New Holland T5040 T5050 T5060 T5070 Repair Manual


Repair Manual For New Holland T5000 series. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

Photo 9 - New Holland T5040 T5050 T5060 T5070 Repair Manual
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Repair Manual For New Holland T5000 series. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 1752
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Number: 84195947; 84195945
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Hydraulic Diagrams: Yes


New Holland T5040, T5050, T5060, T5060


  • – General
    General Instructions
    Health And Safety
    Precautionary Statements
    Ecology And The Environment
    Minimum Hardware Tightening Torques
    Federal Emissions Warranty
    California Emission Control Warranty Statement
  • – Engine
    Crankshaft Front Seal
    Crankshaft Rear Seal
    Valve Tappet And Rocker Arm Clearance
    Engine Injector
    Bosch Injection Pump
    Injector Pump
    Bosch Injection Pump
    Fuel Circuit Air Bleeding
    Coolant Pump
    Thermostat Valve
    Coolant Pump And Generator Drive Belts
    Adjusting Tension
  • – Clutch
    Longitudinal Section OfLuk Clutch
    Electrohydraulic Power Take Off
    Longitudinal Section OfLuk Clutch
    Mechanical Power Take Off
    Longitudinal Section Through Flexible Coupling
    Power Shuttle Unit
    Checks, Measurements And Repairs
    Dual Clutch
    Main Transmission Clutch Release
    Test Bench Overhaul And Adjustment
    Coplanarity Adjustment Of Dual Clutch Release Levers
    Single Disk Clutch
  • – Transmissions
    Transmission Diagrams
    Clutch Reverser Casing
  • – Drive Lines
    Electro-Hydraulically Engaged Drive Gear
    Services Control Valve
    Services Control Valve (For Tractors Without Power Shuttle)
    Drive Gear Assembly
    Drive Gear Housing Removed
  • – Front Axle Mechanical Transmission
    LimSlip SelfLocking Differential Operation
    Front Differential Lock
    Rules For Correctly Installing The Axle Support To The Engine
    Front Axle
    Front Axle Differential
    Front Axle Differential With Lim Slip Unit
    Front Axle Differential Lock Clutch Assembly
    Front Epicyclic Final Drive Without Brake
    Front Epicyclic Final Drive With Brake
    Wheel Hub Seal With Brake
    Stub Axle Adjustments
    Pinion And Crown Wheel Adjustments
    Adjusting The Bevel Pinion Shaft Bearing Preload With Shims
    Adjusting The Bevel Crown Wheel Bearings And Checking The Clearance Between The Sides Of The Bevel Drive Teeth
  • – Rear Mechanical Transmission
    Hydraulically Controlled Rear Differential Lock
    Rear Gearbox Transmission Casing
    Gearbox Transmission Casing
    Gearbox Driving Shaft End Float Adjustment
    Adjusting The Position Of Differential Lock Engagement Sleeve
    Pinion And Crown Wheel Adjustments
    Determining The Bevel Pinion Positioning Adjustment Ring
    Adjusting The Bevel Gear Pair
    Tapered Roller Bearings Adjustment For Pinion Shaft
    Adjusting The Bevel Crown Wheel Bearings And Checking The Clearance Between The Bevel Drive Teeth
    Bevel Drive Adjustments
    Adjusting The Preloading On The Bevel Drive Bearings
    Adjustment Of The Clearance Between The Sun And Planet Pinion Teeth
    Differential Lock Control Pedal Stroke
    Final Drive Casing
    Epicyclic Final Drive
    Drive Wheel Shaft
  • – Power TakeOff
    Mechanical Pto
    Pto Controlled Directly From The Engine Clutch
    Pto Synchronized With Gears
    Selecting The Speed With The Lever
    Cooling System
    Power TakeOff Housing
    Mechanical Power TakeOff Shafts
  • – Braking System
    Service Brakes
    Service Brake On Front Axle
    Parking Brake
    Pilot Valve Operation
    Brakes At Rest
    Braking Applied On Just One Pedal
    Braking Applied On Both Brake Pedals
    Hand Brake Control
    Travel Adjustment
    Parking Brake Casing
    Brakes Hydraulic System
    Air Bleed
    Tractor Equipped With Hydraulic Trailer Braking Valve
    Tractor Equipped With Braking On The Front Axle
    Tractor Equipped With Pneumatic Trailer Braking Valve
    Service Brake Pump
    Adjusting The Height Of The Service Brakes Pedals
    Right Or Left Brake
  • – Hydraulic Systems
    Hydraulic Lift Circuit
    Arm Lift Phase
    Neutral Phase
    Arm Lower Phase
    Lift Oil Pump
    Fast Raise/Lower Control
    Linkage Adjustments
    Position Control Rod Adjustments
    Draft Control Rod Adjustments
    Fast Raise/Lower Device Adjustments
    Adjustment Of The Upper Stroke Limit Of The Fast Raise/Lower Device
    Rear Lift External Controls
    Rear Lift
    Rear Hydraulic Lift
    Lift Adjustments
    Adjusting Position Control
    Lift Arms Maximum Raise Position Adjustment
    Adjusting Draft Control
    Lift Control Valve
    Lift Pressure Relief Valve
  • – Steering
    Balancing Valve Components
    Neutral Position
    Steering To Right
    Steering To The Left
    Manual Turning To The Right
    Manual Turning To The Left
    Hydrostatic Steering Control Valve
    Hydrostatic Steering Control Valve With Control Valve Removed
    Hydrostatic Steering Control Valve
    Bench Test
    Checking Rotating Valve Wear
    Checking Return To Neutral Position
    Seal Check
    Pressure Relief Valve Calibration
    Checking The Hydrostatic Steering Pressure Relief Valve With
    Control Valve Installed On Tractor
    Power Steering Oil Pump
    Front Axle Steering Cylinder
  • – Axles And Wheels
    Front Wheel Track Diagram
    Sectional Views
    Front Axle Hub
    Front Axle
    Stub Axle
    Checking Wd Front Wheel Camber And ToeIn
    Checking Wd Front Wheel Alignment
  • – Cab Air Conditioning System
    Main Components Of The Air Conditioning System
    Thermostatic Expansion Valve
    Thermostatic Switch Defrost
    Cab Heating And Ventilation Controls
    Electric Fan
    Air Filter
    Temperature Control Knob ()
    Ignition Switch
    Cab Air Conditioning Controls
    Air Conditioning And Temperature Control Knobs
    Heater Control Knob
    Electric Fan Control Knob
    Instructions For Use
    Switching Off
    Air Conditioning System Recovery Recycling Evacuation Charging Station
    Checking For Refrigerant Leaks Using An Electronic Leak Detector
    Refrigerant Gas Leak Test
    Maintenance Of The Air Conditioning System
    Visual Inspection Of Components
    Checks And Adjustments
    Functional Tests
    Checking The Temperature Of The Air Coming Out Of The Vents Inside The Cab
    Variations In Working Temperatures Of The Cab Air Conditioning System
    Checking For And Eliminating Any Gas Leaks
    Compressor Drive Belt
    Fitting The Compressor Drive Belt
    Tension Adjustment
    Periodic Checking Of Drive Belt
    Air Conditioning Compressor
    Compressor Oil
    Type And Quantity
    Heating Pipes
    Air Conditioning Pipes
    Air Conditioner Condenser
    Cab Heating Unit
    Air Conditioner Evaporator
    Electric Fan
  • – Electrical System
    Standard Dashboard
    Analog/Digital Instrumentation Panel
    Rev Counter
    Engine Coolant Temperature Indicator
    Fuel Level Indicator
    Liquid Crystal Displays
    Central Display
    Ground Speed Display
    Information Monitor
    Setting And Resetting The Hours Worked
    Resetting Hours Worked
    Setting Hours Worked On A New Dashboard
    Brightness Control
    Access To The “Setup Menu” Via Keypad
    Manual Calibration
    Automatic Forward Speed Calibration
    Hour System Clock Setting
    Speed Unit Of Measurement Setting
    Beep Setting
    Implement Width Setting
    Slip Percentage Setting
    Heavy/Light Maintenance Setting
    Access To The “Warnings Not Displayed” Menu
    Warnings Of A Critical Nature
    Warnings Of A NonCritical Nature
    Calling Up Functions From Keypad
    Area Worked
    Area Per Hour
    Maintenance Periods
    Hours Worked, Air Brake Pressure Brake And Battery Charge
    Wheel Slip And Power TakeOff Speed
    Rear Implement Position
    Access To The “Setup Menu” With The Cal Button
    Calling Up Functions With The Cal Button
  • – Bodywork And Driving Position
    Driver’s Seat
    Cab RightHand Or LeftHand Door
    Glued Cab Windshield
    Fitting The Window
    Cab Rear Windshield
    Seal On Lh Upright
    Strip On Rh Upright
    Fixed Padding On Rh Wall
    Fixed Padding On Lh Wall
    Hydraulic Control Lever Guard
    Cab Ceiling Fitting

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