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Wiring and Hydraulic Schematics

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Factory Service Manual For Tigercat Harvester. Manual Contains Illustrations, Instructions, Diagrams For Step By Step Remove And Install, Assembly And Disassembly, Service, Inspection, Repair, Troubleshooting, Tune-Ups.

Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 286
Number: 29532A (august 2006)
Wiring Diagrams
Hydraulic Diagrams


Tigercat Harvester


Battery Safety
Cab Exits
Cooling System
Emergency Cab Exits
Engine Doors
ER Boom System Precautions
Exhaust Fumes
Fire Prevention
Fluid Leaks
Harvesting Attachment – General Safety
Hazard Zone
Hydraulic Pressure Hazard
Loose Clothing Hazard
Machine Stability And Traction
Parking Boom
Parking The Machine
Protective Clothing
Safety Interlock Switches On Cab Doors
Safety Precautions, General
Safety Precautions, Operating
Safety Precautions, Servicing
Safety Symbols
Signal Words
Welding, Prior To
Working With Oil
Access Door, Undercarriage, Swivel
Air Conditioning, Checking The System
Air Intake Maintenance
Approved Hydraulic Oils
Checking The Air Conditioning System
Emergency Exits, Check Monthly
Engine Air Cleaner Maintenance
Er Boom System
Filter And Lubrication Schedule
Filters, Hydraulic Oil
Fire Prevention
General Maintenance
Hydraulic Oil Filters
Hydraulic Oils
Lubrication Points Diagram, Leveller Components
Lubrication Schedule
New Machine Maintenance
Oil Lost From Leakage
Parking Boom
Preventive Maintenance Schedule
Scheduled Maintenance
Service Platform (If Equipped)
Swing Drive Gearbox
Torque Chart
Torque Chart, General
Torque, Fluid Connections
Filters, Hydraulic Oil
Hand Fill Pump, Hydraulic Oil
High Pressure Limiting Control Valve
Hydraulic Oil Filters
Hydraulic Oil Level Sight Gauges
Hydraulic Oil Tank
Hydraulic Pumps
Hydraulic System Operation
Hydraulic Tank
Load Sensing
Main Control Valve/Manifold
Pilot Filter, High Pressure
Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Description
Circuit Diagram
Electrical Circuit
Pilot System Components
Pressure Settings
Cab Module
Computer Control System (IQAN MDM Display)
Current Out – Troubleshooting For Open Circuits
Downloading Applications From Dealer Website
Electrical Installation – Cab
Electrical Kit – Service And Diagnostics
Electrical Schematic
Engine Module
Error Messages And Alarms
Fault Codes : Error Messages
Fuses And Relays
Get Application
Get Error/Event Log
IQAN Software
Main System Errors
PDA Registration
Rear Electrical Panel
Switch And Sensor Locations
Update Application
Wire Color Code Chart
Engine, Restarting After Engine Run Out Of Fuel
Engine, Starting
Engine, Starting, Cold Weather
Engine, Stopping
Schematic Diagram
Starting Engine
Control Module In Cab
Control Module Pin Connections
Engine Anti-Stall Curve
Engine Anti-Stall Switch
Fault Finding Procedure ~ Anti-Stall Quick Check
Fault Finding Procedures, Additional
Horsepower Limiting Control
Load Sense; Set Margin Pressure See Section 4
Pump 2 (Main Pump) Controller (LS Control)
Schematic Diagrams
Set Pilot Pressure See Section 5
Speed Sensor, Adjusting
Speed Sensor On Engine
Verify Anti-Stall Setting See Section 4
Charge Air Cooler
Cooling Assembly – Overall View
Cooling Fan
Cooling Fan Circuit Description
Cooling Fan Circuit Diagram
Fan Drive Control Valve
Fan Motor
Fan Pump (Rotate/Fan Pump)
Fan Speed Checks
Hydraulic Oil Filters
Hydraulic Tank
Main Control Valve See Section 4
Main Pump See Section 4
Oil Cooler
Oil Cooler Bypass/ Return Manifold
Oil Cooler Circuit Description
Oil Cooler Circuit Diagram
Return Manifold/Return Filters
Brake Circuit Description
Circuit Diagram, Drive System
Drive Motor
Drive Motor And Gearbox Assembly
Gearbox And Drive Motor Assembly
Hydrostatic Drive System
Important Track Drive Notes
Left Track Speed Adjustment
Pressure Settings, Drive System
Right Track Speed Adjustment
Schematic Diagrams
Set Straight Travel
Track Components
Track Drive Assembly
Track Speed Set-Up Procedure
Adjust Oil Flow To Cylinders (Cylinder Cycle Times
Boom Control Valve
Boom System Description
Circuit Diagram
Computer Control System (IQAN MDM Display)
Cylinder Cycle Times, Typical
Engine Anti-Stall
ER Boom System
Load Sensing
Parking Boom
Set Main Boom, Stick And Telescopic Port Relief Va
Telescopic Boom Electronic Adjustment Procedure
Telescopic Cylinder Flow Adjustment
Circuit Diagram
Engine Anti-Stall See Also Section 4
Levelling Control Valve See Also Section 4
Levelling System Description
Load Sensing See Section 9
Lubricating Cylinders And Pins See Section 3
Undercarriage Assembly. Levelling
Adjust Oil Flow To Swing Motor(Swing Motor Speed)
Circuit Diagram
Parking Boom
Set Swing Motor Speed
Swing Drive
Swing Drive Gearbox
Swing Motor Removal From Gearbox
Attachment Control Valves
Attachment Head See Original Manufacturers Manual
Circuit Description
Circuit Diagram
Computer Control System (IQAN MDM Display)
Engine Anti-Stall
Load Sensing
Main Control Valve
Pressure Settings
Pump 1 (Attachment Pump)
Pump 2 (Main Pump) See Section 4
Pump 2 Electronic Adjustment Procedure
Set Pump 2 Port Relief Valves
Attachment Valve – Rotate Section
Circuit Description
Circuit Diagram
Control Valve
Pressure Settings
Rotate Pump (Rotate/Fan Pump)

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Tigercat H822C LH830C Service Manual Harvester 29532A