Terex TXC140 LC1 Shop Manual Hydraulic Excavator


Factory Service Repair Manual For Terex TXC140 LC1 Hydraulic Excavator. Tons of illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-ups.

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Photo 8 - Terex TXC140 LC1 Shop Manual Hydraulic Excavator
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Factory Service Repair Manual For Terex TXC140 LC1 Hydraulic Excavator. Tons of illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-ups.

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Terex TX140 LC1


  • – Safety
    Track Excavator Safety
    To the Operator of a TEREX Excavator
    General Safety Essentials
    Location of Safety Labels
    Summary of Safety Precautions for Lifting in Digging Mode
    Unauthorized Modifications
    General Hazard Information
    Before Starting Engine
    Machine Operation
    Shipping and Transportation
    Lifting With Sling
  • – Specifications
    Specifications for TXC 140LC-1
    General Description
    Component Locations
    General Dimensions
    Working Range
    General Specifications
    Engine Performance Curves
    Approximate Weight of Workload Materials
    Performance Tests
    Excavator Performance Standards
    Test Conditions
    Travel Speed and Travel Motor Balance (Steering Deviation) Tests
    Speed Test
    Travel Deviation
    Swing Speed and Deceleration Force Test
    Swing Speed Test
    Swing Deceleration Force Test
    Cylinder Performance Tests
    Boom Cylinders Test
    Arm Cylinder Test
    Bucket Cylinder Test
    Hydraulic Cylinder Natural Drop Test
    Travel Motor Jack-up Test
  • – General Maintenance
    General Maintenance Procedures
    Standard Torques
    Welding Precautions and Guidelines
    Hydraulic System – General Precautions
    Maintenance Service and Repair Procedure
    General Precautions
    Hydraulic System Cleanliness and Oil Leaks
    Maintenance Precautions for Hydraulic System Service
    Oil Leakage Precautions
    Cleaning and Inspection
    General Guidelines
    Bearing inspection
  • – Upper Structure
    Fuel Tank
    Fuel Transfer Pump
    Swing Bearing
    Swing Reduction Gearbox
  • – Lower Structure and Chassis
    General Description
    Track Tension
    Cleaning and Inspection (Wear Limits and Tolerances)
    Track Shoes and Links
    Parts List
    Track Removal
    Track Installation
    Front Idler Roller
    Parts List
    Front Idler Roller Disassembly
    Front Idler Roller Reassembly
    Lower Roller
    Parts List
    Lower Roller Removal
    Lower Roller Disassembly
    Lower Roller Reassembly
    Lower Roller Installation
    Upper Roller
    Parts List
    Upper Roller Removal
    Upper Roller Disassembly
    Upper Roller Reassembly
    Track Spring and Track Adjusting Cylinder
    Parts List
    Track Assembly
  • – Engine and Drive Train
    General Description
    Refrigerant Circulation
    Control Panel
    Control Specifications
    Temperature Level Control and Display
    Air Discharge According to Path Selection
    Air-conditioning System Circuit Diagram
    Weight of R134a Gas Used In Machines
    Refrigerant System Repairs
    Refrigerant Safe Handling Procedures
    Repair and Replacement Procedure
    Refrigerant Recovery
    Vacuuming Refrigerant System
    Leakage Check
    Refrigerant Charging
    Inspecting System for Leakage
    Air Conditioner
    Drive Coupling (Main Pump)
  • – Hydraulics
    Hydraulic System – General Notes
    Hydraulic Schematic
    General Notes
    Operation of Working Components
    Boom Operating Circuit
    Boom Up Circuit
    Boom Down Circuit
    Arm Operating Circuit
    Arm Crowd Circuit
    Arm Dump Circuit
    Bucket Operating Circuit
    Bucket Crowd Circuit
    Bucket Dump Circuit
    Swing Operating Circuit
    Right Swing Operating Circuit
    Left Swing Operating Circuit
    Swing Relief Valve and Makeup Valve
    Travel Operating Circuit
    Forward Travel Circuit
    Reverse Travel Circuit
    Procedural Troubleshooting Baseline Recommendations
    Initial Checks and Tests to Establish Operating
    Condition of the Excavator
    Triage Summary
    Pilot Pressure
    Adjustment and Testing
    Power Mode Valve
    Current Signal and Hydraulic Pressure Adjustments
    Boom/Front Priority Valve
    Control Valve Pressure and Current Adjustments
    Pressure Up Valve
    Hydraulic System Troubleshooting, Testing and
    Checks and Adjustments
    Pump Input Power Control
    Pump Regulator Adjustment
    Flow Meter and Flow Meter Kit Installation and Testing
    Installation and Testing Procedure
    Swing System Troubleshooting
    Precautions/Initial Checks
    Swing Relief Valve Checking and Adjustment
    Swing Gearbox
    Hydraulic Problems
    Control Valve
    Travel Control Valve
    Joystick Control Valve
    Hydraulic System Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjustment
    Swing Motor
    Table of Contents
    Travel Motor (With Gearbox)
    Main Pump (With Regulator)
    Main Control Valve
    Pilot Control Valve (Work Lever / Joystick)
    Travel Control Valve (With Damper)
    Hydraulic Schematic (TXC140LC-1)
  • – Electrical System
    Troubleshooting – Electrical System
    Electric Supply System
    Engine Starting Circuit
    Operation During Start Process
    Operation After Start Process
    Engine Preheating System
    Engine Stop System
    Charging System
    Monitoring System
    Instrument Panel
    Monitoring System Schematic
    Warning and Indicator Lights
    Initial Operation
    Mode Selector Switch
    Graphic Information Area Display
    Main Menus for the Graphic Display Area
    Menu Selector Buttons
    Main Menu
    Language Setting
    Time Setting
    Filter/Oil Information
    Special Menu
    Entering/Accessing and Exiting/Escaping Menus
    Special Menu Selections
    Electronic Hydraulic Control System (e-EPOS)
    Control System Schematic
    Power Mode Control
    Power Mode Control – Circuit Diagram
    Work Mode Control
    Work Mode Control – Circuit Diagram
    Engine Control System
    Engine Control Motor
    Engine Control Dial
    Engine Control Circuit Diagram
    Automatic Deceleration Control (Auto Idle Control)
    Engine Overheat Protection System
    Power Boost Mode
    Power Boost Control – Circuit Diagram
    Automatic Travel Speed Control
    Automatic Travel Speed Control – Circuit Diagram
    Engine Control Device – Adjustment
    Self-diagnostic Function
    e-EPOS Controller
    Engine Throttle Controller
    Wiper System
    Wiper Circuit
    Wiper Operation
    Window Washer Operation
    Lighting System
    Lighting System Circuit Diagram
    Kind of Light
    Overload Warning Device
    Overload Warning Device Circuit Diagram
    Electrical System
    Electrical Schematic (TXC140LC-1)
  • – Attachments
    Boom and Arm

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