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New Holland TC40D TC45D Operators Manual Tractor 86627597


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Factory Operators Manual For New Holland Tractor. Manual For Owners And Operators. It Contains Important Information And Instructions For Maintenance Description Of The Functions And Capabilities Of The System. Description Of Possible Faults / Problems And Their Solution.

Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 138
Number: 86627597 (january 2002)
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New Holland Tractor


Adjusting The Seat Belt (Option)
Adjusting The Steering Wheel
Adjusting The Tractor Seat
Adjusting Toe-In
Air Cleaner
Air Cleaner Inner Safety Element
Air Cleaner Primary Element
Airborne Noise Emission
Bleeding Air From The Fuel System
Bleeding The Injector Lines
Brake Adjustment
Brake Controls
Brake Pedal Lock
Brake Pedals
Break-In Procedures
Cast Iron Weights (Optional)
Changing The Engine Oil
Changing The Front Axle Differential Case And Final Reduction Gear Case Oil
Changing The Fuel Filter
Changing The Power Steering Oil
Changing The Transmission, Rear Axle, And Hydraulic System Oil
Check And Adjust Valve Clearance
Checking The Coolant Level
Checking The Electrolyte Level
Checking The Engine Oil Level
Checking The Front Axle Differential Case And Final Reduction Gear Case Oil Level
Checking The Transmission, Rear Axle, And Hydraulic System Oil Level
Checking Toe-In
Clutch Housing
Clutch Pedal
Clutch Pedal Adjustment
Clutch Pedal Maximum Travel Adjustment
Controls And Instruments
Cooling System
Creeper Speed Selector Lever
Deluxe Three-Point Linkage (Optional)
Diesel Fuel
Differential Control
Double-Lever Position And Draft Adjustment
Draft Control (Optional)
Draft Control Operation
Draining And Flushing The Cooling System
Draining The Fuel Filter
Driving The Tractor
Engine Oil And Filter
Fan Belt
Flasher Warning (Hazard) Lights
Flashing Beacon Light (Optional)
Foldable Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS)
Foot Throttle (Gear Transmission Only)
Forward/Reverse Shuttle Lever
Front Axle And Final Reduction Gear Cases Oil Levels
Front Axle Differential Case And Final Reduction Gear Cases
Front Axle Pivot/Standard FWD Axle
Front Remote Control Valve (Optional)
Front Tyre Inflation Pressures
Front Weight Bracket Adapter
Front Weight Extension Mounting Bracket (Optional)
Front Weights
Front Wheel Settings
Front Wheel Toe-In
Front-Wheel Drive (Standard FWD Axle)
Front-Wheel Drive Standard FWD Axle
Fuel And Lubricant Service Procedures
Fuel Filter
Fuel Injector Removal And Installation
Fuel Shutoff Valve
Fuel Usage Safety
Full-Time Two Wheel Drive – Super Steer
Fuse Block
General Information
General Dimensions
General Maintenance
H.S.T. Cruise Control
H.S.T. Foot Pedals
H.S.T. Range Lever
H.S.T. System Oil Filter
Head Lamp Bulb Replacement Procedure
Headlight Adjustment
HI/LO Speed Control (Control Pod)
HI/LO Speed Control (Joy Stick)
Hood Latch
H.P.L. Drop Rate Control Valve
Hydraulic Lift Rocker
Hydraulic Manifold Block/Diverter Valve
Hydraulic Oil Filter
Hydraulic Power Lift (H.P.L.)
Hydraulic System Oil Filter
Hydrostatic Transmission (H.S.T.) Model
Hydrostatic Transmission Oil Filter
Inch Hardware And Locknuts
Instruction Decals
Instrument Lights
Instrument Panel
International Symbols
Key Switch
License Light
Linkage Adjustments
Liquid Ballast (Optional)
Lubrication And Maintenance
Lubrication And Maintenance Chart
Lubrication Fittings
Machine Safety
Main Fuse
Maintenance And Inspection Of The Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS)
Metric Hardware And Locknuts
Minimum Hardware Tightening Torques
Multi-Function Switch
Operating In Both Position And Draft Control
Operating The PTO
Operating The Tractor
Operation Of The Power Take-Off (PTO)
Parking Brake Adjustment
Parking Brake Control
Personal Safety
Position Control
Possible Damage To The ROPS
Power Steeling
Power Steering Reservoir Oil
Precautionary Statements
Predelivery Report
Pre-Heating The System
PTO Lever Controls (Independent Type)
PTO Shield And Cap
Radiator Coolant Level
Rear Light Assembly
Rear Remote Control Valves
Rear Tyre Inflation Pressures
Rear Tyre Liquid
Rear View Mirror
Rear Wheel Settings
Rear Wheel Weight Installation
Rear Work Light
Rear Work Light (Optional)
Recommended Lubricants And Coolants
Recommended Oils
Refueling The Tractor
Rim To Disc Bolt Torque
Safety Decals
Safety Frame (ROPS)
Seat, Seat Belt, And Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS)
Sensi Track Clutch
Servicing The Tractor
Single-Lever Position Adjustments
Standard Three-Point Linkage
Starting The Engine
Starting The Tractor With Jump Leads
Steering Wheel
Stopping The Engine
Super Steer
Super Steer Axle
Super Steer FWD (Optional)
Swinging Drawbar
Synchronized Shuttle Shift Transmission
Throttle Controls
Tightening Torques
To The Owner
Tool Box
Top Link Main Spring Adjustment
Towing The Tractor
Tractor Hydraulics
Tractor Storage
Tractor Weighting
Trailer Electrical Socket
Transmission Main Shift Lever
Transmission Range Lever
Transmission, Rear Axle, And Hydraulic System
Transmission, Rear Axle And Hydraulic System Oil Level
Two Lever Controls Position Control Operation
Tyre Pressures
Weighting For Stability
Weighting Limitations
Wheel Bolt Torque
Wheel Tread Settings

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New Holland TC40D TC45D Operators Manual Tractor 86627597