liquid Ballast (Optional)
Lubrication and Maintenance
Lubrication and Maintenance Chart Front-Wheel Drive
Lubrication Fittings
Machine Safety and Information
Main Fuse (40 AMP)
Maintenance and Inspection of the Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS)
Mechanical Transmission Model (12 x 12)
Minimum Hardware Tightening Torques-
Operating in Both Position and Draft Control
Operating the PTO
Operating the Tractor
Operation of the Power Take-Off (PTO)
Operator Protective Structure
Operator Presence System Operation
Personal Safety
Position Control
Possible Damage to the ROPS
Precautionary Statements
Preheating the System
PTO Lever Control
PTO Shield and Cap
Rear PTO Operation (Without Operator in Seat)
Rear Remote Control Valve(s) (Optional)
Rear Tire Liquid
Rear Wheel Weight Installation
Recommended Lubricants and Coolants
Rim to Disc Bolt Torque
ROPS Folding Procedure
Safety Decals
Safety Frame (ROPS)
Seat, Seat Belt, and Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS)
Service Area, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit
Servicing the Tractor
Single-Lever Position Adjustments
Starting the Engine
Starting the Tractor with Jumper Cables
Stopping the Engine
Swinging Drawbar
The Tractor
Three-Point Linkage
Throttle Controls
Tire Pressure
To the Owner
Top Link Main Spring Adjustment
Touch-Up Paint
Towing the Tractor
Tractor Hydraulics
Tractor Storage
Tractor Weighting-
Transmission Main Shift Lever (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)
Transmission Operation at Low Ambient Temperatures (Warm Up Period)
Transmission Range Lever
Transmission Shuttle Lever (Forward or Reverse)
Transmission, Rear Axle, and Hydraulic System
Two Lever Controls Position Control Operation
Two-Spool Control Valve (Optional)
Universal Symbols
Weighting For Stability
Weighting Limitations
Wheel Bolt Torque
Wheel Tread Settings

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New Holland T1530 Operators Manual Tractor 84244199